As you will appreciate, it takes time, commitment and effort to produce the Earth Changes and the Pole Shift Ning and Nancy Lieder's ZetaTalk, all of which are given happily and freely by our dedicated volunteers.

Historically the Ning has only asked for donations to support the site fees, Zetatalk mirror sites and one other worthy cause, when a longstanding moderator found themselves in devastating circumstances.

Then, money was raised for Andrew, the creator of the Zeta videos 1 and 2.  At the time he was starving himself to feed his family after losing his job when his company folded; he had a new born baby, nursing wife on maternity leave from her teaching job, and a huge sinkhole 25 foot across had just appeared in his basement.

Now, at this time, another member of the Ning finds herself in need of assistance.  This time, the moderator cannot be named as most of our moderators prefer to work anonymously, to be effective, but the circumstances are just as dire.

Like Andrew, she is a long standing member of the Ning team who works quietly behind the scenes putting in several hours a day, every day, for years to help run the Ning without expecting any recognition for her actions.  She is a single mother with two young boys 11 and 14, the non-profit she worked for closed its doors on December 20, 2013, and she lives in a bitterly cold climate, now in the midst of unusually cold temperatures even for that region with the mercury dropping to -40 degC.

So, in recognition of the strains that the members of the Ning Team are experiencing in today’s economic climate and the effects of extreme weather to deal with on top of that, we are adding a ‘PayPal Donate’ button to the Ning so that, if they want, people can contribute any amount of money, no matter how small, in appreciation of the work being done here, to help ensure that the high standards of the Ning are maintained during the uncertain times ahead, especially with the announcement expected any minute, and to help with cases like Andrew's where extra support is necessary.

It should also be noted, that the Pole Shift Ning, combined with the Zetatalk site, present a unique source of information to the public, free of charge, (unlike other sites which charge subscriptions or bombard you with advertising) which will play a vital role in helping everyone, without exception, have a chance at surviving the pole shift. 

So if you can spare a little to donate, please do - any amount will be greatly appreciated!

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