There are increasing meteor reports recently all over the world. More debris from the Px tail...

ZetaTalk: Live Chat, written November 21, 2009

"When the debris from the tail of Planet X first started arriving in ernest, in 2004, the establishment chose to call this space junk. When the public became alarmed at the amount of space junk falling to Earth they tried to enhance the story by claiming that two satellites had crashed into each other, but this just made a bad story worse. Since fireballs have not gone away, but continued apace and if anything gotten worse, a new term has been used - asteroids. This is debris in the tail of Planet X, which is increasingly turning toward the Earth, hosed out from the N Pole of Planet X. This is why the wobble has gotten more violent, why electromagnetic disruption of dams and airplanes has occurred, and why blackouts will become more frequent. There will also be displays in the sky, some of which has already been noticed, from the electromagnetic tides assaulting the Earth's atmosphere. Stay tuned, more to come!"

March 3, 2012

Reports of a "bright light" and an "orange glow" were received by police across Scotland and the north of England around 9.40pm.

The Met Office tweeted: "Hi All, for anyone seeing something in the night sky, we believe it was a meteorite."

A spokesman for Strathclyde Police said the force had been "inundated" with calls about a bright object in the sky across the west of Scotland. A Durham Police spokeswoman said a number of calls came in around 9.45pm from concerned members of public who had seen a "bright light or a fire in the sky" and believed it may have been incidents involving an aircraft. "

It has been confirmed with air traffic control that there are no incidents of aircraftin difficult and nothing registered on radar," she said. "

The sightings are believed to be either an asteroid burning out or similar which has been restricted to the upper atmosphere only." Grampian Police said reports of people seeing a "flare or a bright object with a tail" were received from across the region. And Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary said numerous calls were made about a "large ball of fire in the sky" across Annandale and Eskdale.

One user wrote on the force's Facebook page: "It was awesome to see! Really big and bright!" Hundreds of people took to Twitter to report similar sightings across Scotland and the north of England. People described seeing a bright fireball moving across the sky with a large tail.

The Kielder Observatory also reported the sighting of a "huge fireball" travelling from north to south over Northumberland at 9.41pm. The Observatory posted on Twitter: "Of 30 years observing the sky #fireball best thing I have ever seen period."



What a Meteor Looks Like


What a Large Daytime Fireball Looks Like

Chelyabinsk Fireball (2013)

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Comment by Carlos on May 10, 2013 at 4:17am


A meteor exploded over Japan terrifying dozens people in the early morning of May 6, 2013. An amateur photographer captured spectacular images of the blast which were then posted on the Internet (scroll down for video and photos).

The space rock disintegrated in the atmosphere releasing a noisy boom over Saitama Prefecture, near Tokyo. The celestial event took place at 3.58 a.m. local time and a video footage shows the meteor appearing as a fast moving fireball whose intensity gradually increases.

The first snaps were uploaded by an eyewitness on the blog before spreading across the social networks.


Comment by Howard on May 9, 2013 at 4:33am

Large Green Fireball Seen Across England and Wales (May 8)

A meteor has been spotted travelling across the night sky by people in many parts of England and Wales.

Sightings of the celestial body were reported on Twitter in areas such as Cornwall, Hampshire, Lancashire, south Wales and Worcestershire.

Suzy Buttress, of Basingstoke, described witnessing the meteor as a "once in a lifetime thing".

Ms Buttress, who was driving home on the M3 when she saw the heavenly object, told the BBC: "It was amazing, so big, bigger than a shooting star. It had a strange greenish tinge to it, with a definite tail behind it.

"This was definitely a ball with a tail. It took its time going across the sky. It went behind a cloud, then came out the other end.

"At first I hoped it wasn't an aircraft crashing. It's a once in a lifetime thing."

Richard Escott, a security supervisor for the BBC in Cardiff, explained what he saw.

"I was standing outside having a bit of fresh air and as I turned round I saw this very bright blue light which was dimming," he said.

"It was coming very steadily, progressing across the night sky, but it was at sort of building level and then died out to nothing.


Comment by Carlos on May 8, 2013 at 12:48am


A large meteor exploded in the sky above southern Wyoming on Sunday night and was observed from as far as 400 miles away.

Jordan Dowers of Olympia, Wash., was driving along Interstate 80 near Laramie with his father when they spotted it about 10:45 p.m.

“The first thing we noticed is the sky lit up really bright,” said Dowers, 23. “At first it was, ‘Where did that lightning strike come from?’ Then it was much, much brighter than lightning. From the south, it was neon blue. It looked like it was going to hit the ground. Then it just disappeared.”

Eight witnesses reported the event to the American Meteor Society, including people as far away as Idaho and Colorado.

Technically, the meteor is called a bolide, said society volunteer Mike Hankey, who lives in Baltimore.

Bolides tend to be blue in color. 

A bolide is “the type of meteor that leaves meteorites” after exploding, Hankey said. “It’s really bright. It gets everyone excited.”

Hankey estimated the bolide’s trajectory at 150 miles. It traveled from southeast to northwest and lasted just seconds.

