Is it true that most of the high-ranking positions in the countries/corporations/banks of the world are occupied by weak personalities? If you look at history, you will see that the same Putin came to power, solely thanks to the PR of the then acting government (Yeltsin - who has the reputation of an inadequate person). Although we see Putin who opposes the West as a hero. This is certainly not the case, inside the country, Putin is not effective. Just the interests of the elite of Russia and the government coincided. The recent elections in Russia have shown the power of the media. A week before the election, 3 documentary films about Putin were published! The remaining candidates participated in the format of "disgusting debates". Who is Trump? Billionaire, showman, etc. Is such a person worthy to hold the office of president (to imagine an ideal situation)? Surely, no.

We have stated that since the Fall of 2015, when Jade Helm ended without Obama informing the people that Nibiru was a real and present danger, that the US has been under a form of martial law, run by a Junta. Trump inherited this setup, and has an excellent working relationship with the Junta. It has been said that a King only has power if the military supports him, and this is certainly true in China and Russia, though in both those countries the military is a partner, not a boss. China is very consensus oriented, run by committees, but Xi is very much its leader, as the vote to remove term limits shows.  Putin has immense popularity, and is seen by all as a stable leader with the welfare of his country his top priority. 

If the US, China, and Russia are positioned to go into the Last Weeks with strong leadership, the same cannot be said of many other countries around the world. The Queen has failed to lead, preferring to seek refuge for herself and family, leaving her charges to flounder during the ravages to come. The Commonwealth countries are thus formulating their own approach. Venezuela shows what will happen to those countries who do not have a plan, or a weak leader. Germany under Merkel has pushed to establish what might be termed a 4th Reich, using ISIS sleeper cells as her secret militia and partnering with Erdogan in Turkey. The new Saudi King shows new promise for leadership in the Middle East, showing that change can be transformative.   

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 30, 2018

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