Although the Zetas have made many statements about the orientations (, people continue to manipulate or twist the Zetas' message regarding what it actually means to be solidly service to other ("STO"). For example, the Zetas have been criticized for being "harsh" in some of their answers. (Just because a being is not always nice and kind when addressing the less-than-stellar behavior of others that somehow indicates a being is not solidly or highly STO?) Such claims have also been made against Nancy Lieder, that she simply could not be STO or she would not have done or said X, Y or Z. Any clarification or further comment on this topic?

ZetaTalk:  We have endlessly iterated that orientation should be judged by action, not words or a superficial veneer. Those in the Service-to-Self clothe their actions in lofty ideals, such as the invasion of Iraq by the Bush family supposedly to bring the Iraqi people to democracy when the goal was greed and control over the oil fields. All those lofty words, pure lies. Those in the Service-to-Other have little use for lies and seldom employ them. Thus one often finds the veneer of these two orientations on opposite ends, with the Service-to-Other individual perhaps emitting biting words while the Service-to-Self individual drips syrup from their mouth.

For example, if rescuing drowning passengers from a ferry that capsized, the Service-to-Other individual might be barking orders and demands while in the water, grabbing at as many hands as possible before the passengers go under for the last time. My, my, such language! But what is their intent? They are looking for others to be teammates in the rescue, and not being polite when those others stand around stunned instead of helping. Meanwhile, the Service-to-Self person is avoiding the water, skirting around the edges tucking blankets around those who have been rescued, all the while trying to look busy! Polite words, head down so they don't get drawn into the dangerous rescue work in the water.

Why are those pointing fingers and insisting that Nancy and others be polite above all else suspect? This is a ploy, used by those leaning to the Service-to-Self, to manipulate service from others. If their motives are called out, they point the finger and throw out the accusation that anyone questioning their motives is not being Service-to-Other, as blunt talk could surely not come from one who is Service-to-Other. Oh? Why so? Those in the Service-to-Other are in fact most likely to utilize blunt talk! They have no use for a polite veneer, where those in the Service-to-Self use this ploy often.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 16, 2011

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Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on January 2, 2012 at 4:37pm

STO Behavior on New Years

Utah River Rescue: Bystanders Rescue Children After Crash

SALT LAKE CITY — As many as 10 people jumped into an icy Utah river to help save three trapped children after a car plunged down a 10-foot embankment and flipped over, the state's Highway Patrol said Sunday.

The rescuers helped turn the Honda Accord upright in the Logan River, and one man shot out the car's window with a handgun and cut a seat belt to help free the children after the Saturday afternoon accident, patrol Lt. Steve Winward said.

The driver, Roger Andersen, 46, of Logan, lost control as he tried to brake while heading northbound on U.S. 89 during slick conditions. His 9-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son were trapped along with a second 9-year-old girl.

"He was panicked, doing everything he could to get in through the doors, but they wouldn't budge," said rescuer Chris Willden, who had jumped into the water with his own father after coming upon the crash scene.

Willden, a Department of Defense contractor with a background in law enforcement, shot out one window with his Glock handgun after trying unsuccessfully to open windows and doors. As he reached upward searching for arms and legs, he felt nothing.

"I remember thinking to myself, `You're going to see some dead kids, get ready,'" Willden said. "I've got three of my own and it was going to be (an awful) start to the New Year."

That's when he turned to see six or so other men scrambling down the bank into the water. Together they pushed up on the vehicle enough so they could see in through the windows.

One of the girls had found an air pocket and was breathing fine but was trapped in her seat belt. Willden cut it with a folding pocket knife and pulled her from the rear passenger window.

He said the other two children were lifeless, the boy upside down in his car seat and the second girl floating in the front passenger compartment.

The boy was cut out of his car seat and pulled out with the other girl.

"I didn't think they were going to be around for the New Year," Willden said.

Other rescuers made sure they were.

Buzzy Mullahkel of North Logan told the Deseret News of Salt Lake City that the boy wasn't breathing and didn't have a pulse but was revived when another passer-by quickly performed CPR.

"He took him from there and I just tried to get out of the way," said Mullahkel, a father of a 4-year-old himself. "Emotions started taking over when he started to breathe. Everybody started to cheer. Lots of tears and clapping."

Willden, 35 of Ogden, was warming up and wrapping up his bleeding forearms cut by the broken window when he heard cheers up the road.

"That was awesome," he said. "I knew that's where the little boy was."

The boy and his sister were flown by air ambulance to Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City.

Bonnie Midget, a hospital spokeswoman, said Sunday both are doing well after spending the night in intensive care. They were taken out of intensive care Sunday but still in the hospital, listed in fair condition as they recover from hypothermia.

The father and the second girl escaped injury, authorities said.

