A vast wave thrashes the coast at Porthleven, Cornwall on February 6, 2014.  Source


As Atlantic coastlines in western Europe suffer increasingly violent wobble-induced tides, astonished residents are discovering firsthand the power of water on the move.



"The Earth wobble takes the form of a Figure 8, when seen from above the N Pole. For Europe, as we described in 2007, this forces Europe to tilt toward the northwest when the Sun is over Europe, to be followed by a swing of N America to the northeast as the Sun moves overhead there. This combined action acts like a pump, creating a void or vacuum of low air pressure in the N Atlantic. Warm humid air is pulled up into the N Atlantic. Cold air rushes down to fill the void, and swirling begins due to the Coriolis effect.

"Will this mean continuous hurricane activity along the European coast? This will be the minor effect, as with an increased wobble the storm surge will likewise increase, sending unprecedented high tides into the lowlands of Europe."  

ZetaTalk Chat Q&A: December 17, 2011



Below is a summary of incidents since January 2014:



A.  Teenager Swept Out to Sea While Photographing Waves 

Devon, England - January 2

Hope has faded for a teenager feared swept out to sea as he took pictures of the massive waves battering the coast. Harry Martin, 18, disappeared after leaving his home near the village of Newton Ferrers, Devon, at midday on January 2. He told friends he was going to take pictures of the stormy weather and was last seen heading towards the coastal path. His body was recovered at sea on January 11.   Source



B.  Woman Missing After Couple Washed Away by Freak Wave

Biarritz, France - January 5

This video captures the horrifying moment a couple were swept out to sea after a huge wave to crashed down on them as they walked along a coastal path.  The pair were walking along the treacherous sea front on January 5 near the town of Biarritz, south west France, when they were dragged out to sea.  The man was in the water for 20 minutes before he was saved, but rescuers have been unable to find the woman who is in her thirties.   Source



C.  Man Swamped By Large Wave Over Seawall

Aberystwyth, Wales - January 6

Locals had gathered at the sea front in Aberystwyth, Wales to watch the storm surge roll in on January 6 when they were taken by surprise by a particularly large wave.  One man was knocked off his feet, but was able to regain his footing before being washed over the seawall.   Source



D.  Men Overcome by Wild Surf in Roadway

Bantry, Ireland - January 6

As storms battered the Irish coast on January 6, a local man was checking a coastal road to determine if he could drive his delivery truck through the surging tide near Bantry in County Cork.  He was accompanied by another man when a massive wave swept them up and deposited them a short distance down the road.  (Note: Incident concludes within the first minute.)    Source



E.  Family Swept Off Seaside Cliff While Scattering Ashes

Valdoviño, Spain - January 6

Four family members were swept out to sea on January 6 while scattering the ashes of a dead relative from a seaside cliff in northwest Spain. Two helicopters searched the coast of Galicia, which continued to be lashed by strong winds and waves as high as 12 metres (40 feet).  Rescuers found the body of the missing 50-year-old man, but the search is continuing for his 25-year-old daughter and brother-in-law.  Another daughter managed to scramble ashore.  Source



F.  Monster Wave Engulfs Seawall, Chases Spectators

Porto, Portugal - January 7

Spectators were caught off guard as they filmed dramatic waves crashing against a lighthouse at the mouth of the Douro river in Porto, Potugal on January 7.  At least four people were injured and cars were swept away by an enormous wave that crashed over the seafront wall.   Source



G.  Freak Wave Sweeps Motorist Into Coastal Waterway 

Portholland, England - January 9

A freak wave swept a van into a flooded waterway and the driver escaped through a window moments before the vehicle plunged into the sea.  "A rogue wave came out of nowhere. There was a loud bang and the van and I were flipped straight into the river."

The van was dropped onto its side, making it impossible for to escape through the door. "I had to escape through the window. I got away from the van as fast as I could as I was worried that the van would be carried into the sea."

Minutes after he escaped from the vehicle, it crashed into the stormy sea three metres below. Fierce waves then battered the vehicle, smashing the roof down, ripping a door and the bonnet off and rendering it scrap.   Source



H.  Woman Overcome by Strong Wave Along Seawall

Santander, Spain - January 15

A playful woman is engulfed by a powerful wave as she departs Santander beach on January 15.    Source

J.  Gigantic Wave Kills Man Walking On Pier  

Ondarroa, Spain - January 28

A 43-year-old man was walking by the port in Ondarroa when he was hit by a 30-foot-tall wall of water.  Thrown into the turbulent Bay of Biscay, he struggled to stay afloat.  A Marine Red Cross lifeboat was deployed, the man was soon located and dragged aboard.  Paramedics spent two hours trying to save his life but he died soon thereafter.   Source



