Indonesia: Tidal flooding in Central Maluku regency

Some village in Central Maluku flooded Rob

Feb 4, 2014


AMBON , - high waves and bad weather caused flooding tidal inundation which results in a number of coastal villages in the District of Leihitu , Central Maluku regency , Maluku , on Tuesday ( 02/04/2014 ) .

The tidal flood damage even number " talud " breakwater in the village Wakal . In addition to the village , a number of other villages such as Village Hitu , Hitu Mesing , Hila village and several villages are also flooded rob .

" Almost all the villages on the coast of the District Leihitu flooded tidal current . Very high waves and strong winds make the sea water entered the houses of citizens , " said a youth leader Leihitu to , Tuesday afternoon .

Head of village youth Wael Wakal Imran said people in his village were displaced because their homes submerged sea water . " Dozens of houses in our village submerged . Residents also already displaced when their homes for fear of collapsing the wave hit , "said Wael Imran to .

He also asked the local government to be able to repair the breakwater at the beach talud their village so that people living in coastal pinggran not worried . " Taludnya made ​​so carelessly wave season when the sea water directly into the homes of residents as it is today , " he said .

Separated Head of the Regional Disaster Management Agency ( BPBD ) Central Maluku Bob Grace confirmed that currently rob flooding in several villages in the district Leihitu .

Problem talud breakwater were damaged, he said it would recommend to the local Public Works Department to repair the damaged talud .

"If this is wave season as the villages are located on the coast is always affected by tidal flooding . What matters we do not blame nature . But we have to ask talud was well made or not made ​​since years and how , " he said .

" Problem talud damaged later I recommended to the Public Works department to be repaired , " he said.


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