Records are set in Turkey, Europe, Saudi Arabia, the US, Canada, and Egypt had snowfall for the first time in 100 years. I know it is Planet X, but I'm not sure I have figured out exactly what is happening by studying the Zetatalk links on cooling, cold records etc. I found the weather watch page, but only goes to 1999. My question: Is it a combo of the core of the earth heating the oceans up causing more evaporation, leading to more clouds which bring in the cold weather in winter? Then, the volcanoes covering the sunlight? And maybe the angle earth is tipping when we rock back and forth? Am I on the right track? My curiosity takes me one step further. Will this trend over the last 10-15 years of cooling and record cold, continue while PX gets closer up and until the pole shift? Or after? If so, survival will mean very warm insulated clothes, boots, hats, etc and proper covering for weather conditions, in addition to the obvious food etc. [and from another]  Cairo, Egypt just had the first snowfall that it has experienced in 100 years. Another factor that is causing all of this cold weather is a dramatic rise in volcanic activity. Throughout human history, volcanic eruptions have produced some of the coldest winters ever recorded, and in 2013 we have witnessed a record number of volcanic eruptions. 


Weather extremes are due to the Earth wobble, as where there are places of extreme or unusual cold, there are likewise simultaneously places of extreme or unusual heat! While the east coast of the US is experiencing extreme December cold, Alaska is almost in a thaw. And where the Middle East is shocked to be under snow, much of Europe seems to be experiencing an early Spring. The wobble is more violent, swings farther North and South, and parts of the Earth affected by this are getting, thus, more or less sunlight. The effect of this can be clearly seen in the snow cover evident on global maps. 


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