Had a discussion at work today in Arizona and we were all commenting on how upset everyone seems to be.  Easily flying off the handle, ready to fight in a minute, or stressed to the max and breaking down sobbing.  Is it electro-magnetic or are we being purposely bombarded with some weird energy?  Is it the influence of Nibiru getting closer?  Solar storms?  I can't sleep although I am exhausted. [and from another] I work at a store in Canada in the checkout lane and fights are breaking out all the time, for no reason.  One woman threw her deli meat almost at me and at the last minute threw it onto the belt of the till and stood ready to fight because she wanted to be served almost immediately. Another guy came in and wanted water and he just lost it as soon as he was told there were government taxes on top of what he had to pay. He started screaming and swearing. He didn't leave the store until he found he wasn't being listened to. People also stand impatiently at the till tapping their fingers waiting to be served as if we're super speed tellers, or they stand there waiting to be served but do nothing to help but snap at us and tell us how to pack their stuff and when we do it's not good enough and they start yelling. Recently we've had tellers walking out on us. One last week didn't bother to turn up, most unusual for her, and another just walked off the job without so much a by your leave type of thing. This is in the last two weeks, but these incidents have also occurred during the last few months. 

Is the populace on edge? Even if not consciously noted, the populace is subconsciously aware. They see the Sun rising or setting in the wrong place and at the wrong times. The Moon is not where expected. The weatherman cannot predict the weather, which is atypical and erratic with extreme wildfires and floods. The price of food keeps rising and shortages noted. In N America the tension in the rock is so extreme that pets and domestic animals feel they must flee, and even though humans suppress their awareness of the electronic screech in the rock, they also feel this urge.

We have mentioned in the past that the populace senses they are being lied to, that both the establishment and the media under establishment control are feeding them lies. Election theft has become the norm in Western countries, the supposed Democracies of the world, and the populace can see this, are not fooled. When the Sunda Plate holding Indonesia dropped during the 7 of 10 plate movements, their establishment lied about it, claiming rains had brought the sea water inland. While Russia tries to keep ISIS from invading Europe, the populace in the West is being told by NATO and the EU that Russia is the villain. 

The USGS has once again dialed down the sensitivity of their seismographs so the populace feels quakes and shaking that is denied. Where Nibiru is not visible to all, at every glance, the number of people who note an orb or many light orbs around the Sun increases daily, and chatter about Nibiru fills the Internet. What does the common man do in such a circumstance? They feel powerless, as any complaints to the establishment get ignored. They do not have control of the media, and can only use the Internet or social media to complain. Thus, with a sense of doom, and without any guidance from the establishment, they can only wind up like a spring, waiting to snap. And snap they do.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for October 8, 2016

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