I had a dream where I posed the question when the world would end, and their response was that only the devil knows when, and would I like to speak to him? I declined. I am not religious and don't believe in heaven or hell. Was the devil in reference to some other type of being outside of the typical connotation humans prescribe? [and from another] But what of the qualification that the time when the woman, Virgo, gives birth on September 23, 2017 it is not the time of the Pole Shift? Revelations 12:1-16 seems to be saying she has 1260 days to go, 3.5 years, before the “war broke out in heaven”.

Why are two Books of the Bible – Revelations and Daniel – giving an explicate day count for the End Times? The Book of Mark states that none shall know the date, and we have asserted this likewise. The date is not to be known by man, as those who lean to evil intentions would use this knowledge to harm the common man. We are allowed to give a sequence of events, such as the Last Weeks, and to confirm that the passage will coincide with the end of a Magnetic Trimester – toward the end of an August, December, or April. 

Yet both Revelations and Daniel repeatedly refer to 1260 days, or 42 months. As we have stated, those in the Service-to-Self hope to reap a harvest of souls during the forthcoming passage, and thus wish to increase a sense of abandonment and hopelessness. We have also stated that the Service-to-Self attempted to twist the words of Jesus and Mohammed and Buddha, and for this reason Jesus took care to repeat his key lessons often, verbally, so they could not be twisted. Jesus did not write the Bible. Men who could be under the influence of entities in the Service-to-Self were often the authors.  

The date of the passage, the hour of the Pole Shift, is understandably a hot topic. There is scarcely a family without a member wanting to linger before moving to a safe location, wanting to remain in school, to retain the solid job and paycheck, to stay among friends. The status quo has many tentacles, from the Credit Card and Mortgage payments to contracts of every flavor. Yet every delay has risks. Travel can be blocked, bank accounts frozen, and Martial Law with forced work camps imposed. If only the date were known! 

For the elite, the desire to know the date is acute. Some among the elite desire to poison those in human society they consider a drain – the sick, the mentally retarded, and the aged. These same elements want Martial Law as soon as possible, so they can have their assets protected and assign corporate management over slave labor in work camps. Yet the combined written knowledge on how to compute the date of the passage – from Egyptian, Sumerian, Mayan, and Persian documentation - is contradictory. 

Rather than seeking a date certain, focus instead on empathy and helping others.  This is currency that the elite cannot take from you. Such Service-to-Other enclaves will find the sharing and caring not only make each individual more secure, it brings help from good hearted aliens who will be allowed to make conscious contact with these camps. These Service-to-Other enclaves are forming and growing steadily, as contactees are guided on where to go during relocation. And as we have stated repeatedly, it is better to move now than later, despite arguments for delay.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for September 30, 2017

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Comment by Ganesha on September 28, 2017 at 4:13pm

Thanks Gerard!

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