Why are the Zetas or other entities allowed to give us very specific date related warnings relative to some violent event on July 20, 2010 (as they have apparently done in multiple ZT chats as recently as this week in fact), when previously ALL mention of specific dates has been forbidden? The PTB seem to think that there is a strong possibility that this poll shift will be less severe than previous shifts, as they are planning for that possibility. The Zetas have stated that this one will be the most severe in 50,000 years. Are TPTB just hopeful that their world as they know it with them on top will survive? Are they wary regarding another "white lie" type misdirection? If they knew with certainly that this shift will be as severe as the Zetas suggest it seems to me that there current actions and stance towards disclosure would be significantly different.

We are not allowed to give you the specific dates, time, and location of a coming earthquake or stretch zone accident. This is obvious because aliens cannot warn you that a tornado will be spawned, a hurricane strike, or an earthquake occur today. These are the rules of non-interference with the free will of man, who is to have opportunities to rise to the occasion and help others. So what did it mean when we stated, in reference to the June 20, 2008 Furze Knoll crop circle, "make of this what you will" when 25 scallops appeared around the circle? We are allowed to hint that something will happen, and something will happen around the time of July 20, 2010. Just what date, what place, and what it is that will happen we are not allowed to say.

Indeed, those in the establishment - those considered world powers because of their political power, military might, or great wealth - have been telling heads of state in lesser countries around the world that the passage will not result in more than a few earthquakes and high tides. Do they themselves believe this? Likely not, as history such as the time of the Flood and even recently during the time of the Jewish Exodus shows greater devastation. However, they wish to keep their options open, so maintaining the status quo, where they are on top of the pile in today's society, is one option they want kept open. Thus, they are trying to maintain the no-change option, keeping the public entirely dumb. Their second option, as is well known, is to have secure and well stocked enclaves where they can retreat, emerging later as kings in the various regions where they plan to retreat. A third option is to inform the public and allow or even assist strong survival communities to setup. But this runs counter to their first option so does not get out of the planning stage.


Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for July 17, 2010

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Comment by Alice M. Haney on May 23, 2013 at 11:21pm

At least the Zeta's have given us that it will be on a magnetic trimester. That's better than nothing. I appreciate all the help they give us and wish love and light to you all.


Comment by Corey Young on May 23, 2013 at 10:07pm

Hey @Wael Baseem and @jorge namour,

So I found that Velikovsky dated his Exodus around 1450 BC. So considering that all three sources fall into a data range of ~200yrs (1653B-1550BC-1450BC) we can safely assume that they all talk of the same period (the last Passage).

Still, it brings up more questions on the 'time keeping' and records that inevitably stopped after each previous pole shift.

Comment by Wael Baseem on May 23, 2013 at 7:14pm

Thank you so much @Corey Young for the supportive data, However

The majority of academic Medieval historians date the Dark Ages from 476 (fall of the Roman empire in the West) to 1066 (defeat of the last Viking invasion aimed at conquest and permanent occupation). While the Exodus allegedly took place around 1640 BC which is considered to be Egypt's Golden Era thar has demolished for 20 years after Amon Hotob III then  later it surfaced again with Akhenaten appearance,whom considered to be an Alien. Definitely those 20 years plunge was because of the passage.
I know a Sumarian guy that lives in Syria, he would tells you the  age of his family goes back 3650 years ago. that was around the time of the Exodus, moreover all civilization lived at that time were demolished around the same time (Kanaan, Assyrians,Sumarians, Egyptian, Mesopotamians, Mayan, Atlantis). If this all true then this should happen again no later than 2017 which is not far.
Comment by Corey Young on May 23, 2013 at 5:34pm

Hi @Wael Baseem,

This is interesting as this coincides with a lot of the evidence brought up by Velikovsky in his books:

Earth in Upheaval

Worlds in Collision


Ages in Chaos

Velikovsky also believes that the Exodus  (and subsequent dark ages) took place around 1600-900BC if I am not mistaken (sorry if incorrect, but I don't have the book readily handy) and so this would be a great supporting argument to back the claim by David Rohl!

I will try and research more later (at work) but if anyone has anything else to add that would be great!

Good work @Wael Baseem!

Comment by Wael Baseem on May 23, 2013 at 1:37pm

s Egyptian history being tampered with ?

Answer is yes and it was proved by David Rohl , and his discovery was greatly undermined and attacked.

