There seems to be a trend developing in the mainstream press, published by the usual suspects vis-a-vis the Cover-up, though with an almost ZT-confirming slant. That is, they are almost, but not quite, admitting stuff which the Z told us, those who would listen, years ago. For instance, there is this piece, published by the International Business Times online, where they are postulating the most outrageous hypothesis that "dust" from the tail of Halleys comet has caused "climate change" in the past, they even make reference to the time of three pole shifts ago, aka the "Younger-Dryas" period which occurred c 13,000 bce. As ZT fans know too well, that shake-up of mother Earth was courtesy of that bully twelfth planet, PX aka Nibiru, and his long pursuing Tail which lashed Mother, not "Halley's" dirty snowball. There has been a storm of other similarly slanted material published variously about the interwebz of late, arousing suspicion among those taking notice. There has also been this piece which talks of a "failed star" hosting a planet, just like Sol's Dark Twin, aka Nemesis. There has been lots more similar. Would the Z kindly speak to these developments? [and from another] Halley's Comet Dust 'Caused Droughts and Famine Centuries Ago.  Climate change in AD 535-536 was caused by dust spilled into the atmosphere by Halley's Comet, according to a new study. The dust is thought to have cooled the atmosphere to an extent causing unseasonal weather and crop failures, leading to droughts and famine. The climate change and accompanying famines triggered by the dust veil are also believed to have rendered humans more susceptible to "Justinian's plague" of AD 541-542, Europe's first recorded emergence of Black Death. The years are recorded in history for unusual and extreme weather events in much of the northern hemisphere. The event was believed to have been caused by an extensive dust veil, while the observed episode was explained using several hypotheses including a large volcanic eruption in the tropics and debris from comet impact. Researchers have found evidence of cometary residue on Greenland ice laid down between AD 533 and 540. About 13,000 years ago, a probable impact event over North America is suspected to have caused widespread forest fires in the continent, leading to the extinction of several animal species. [and from another] Nearby Failed Stars May Harbor Planet  Failed stars are known as brown dwarfs and have a mass below 8% of the mass of the Sun—not massive enough to burn hydrogen in their centers. The two brown dwarfs are separated by about three times the distance between the Earth and the Sun. Binary brown dwarf systems are gravitationally bound and orbit about each other. A companion perturbs the motion of one of the two brown dwarfs. This companion is most likely a planetary-mass object, which has an orbital period between two months and a year. [and from another] Would the Zeta's care to comment on this article by the Guardian?  They are directly talking about a massive coverup over climate change, they did not mention Planet X but this still seems like good media for the changes to come. Hopefully some people see this and begin to question the media's credibility. [and from another] Billion-Dollar Climate Denial Network Exposed December 23, 2013  An extensive study into the financial networks that support groups denying the science behind climate change and opposing political action has found a vast, secretive web of think tanks and industry associations, bankrolled by conservative billionaires. A network of 91 think tanks and industry groups are primarily responsible for conservative opposition to climate policy. Among those named as key nodes of the network were the American Enterprise Institute, which claims to have no institutional position on climate change, and the Heritage Foundation, which campaigns on a number of issues.

As the cover-up over the presence and pending passage of Nibiru, aka Planet X, is prepared to break, there is a dance between those who want the cover-up to continue, those who want the impact of the news softened, and those who want the public to be educated.

  • The intent of trying to blame past droughts on Halley's Comet is clearly to create doubt that the vast tail of Planet X is even present. ISON has just shattered and fragmented but there are those who insist it still lives and that the Earth will pass through its tail soon. Since the Earth is in a halted orbit, this of course will not happen, but expect ISON to be blamed for any debris arriving from the tail of Planet X over the next few months. This argument is trying to, in essence, emasculate Planet X, and continue to place blame elsewhere for the Earth changes.
  • Anticipating shock when Nibiru, aka Planet X, is described during the announcement, NASA and the astrophysics organizations are trying to quickly educate the public. In 1995, they denied that traveling planets even existed and ZetaTalk was ridiculed, as was the ZetaTalk statement that the Earth’s Sun has a dark unlit binary. Traveling planets are now admitted, and this latest article from Carnegie Science moves a step further to state that such unlit stars can be part of a binary setup and have planets. These types of articles are pre-announcement nudges to prepare the public.
  • Yet another dance as the announcement looms is the Global Warming argument. We have stated that this debate will never end because if Global Warming is admitted as a fraud to cover the effect of Planet X on the globe, the lawsuits would clog the courts without end. Did the ultra-wealthy know it was a fraud? Yes, and as corporations have been hit by the carbon footprint fuss, the wealthy have indeed tried to limit the impact of the Global Warming fraud on their wallets. This should not be a surprise.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 28, 2013

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