Is this a Masonic Crop Circle at Etchilhampton Hill in Wiltshire? What do you think? NEW 4K VIDEO. Could it show the freemason's compass with other intricate symbology in the design? Reported 24th July 2022. [and from another] [and from another][and from another]

This Crop Circle design seems to include the Masonic Square and Compass or perhaps the Space Force symbol. But neither of these symbols contain the 180 degree swath overhead. In that a Severe Wobble is in process, and 180 degree swings can occur during a Severe Wobble, what is being implied? The Masonic design implies a top and bottom, which can relate to the North and South poles. Thus this design is relaying to mankind that the globe may lie on its side, with the N Pole pointing to the East or West or places in between. Masonic symbolism is being used to grab attention and encourage discussion. The wobble will be getting worse. 

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