David suggests that 300 years should be subtracted from recent history, and history’s events did fit better in relevance with bible’s. as well as Artabanus of Alexandria who made it clear in his writings 2000 years ago and was attacked as well as he was representing his writings in a story telling comedian themes

David pin points the time of the Exodus to be between 1653 - 1637 BC according to his timeline chronology


I believe that 63 more years should be subtracted on top of that as earth revolves slower as a result of the polar shift’s process, means what is considered 70 years at that time is actu…ally 7 years.

I found the true story  from the site creationwiki


The post in Wikipedia presented Davids theory but some how manipulated his dates and miss represented them, which is expected !

According to David new methodology we can tell exactly when the Exodus happened, therefore the time of the passage. which some body was trying to hide and was protecting it and went through the trouble of manipulating the entire Egyptian history to hide the date of one single past event that would change the face of the future.

هل تم التلاعب بالتاريخ المصري المرتبط ارتباط وثيق بالتاريخ الانجيلي واليهودي ؟

دكتور دافيد اثبت ذلك واثبت انه لايد من طرح ٣٠٠ سنه من التواريخ التي نقرآها الار (واصيف الي ذلك ٦٣ سنه اذا اخذنا في الاعتبار ان حركه كوكب الارض تبطئ عند حدوث ظاهره التغير القطبي) في تلك الفتره السبع سنوات كانوا في الحقيقه ٧٠ سنه.

ولكنه هوجم بشده وبطرق مختلفه كآن تم التلاعب في التواريخ التي وضعها وتعرض في الويكي بيديا الان !

والبعض تظاهر بالاعجاب بنظريته ثم يبدآ بطريقه غير مباشره بقلب الحقائق مثلا ان يقول ان دافيد قال الرجوع ٢٠٠ سنه مع انهم ٣٠٠ سنه وغيره.

الذي ربما لم يعرفه دافيد انه بالطريقه التي صحح بها عجله التاريخ فهو يكشف عن سر خطير قام البعض باخفاؤه وحمايته منذ قديم الاجل وهو يعتبر من اكبر الاسرار في التاريخ الا وهو تاريخ خروج سيدنا موسي من مصر اولا ولكن الاهم من ذلك الا وهو السر الخطير ماذا حدث في ذلك الوقت الذي يحدث كل ثلاثه الاف وستمائه وسبعه وخمسون سنه ؟ نجد انهم يستميتون لحمايه ذلك السر الذي اعدوا العده له وينتظرون حدوثه ليبدآوا في النتفيذ..

الشخص الوحيد الذي سوف يقف في وجوههم ويبدآ في كشف الحقائق وقته لم يآتي بعد.

المفروض ان يكون المصريون هم اعلم الناس بذلك السر فهل فعلا هم بهذا الغباء وكيف تم التلاعب بشعب وحضاره كامله. ؟

افيقوا رحمكم الله وابحثوا عن مستقبلكم في ماضيكم وكتبكم !

Comment by Nancy Lieder on May 22, 2013 at 7:12pm

Wael Baseem is going to post some date computation research on a missing 300 year period. I have also located past ZetaTalk on this 300 years, which applies. Happy computing as this is all certainly a puzzle and the Zetas are not going to give us the exact date!


Dr. Herbert Illig made scientific investigations and presented proofs that 300 years were added into our history by King Constantin in the past, creating history on paper for the years AD 614 - AD 911.

In the past, following the last pole shift, record keeping stopped and did not re-institute for centuries. In some areas, there was record keeping by some means that or another, such as counting the days that passed, the number of seasons that passed, and eventually these records came to the attention of those with time to muse on these issues. Where one civilization failed to record during this or that period, another perhaps stepped into the void and kept reasonable records. Thus, putting all this together, it became clear that some centuries were missing here or there, and to keep all in sync, these missing centuries should be inserted. In fact, they did not insert enough time, but were trying to be conservative. Thus, there is utter confusion, in human record keeping, on the timing of the last pole shift, which is seen as occurring too close to the birth of Christ to fit the 3,600 model.

Comment by Temple of the soul on July 17, 2010 at 9:07pm
so yes 7 years and is it 7 months from the now.. to the start of the 7 weeks? Around Easter 2011 ..just thoughts roving ..but always thought the shift would be at an Easter time...again crop cirles point to a Spring Trimester
..and Ra said in 1982-3 ....that the 3rd of earths 3rd density ..25.000 year harvest of soul upgrades was due in 2011
Comment by Oleg Sevostyanov on July 17, 2010 at 8:48pm
About July 20, 2010 it's more clear from here

Comment by Temple of the soul on July 17, 2010 at 6:51pm
Yes this one as well ..the same message & years ago.. Is all written in script?

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