Indonesia: Thousands of Houses in Pekalongan still Awash Seawater Flooding.

July 30, 2013


Retaining berm failure due to waves caused flooding tides (rob) in Pekalongan, Central Java, as many as 7,163 homes are still submerged, while the patchwork of levees and the city government distributed 45,000 27.3 tob rice and instant noodles.

Media Monitoring in Pekalongan Indonesia on Tuesday (30/7), high tides flood thousands of homes are still soaking in the District of North Pekalongan, Pekalongan with water height 20-50 cm, even in some locations floods inundate up to 100 centimeters.

Although not seen the refugees, thousands of residents remained in their homes and live on the wood floor instead. Most other people choose to live in the family home or while out of the flood area.

Entering the third day of the flood, some people also began developing illnesses such as rashes, diarrhea and shortness of breath and anticipate the disease serangaan meluasmnya local Health Department to distribute the drug-affected residents obaatan penyaakit attack.

While the three-point surge that breached dike has also started hoarding patched with sandbags. This is to anticipate and reducing flooding is still soaking.

In addition to medical aid, Pekalongan city government also distributed 27.3 tons of rice and 45,500 packs of instant noodles to 9,100 families in seven villages namely Customs, New Long, Bandengan, Long Cage, Krapyak Lor and Long Wetandi North Pekalongan District and Village Pasirsari, District West Pekalongan large sebaagian submerged rob his house.

"We immediately proceed with aid directed toward thousands of families whose homes were flooded to relieve their burden," said Deputy Mayor Alf Arslan Djunaid Pekalongan.

Besides handed, so Alf Djunaid Arslan, Pekalongan city government has declared a disaster emergency area tidal flood, also address rehabilitation of the dike is breached.

"After we fix the levee directly either cover are broken or do exaltation," taambahnya.

Emergency flood, according to Arslan Djunaid Alf, not just close the dike, but also performed with menurtup entire watershed can make access incoming sea water. In addition to the municipal government also freeing up funds for the flood victims who are still submerged.

Rosyidi Jos North Pekalongan district head said based on the data, which hit the coastal areas rob Pekalongan caused 6,163 houses in six villages in Pekalongan District north and 1,000 homes in the Village Pasirsari, District of West Pekaalongan submerged.

"This flood is greater than last May flood that inundated 5,060 homes," said Josh Rosyidi.



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