I want to ask about the worrying rise of far right elements and ideologies in Europe, especially in countries with serious financial problems like Greece and Hungary but also in countries like Germany. I know there is a heavy polarization happening between people as we approach the pole shift but is there more to this turn of events than this? Is it maybe a ploy of the elite of Europe to invoke martial law that will put fascist regimes in power in as many European countries as possible, or maybe another tool in the hands of the STS Overlords that will allow them to make the conditions even worse on the European continent so they can reap a better harvest? How realistic is this danger?

Early in the ZetaTalk saga we described the spiritual polarization that would occur during the Transformation. It is the rise in Service-to-Other influences and actions that in essence panics those in the Service-to-Self who have been accustomed to rigid rules and class structure.  Those in the Service-to-Self have learned to lie with a smile, con others, and insert themselves into human society and the job market so they benefit the most at the expense of others. What disturbs them during the polarization period is that the rules and class structure are being replaced by cooperation among those more comfortable operating in the Service-to-Others orientation. 

At first, their distress is expressed by angry demands that the rules be followed exactly, and in trying to argue logically for these rules that benefit those in the Service-to-Self. This can be seen in the Republican reluctance to have the tax breaks given to the super wealthy by Bush expire. No relationship to creating jobs and building the economy has even been shown, in fact statistically the opposite has been shown, but they attempt to argue this point. The desire for martial law, expressed likewise by those among the ultra-right, is another example. They wish their assets protected and their slaves, the workers, to be forced to their jobs. What will happen as their panic increases? Their demands will become more shrill but they will likewise increasingly be ignored. They will turn inward, seeking those of like mind behind closed doors, while they become irrelevant.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for September 22, 2012

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