K.  Policewoman Slammed Against Building by Monster Wave  (Recommend Volume Off)

Jersey, Channel Islands - February 1

In the opening seconds of this video, a female police officer is engulfed by a huge wave that surged onto the road on the island of Jersey off the Normandy coast.  After being dragged several metres down the road, she gets up, limping slightly, and proceeds to direct traffic. (The person who captured the incident later apologized for the prepubescent cackling.)   Source 1   Source 2



L.  Bus Swept off the Road by Massive Wave 

Newgale, Wales - February 1

10 people had to be rescued after a bus was hit by a large wave and stranded in high water along the Welsh coast.   Source



M.  Teenager Missing After Being Swept Away While Bicycling 

Foz, Spain - February 2

A 15-year-old boy was swept away as he was cycling along the waterfront in northern Spain on February 2.  Waves were reported to be as much as 10 metres (more than 30 feet) high.  Spanish news agencies said he was with a friend who escaped.  Source



N.  Woman Chased and Knocked Over By Freak Wave

Tramore, Ireland - February 5




 Wave Bomb Pounds Journalists in Spain

San Sebastian, Spain - February 5

A huge wave crashed over a sea wall in San Sebastian, Spain on Wednesday, sweeping photographers and journalists off their feet.  Press photographers and television crews had gathered on the Paseo de Salamanca to record the stormy seas hitting the Bay of Biscay when suddenly the giant wave crashed over the sea wall.  Several people were knocked to the ground, including a camera operator from La Sexta TV.  She was treated for injuries to her arm and lower back.



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Comment by Howard on April 18, 2015 at 8:03pm

VIDEO: Monster Wave Knocks Woman off Cliff in Ireland (Apr 15)

A 21-year-old tourist from London escaped a near-fatal accident when a massive wave swept her off a cliff in Ireland.

Apu Gupta was taking video at the Wormhole on the Aran Islands when a giant wave sent her tumbling on to the rocks 40 feet below.

“I tried to run, but it pushed me straight down. It was like being in a waterfall and that probably cushioned the fall,” Gupta told the Irish Times News. “I was so scared because I thought the wave was going to come again.”

“My ankle was completely smashed and the pain was bad.”

Gupta, who was visiting the islands with her mom, told the newspaper.

Luckily, two other tourists -- a paramedic and a teacher -- were there at the time and immediately sprung into action. While one called 999 for help, the other tourist ran to the nearest house to get help.

The pair, now aided by the help of others, created a makeshift rescue rope using a backpack and jacket to help pull Gupta out of the rushing water.

Gupta, a student of economics in London, was taken to a local hospital to be treated for her ankle injury.




Comment by Howard on February 28, 2015 at 4:34am

French Reporter Slammed by Giant Wave (Feb 20)

A French weather forecaster became a victim of the harsh seas pounding the French Atlantic coast today, when a massive wave swept her away live on television.

Fanny Agostini was reporting on the freak French weather from Rochebonne, west France, for French news channel BFM TV when the body of water knocked her off her feet.

In the footage captured today, a cameraman filming next to the broadcast is seen pointing out the massive wave as it approached Agostini and her camera crew.



Comment by jorge namour on November 14, 2014 at 12:36am

BRITTANY - FRANCE " Weather Bomb "

November 13, 2014

A powerful gust of sind got up Thursday morning on Brittany- France

with gusts near 150 km / h. The development of a " Weather bomb "



A Weather Bomb


Comment by Howard on October 1, 2014 at 3:58am

Video of tsunami-like waves pounding Turkey's northern coast during severe weather on September 22.


Originally noted on the Wild Weather, Wobble Effect blog by jorge namour

Comment by Howard on March 3, 2014 at 12:55am

Pacific Wave Bombs Wreak Havoc in California (Mar 1)

Video of wave crashing through the Moby Dick restaurant in Santa Barbara:


Heavy surf on March 1st caused damage and minor injuries along the Central California coast.

In Santa Barbara County, strong waves sent water crashing into a beachside restaurant in Goleta, sweeping an employee out into the ocean and underneath the pier, where he was later able to get out of the water. Another employee was pushed back inside the restaurant by a rogue wave but was not seriously hurt.

The powerful waves also flooded Hardy's restaurant with seawater, broke windows and toppled furniture.

A fierce wave also broke the windows at a nearby beachside restaurant, the Moby Dick at the Santa Barbara Pier.

At the north end of Monterey Bay, strong waves apparently broke through the foundation of a seaside home, creating a blowhole on the driveway and shooting water over the roof.

