Could Zetas tell us is there a possibility that severity of the upcoming earth changes and the pole shift previously predicted will be greatly lessened or even averted? This is not a wishful thinking, I'm just contemplating about other options. 7/10 events have been held back for around two years now, and as Zetas said, all the steps will happen with less severity. Until now, except strange weather and a lot of local incidents, nothing yet has happened on a large scale with great devastation or mass casualties. As I understand, after the announcement which will probably happen soon, the 7/10 sequence should continue. May we find out what will happen after the announcement? What will happen in case that the announcement doesn't happen?

We have repeatedly stated that the coming Pole Shift is a natural event, and as such the Council of Worlds will not interfere with it. Man’s school house is designed to challenge man, so that spiritual lessons may proceed. Do benign aliens prevent tornados from shredding towns, floods from drowning those in its path, or prevent lightning from a sudden and unexpected strike? The Rule of Non-Interference states that things, not people, can be adjusted if the Council of Worlds determines that a balance is needed. In that each incident must be approved, this occurs seldom. Such an adjustment occurred to delay the 7 of 10 plate movements so that the populace would understand what is pending and not die before being able to act. Will there be additional such rulings?

The Council of Worlds is more inclined to allow interference with the things that have been built by man, such as nuclear bombs or nuclear power stations. Man built it, and The Call given by man can be allowed to change the situation, allowing man to disable what he built, in effect. This does not apply to natural events! To help those confused to gain perspective on this matter, we point to the quarantine of the Annunaki from Earth, so that mankind would have a more balanced perspective during their spiritual growth. In this, the Council adjusted things, to influence the Annunaki, and did not merely physically remove them from Earth. 

What we are stating is that of this day, at this time, the Council has not indicated plans to interfere with the coming Pole Shift beyond what we have already detailed. The 7 of 10 plate movements, including those that would have caused the horrific European tsunami, have been modulated to allow mankind to understand what is coming before these Earth changes strike. This Council decision was influenced in great part by Obama’s decision to inform mankind, else the 7 of 10 would have been allowed to play out without interference. The 8 of 10 Earth effects, which include a more severe Earth wobble and greater visibility of the Planet X complex, have been allowed to unfold on schedule. 

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for July 6, 2013

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