Mullahkel said the scene reminded him of another heroic rescue in Logan earlier this year. In that case, bystanders lifted a burning car off an injured motorcyclist and pulled him to safety. The motorcyclist survived and is recovering from his injuries.

"It was eerily similar," Mullahkel told the Deseret News. "Those men in the river just even now blow my mind. Look at these gentlemen, these men in this river in the middle of winter."

Willden s

Comment by Kris H on May 28, 2011 at 6:51am

Here is a ZT entry that reassures me when I need it:


Pending Partners


There are those who long for the pole shift to begin, as they have structured their lives around what they know, deep within them, will occur. As with all those who live double lives, this is stressful. Contactees live these double lives, many preferring to dampen conscious knowledge of their status, the visits they have with odd creatures bringing news of an expanding role for the Earth in the future, to avoid constant conflict with family or friends or co-workers. They live two lives, one in secret, shared only with close confidants who are having similar experiences, but unable to be open with lovers, parents, children, childhood friends, and priests. Those waiting for the pole shift have similar pain, not due to any fault of their own as they have no control over what is coming, nor any control over the cover-up that prevents open discussion about the physical facts, but their pain is similar because friends and family pull them in the direction of what they term normal living, while the one aware longs for more partnership with friends and family, a chance to talk about the issues without creating yet another argument, sympathy with the stress of trying to plan for sudden earth changes while simultaneously living as though this were not going to occur. Those who know the Earth changes cannot be avoided have arrived at this conclusion not only due to what they observe as facts in the world around them, the infinite number of clues that a cover-up exists, that a second sun has arrived, that an Earth wobble has set in, but often because they are contactees and have received this information well in advance of the occurrence. For them, each phase of the Earth changes, from the arrival of the Second Sun, to the constellations not being right for the seasons, to the Earth lurching about, makes their certainty stronger, their resolve stronger, and the pain likewise increased.

They feel dangled, twisting slowly in the wind, unable to extricate themselves by going backwards into ignorance and unable to go forward into partnership with others unless the cover-up is broken or the pole shift sequence begins. And neither seems to be in a hurry to happen! We have spoken often of the fragility of the cover-up, in that those who are participating have been told that panic is the larger enemy but primarily because they have also been told that no such cataclysmic event as we have described will occur. They have been told that the monster will pass, and that later, when the danger is past, the public could be told. Heads of state, media personalities, weathermen and astronomers alike are told this line, and mostly they believe it because the heart wants to believe this. But what happens when the lie is revealed, and the Earth tips into days of darkness for the northern hemisphere? This most certainly will be accompanied by a disturbed jet stream beyond what the weatherman can imagine, as cold air moves to warm zones of lighter, heated air, while simultaneously being pushed by the rotation of the globe, an unknown maelstrom of fierce and unpredictable storms. And what of the stress on the globe when parts normally aligned with the Sun’s magnetic influences find themselves straining in two different directions, under the dictates of two different magnetic giants? Will the crust protest? Will earthquakes and volcanism be the result? Will those participating in the cover-up maintain a calm exterior and believe the lie they have been told, that this will pass without cataclysmic uproar? The cover-up will drop, suddenly, into a yammering of emotional slips and tearful announcements.

And what of the seemingly endless progression of the Earth changes, a halted orbit for the Earth almost a year now with scarcely any movement toward the pole shift other than increased stress on the crust and a perceptible wobble. Will years pass with this the situation? Will change happen so suddenly that the long wait may be over in days? We would point to the progress of Planet X past the Sun and toward the Ecliptic, as evidenced by the earth’s response to this passing magnet. The tilting that occurred last January, putting Iceland first as the cold spot, then quickly shifting to Siberia, showed the planet passing the Sun’s S. Pole. The strength of the Earth wobble and in particular the direction of the wobble showing the retrograde movement of the passing planet. The odd pause in the wobble as the passing planet arrived close to the Ecliptic in September, all these show progress in the passage. Now we anticipate an increasing tip of the N. Pole away from the Sun, into the 3 Days of Darkness, already past the point anticipated for Winter in the northern hemisphere and Summer in the southern hemisphere. How fast this tipping will occur we will not say, as the establishment still is not sharing what they know with the public, and thus our information will preponderantly serve the elite who still harbor plans to exterminate large sections of the populace, unwanted mouths to be fed in the future, under the cloak of Martial Law.

But one thing is certain, for all the pain that an uncertain wait brings to those longing for partnership with friends and family, for the end to their double lives, there will be commensurate reward when the pace of change picks up. Those around each who wait in pain are noticing the changes, the strengh of their denial a brittle cover over their many concerns. When this cover cracks, like the cover-up the elite has foisted upon the world, there will be a rush to partnership. Plans suddenly made, resources available, love expressed among those who realize how short life can be and how precious moments in each other’s company.

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