Also, a stretch of the oceanfront drive in Santa Cruz was shut down Saturday after a large sinkhole appeared in a cliff, opening the roof of a cave where homeless people have lived.




Comment by Howard on February 22, 2014 at 9:05pm

Huge Waves Trap Residents While Causing Electrical Fire (Feb 14)

Three neighbours have described narrowly escaping with their lives after thundering waves and gale force winds trapped them inside a house during an electrical fire.

Mum of two, Julia McIntosh and her engaged friends, Laura White and Alex Anderson, are lucky to be alive following the devastation caused by the wild storm which hit East Portholland on Friday, February 14.

The couple were helping Miss McIntosh, a fashion photographer for Cornwall Life magazine, mop flood water from her living room when a large wave hit the terrace house trapping the its occupants and triggering an electrical fire.

Miss McIntosh said: “It was horrific.

“In the 20 years I have lived in East Portholland I have never been scared for my life, but all three of us could quite easily have been swept out to sea.”

“We just heard this roar which sounded like an aeroplane engine and then the wave hit.

“It felt like we were in a tsunami. It was just like being in a terrible movie.”

Although the windows of the terrace house were boarded up, the huge swell forced its way through the front door and the inner storm door, pushing Miss White across the room and slamming her in to the staircase.

“It all happened so quickly. I remember standing by the door and the next thing I knew I was the other side of the room covered in water and aching from where the wave hit,” Miss White explained.

With sea water up to their knees, matters were made worse by the ignition of an electrical fire.

Miss White said: “We just heard this sparking and sizzling and then a fire erupted from the extension cord and we ran to the top of the stairs.

“It was terrifying as water and electricity is clearly not a good mix.”

By now the trapped trio were keen to get out of the house.

But the power of the large wave had crashed the front door into the living room, blocking their escape.

Miss McIntosh said: “Laura and I were hysterical and it was Alex who kicked through the door and got us all out.

We had to run under the fire and in to the waves to get out, so it was pretty scary.”

The three friends finally made it back to Miss White and Mr Andersons’ house where they called for the fire brigade.

After five days none of them can quite believe what happened.

Miss McIntosh said: “I am still in shock. All I remember is just seeing fire and water.”

No one was hurt during the ordeal, but the storm has caused extensive damage to the ground floor of Miss McIntosh’s home.

Many of the photographer’s possessions have been lost and all of her furniture and carpets have been ruined.

The devastated mother and son are currently living with family until her house is habitable again.



Comment by Howard on February 22, 2014 at 2:49am

Cargo Ship Loses Over 500 Shipping Containers in Rough Seas Off France (Feb 14)
Amid hurricane force winds and 30-ft waves, the Svendborg began losing containers off northern France in the Bay of Biscay.

After the ship arrived in the Spanish port of Malaga, Danish shipping company Maersk discovered that about 520 containers were unaccounted for. Stacks of others had collapsed.

It's the biggest recorded loss of containers overboard in a single incident.

The shipping giant initially reported 70 containers had slipped into the sea off Brittany when the storm lashed the west of the country, causing giant waves offshore but on Wednesday it said that, in fact, the figure was 520.

Maersk Line says customer service representatives will keep shippers informed of the status of their cargo as soon as it has been accurately assessed and Palle Laursen, Vice President of Operations, Maersk Line, said:

"The total number of lost containers turned out to be even worse than we feared. Svendborg Maersk experienced extreme weather conditions, but also unexpectedly forceful impact on its movements. We will now carefully examine our procedures to see if they need correction in order to avoid similar incidents in the future. As of now we remain focused on supporting our vessel crew and are dedicated to getting correct information about lost or delayed cargo to our customers and ultimately get the ship back in service as soon as possible.”

French Environmental group Robin des Bois on Friday announced that it was making a legal complaint against the company in the Brittany port of Brest, accusing it of "endangering lives" and pollution and "abandoning waste".

Containers are "a permanent danger for fishermen, coastal communities and the environment", the group said, accusing Maersk and the crew of the boat, Svendborg Maersk, of "unacceptable light-mindedness".

Most containers won't float for long, especially in heavy seas. But one that is refrigerated may be buoyed by its insulation, and the use of polystyrene as packaging for goods also aids flotation. New Zealand marine insurer Vero Marine says a 20-foot container can float for up to two months, and a 40-foot container might float more than three times as long.

Coastguards have sent helicopters at the company's expense to try to find the lost objects but had only recovered 13 by February 21.





