The Year Before The Shift; from ZetaTalk

For my understanding I made a chart from "ZetaTalk: Last Year" shown below.

ZetaTalk: Last Year
Note: written during the Jul 6, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

The year before the shift will find humanity in varying states of readiness for what is to come. Humanity breaks down at this point into those who know, or at least suspect, and those who are unaware. Those who are unaware are so because they are struggling for a living more than full time, and barely keep up with whether their country is at war, much less what would be considered gossip. They either do not have TV, or have no energy to think deeply about matters after a long day toiling, so will be taken by surprise in the weeks before the shift. In these cases, they will take the shift as any other exigency, like a hurricane or dread illness or accident, and simply react in like manner. Unless young, strong, in good health, and lucky, they will not survive. This is especially true if they do not hear about the pole shift, with tides and winds, as they will have no way to calculate what to do, and will be taken by surprise.

Those aware will fall into two groups, in the main.

1. those who had very early knowledge, due to MJ12 membership or a leak from these sources.

2. those who learned due to communication methods at least a year in advance of the shift, the likely passage and past geological history to support such a theory.

Those with very early knowledge have been preparing, and are now only concerned with hiding their preparations from the mob, preserving them for the elite. This includes the elite within the Bush administration planning to go into their bunkers if they cannot escape to Mars, British elite who plan to go to Australia, and Russian elite going into the Urals. This path is well known and anticipated. They will guard their perimeter with military, and shoot civilians trying to reach them for aid. Wealthy elite also are in the know, and have their enclaves established, stocked, and are where they can be found today, their remote resort areas, and will meet their demise in time as the starving mob will hunt them out in those well known places.

Those who are aware of the likely passage, at this time, are divided further into those with the capacity to plan and those without. Those with the capacity to plan are getting camping gear, water filtration, buying vitamins and beans and rice and protein powder, and connecting with others of like mind. Unless prevented by something unforeseen, like being wiped out by fire, their plans are likely to proceed and in the main get them through the first few months, at least. Those unable to plan or prepare are doing so emotionally, preparing for death or starvation and in the main being remarkably mature. Almost no panic in the streets has arisen since the word of Planet X passing has become a common discussion point, in outlets such as Art Bell. Most people entertaining the possibility have one foot in the real world of today, supported by their religion and government and society, and the other in the possible world where ZetaTalk and Planet X predictions are true. Thus, they have not sold their homes, their cars, quit their jobs, moved to the woods, or anything that drastic. Unless they have enough money to build a shelter, well stocked, they have at most put together plans, and these plans are yet to be implemented.

Will anything occur this last year to prevent those plans from being implemented? Yes! A collapsing economy, lost jobs, lost income, stocks and bonds proving worthless, insurance industry unable to compensate for increasing quakes and weather problems, etc. Thus, even those who have prepared, to the extent they have, may find themselves losing ground. What to do? All should plan, and at least mentally prepare, for being without any material possessions whatsoever. Where does this put the average person who has prepared, and has the health to life in the Aftertime, and knowledge of what they will be facing?

1. they may have to sleep in the open, rather than under shelters, so should plan to be able to cobble together a shelter from the woods or junk at hand, as well as clothing.

2. they may have to eat what they can find, and should familiarize themselves with what that might be, and what cooking or eating methods are to be used.

3. they may have to drink whatever water they can find, and should consider no filters or electricity or fire available, and how to purify the water in those circumstances.

If one makes those mental preparations, then they are prepared for the worst. As matter are likely only to get worse in all lives, this last year, not better.

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Comment by Corey Young on January 30, 2018 at 10:03pm

I am placing this here as another warning to prepare. I honestly stumbled across this video today and I have to post it where people can view it in conjunction with Kojima's work on preparation from Zetatalk!

The person who posted this lives in Oregon and has a friend working for FEMA. He explains being called in the middle of the night? A warning to be prepared...

I also found it interesting that it was recorded around the same night that I couldn't sleep due to nasty windstorms in Calgary Alberta (Canada) between 12am mountain time and 3am mountain time. Not only was the wind bad, but my girlfriend and I experienced something even stranger. It sounded like people trying to get into my house, not just the back door...but things sounds like they were on the roof. Also, my doorbell rang (not a nice once or twice)...but in succession rapidly three times. This happened as we were both putting clothes on to see what was happening, once we got to the front and back door and took a look nothing was there. No people waiting, noone screaming for help, no signs of a person. What is more weird is that by the time I fell back to sleep (3:30am) I experienced dreams about warning people about Nibiru afterwards! Today, I searched for footprints in the snow, on the roof... and checked to see if a tree broke off and fell on the roof as well....there was nothing. I get the feeling something big is coming. Between the video (that I happened to stumble upon) and the events last night....I can only imagine!

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