“They blow up and that’s when all that light happens,” Hankey said. “Then the boulder turns into thousands of little pieces.”

In fact, it’s rare for stuff from outer space to stream through the atmosphere without burning up or exploding, he said.

“With movies and all this, we think it’s, like, this burning mass that hits the ground and then there’s this explosion and a crater on the ground. That happens only once every 100,000 years,” he said.

About three bolides trail across the Earth’s skies a day. But a person actually seeing a bolide is rare since most of the world is covered by oceans.

Most people will only see a bolide once or twice in their lifetimes, Hankey said.

In Wyoming, the lack of light pollution from cities may increase someone’s chances. At 5:45 a.m. on March 28, a meteor that

traveled across the sky from the Big Horn Mountains to Montana’s Medicine Rocks State Park was seen by people as far away as Canada. Numerous Casperites who were commuting for work saw it, too.

Hankey said that when he started working with the society in 2009, only a few bolides were reported.

“This year, it’s crazy, man,” he said. “They’re happening left and right. [People] are more aware. They’re more connected. They’re using the Internet. They know about our site.”


Comment by jorge namour on May 1, 2013 at 5:15pm

APRIL 28 , 2013- URUGUAY

Astronomers are confident that what was seen in Rocha was a meteorite

The phenomenon bewildered many between Saturday night and the early hours of Sunday. The astronomer Gonzalo Tancredi has no doubt that it was a meteor, although they are still collecting items.

"We have been collecting reports from people who saw and heard the phenomenon, in the Castles, Chuy, to Maldonado and Thirty-Three., But most comes from Rocha" said Dr. Tancredi to El Pais.

But the strongest hypothesis for the astronomer and director of the Astronomical Observatory Los Molinos, the phenomenon was due to a meteor entering the atmosphere. "We call it as a fireball, brighter than a full moon.'s Income that object at high speed, and its collision with the molecules and atoms in the atmosphere, was consuming the material and heating, acquiring a glow intense, "said Tancredi.

The truth is that in Rocha, in the provincial capital and other towns, was the dominant theme

Fortunately, the phenomenon did not cause other effects that surprise and, indeed, there are no reports of its impact on the surface.

SIGNS. "That has very short duration (no more than three seconds) and the presence of the sonic boom is heard seconds later, suggests that it is a phenomenon of this type, meteor," said the expert .

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Comment by Howard on April 30, 2013 at 3:42am

Fireball Over Central Israel (Apr 25)

A meteor was seen Thursday evening in the skies over central Israel. The meteor turned into a fireball as it went through the atmosphere in an easterly direction and burned up without touching the ground.


Comment by Sevan Makaracı on April 21, 2013 at 4:45pm

A meteor enlighted the sky of a big part of Argentina the night of 21/04/2013 at 0330.
Locals claims they hear a big explosion and felt the floor shook after it fell down at some inhabitated place of Santiago del Estero.
Some windows broken but at this moment theres no victims.


Comment by jorge namour on April 21, 2013 at 2:36pm

21-04-2013 | 03:49:13



In what may have been the passage of a celestial object, thousands of termeños convulsed with strange event that lit up the sky. Then he heard a thunderous noise.

A huge glow illuminated the entire sky of Las Termas for about 5 seconds. The incident occurred at 3:20 in the morning on Sunday and caused an uproar in many disturbed and frightened termeños that took to the streets since then there was a deafening explosion.

The fire station in the city began to receive an endless succession of phone calls with neighbors alarmed by the situation.

While still in the early hours no precise information nor any government agency could confirm that is what happened, there are countless testimonies agree that it would have been a celestial object as the sky lit for about 5 seconds.

Social networks, primarily Facebook, insomniacs are saturated netizens commenting the strange event. Extend.

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Comment by Carlos on April 19, 2013 at 12:26am

video Hungary fireball

Comment by Sandor Daranyi on April 18, 2013 at 9:17am

Meteorite Fly by Hungary



On Tuesday night at 22.26pm a bright object possible meteorite fly through  the sky.

It was flying towards west, quiet low and fast. It had a blueish - greenish colour.

Comment by lonne rey on April 16, 2013 at 10:52am

A brilliant ball of flame streaked across the sky above the Spanish capital Madrid, dazzling stargazers and astronomers alike. The celestial display was so bright it could be seen across the entire country.

The eye-popping moment was caught on camera by the Hita Observatory at the University of Huelva at around 11:45pm local time (2145 GMT). The object struck the atmosphere above the Villamuelas district in the province of Toledo, southwest of Madrid.

“The impact was so abrupt that the object immediately caught fire, creating a ball of flame around 100 kilometers above the Earth,” Jose Maria Madiedo of the University of Huelva told the Huffington Post. The meteor then shot towards Madrid at over 75,000 kilometers an hour before disintegrating completely at an altitude of 70 kilometers.

The Spanish Institution for the Study of Meteors and Meteorites, which tracked the fireball, classified the meteorite as a piece of a comet that was flying by Earth.

The explosion on impact was so bright that it could be viewed as far away as the southern Spanish cities of Seville, Granada and Murcia.


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