Comment by Kojima on February 16, 2014 at 1:04pm

Extratropical Cyclone over the United Kingdom [Earth Observatory; 12 February, 2014]

Soggy winters are not unusual in the United Kingdom, but this winter has been in a category of its own. UK Met Office meteorologists had just declared January 2014 the wettest month on record for parts of southern Britain when another series of storms swept across the area in early February.

The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite captured this image of an extratropical cyclone bearing down on the United Kingdom on February 12, 2014. Mature extratropical cyclones often feature comma-shaped cloud patterns that are the product of “conveyor belt” circulation. While heavy precipitation is often present near the low-pressure head of the comma, a slot of dry air usually trails the west side of the tail.

The storm brought the United Kingdom yet another round of heavy rain, as well as winds that exceeded 160 kilometers (100 miles) per hour. It snarled traffic, disrupted train service, and caused power outages for more than 700,000 people. The also exacerbated severe flooding in southern England. More than 5,800 homes have flooded since early December, according to media reports. Authorities have deployed thousands of soldiers to towns and cities in southern England to help with flood recovery.

Meanwhile, the Met Office was forecasting more of the same. They warned that another system bearing heavy rain and winds was lining up to push into the United Kingdom from the southeast on Friday morning.

* Cyclogenesis - The Development of Mid-Latitude Cyclones (comma-shaped cloud patterns)

* Comma Cloud Associated With Midlatitude Cyclone (conveyor belt” circulation)

Comment by KM on February 16, 2014 at 2:34am


Coastguard warning as Cornwall surfer and storm watchers snapped

Sunday, February 09, 2014


This is the dramatic moment before a surfer attempts to ride a monster wave in Newlyn Harbour.

The photo was captured by Max Rowe on Wednesday.

  1. Wavecrash

    Surfer rides huge wave at Newlyn Credit Max Rowe. Credit Max Rowe

As the rest of the county battened down the hatches this surfer decided to make the most of the gigantic waves lashing the county.

Mr Rowe, who lives in Mousehole, said he knew it was a popular spot for surfers.

“The waves must have been 8/10 feet. It was pretty impressive”, he said.

Mr Rowe said the area is pretty sheltered, which makes for great conditions when gigantic waves roll in.

Over in battered Portreath, which took such a lashing in earlier storms that its harbour wall was smashed to pieces, wave watchers ignored safety measures to watch the spectacle.

Two people were seen to fight their way through two lots of barriers to stand over a void on the end of the harbour left by the decimation of earlier ferocious weather.

Dave Holland, from Falmouth Coastguard, said: “We have said it a number of times – just be sensible and do not put yourself in any danger and do not cross any barriers.”

Comment by KM on February 16, 2014 at 2:23am


VIDEO: Huge Waves Hit Newlyn During Cornwall's Valentine's Day Storms

Article image

11:21am 15th February 2014
(Updated 11:21am 15th February 2014)

The clean-up is starting after another night of storms in Cornwall.
Around 2500 homes had no power on Saturday morning after 80 mile an hour gales sliced through cables.
Western Power says teams are working to get them reconnected, but they cannot be sure how long that will take.
Up to 20 homes and businesses found themselves underwater because of storm surges in Penzance.
There was also flooding at St Mawes, Looe and Kingsand.
A video of a wall of water hitting the bridge at Newlyn has had more than 70 thousand hits on YouTube.

The institute in Kingsand was damaged after huge waves slammed into windows but the clock tower is still standing.
Local Alan Hudson was evacuated when the last storms hit: "We've seen it all before here but not quite as bad as that and they were coming over the roof and breaking against here when the coastguards evacuated us here; we had to get out the kitchen window."
Duchy fire crews took more than a 120 calls in 24 hours.
A van had to be towed from from rising water at St Neot and a tree crashed onto the roof of a cottage at Perranaworthal but no-one was hurt.
Flood warnings for the north and south Cornwall coasts have been stood down.
Yellow weather alerts are in place for gales and heavy rain which could affect river levels.
Helen Chivers from the Met Office tells the Westcountry Tonight why we are being hit by relentless storms: "They've been brought to us by the jet stream but they actually have their origins the other side of the world in the Indonesian region. There's been a lot of rain there and what it's done is it's set up the global jet stream to blow all of these storms towards us."
The ruined railway line at Dawlish took another battering on Friday night.
Check the latest updates from First Great Western, who say the line between Plymouth and Penzance and all branch lines in Cornwall will be closed until at least lunchtime; inspectors are checking the damage.

Cornwall's rugby matches have fallen victim to the storms.
The Cornish All Blacks home game against London Irish on Saturday has postponed.
Redruth were due to travel to Shelford but that has been called off too.
After a pitch inspection on Saturday morning, the Cornish Pirates' match against London Welsh on Sunday has also been called off.

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