My question is about the DNA collection push by Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and DNA collection service.  Is this active DNA collection part of an elite plan to sculpt the population by targeting specific ethnic groups?  Would the Zetas care to confirm this, and if so which groups are they after? [and from another] Amazon, Google race to get your DNA into the cloud. June 5, 2015.  [and from another] Google, the NSA & DHS are creating a global DNA database. October 15, 2015.,_the_NSA_%26amp%3B_DHS_are_c...  [and from another] 23andMe Is Terrifying, but Not for the Reasons the FDA Thinks. November 23, 2013.  [and from another] Mass Surveillance: DNA. October 30, 2015.

Tracking criminals has been a long accepted practice which the common man understands. Wanted posters showing the face of the criminal, a fingerprint database shared among law enforcement agencies, and DNA samples collected at the crime. Facial recognition software and retinal scans have been featured in and futuristic movies, but have been in use among the elite and government agencies wanting a failsafe means of identifying the owner of assets or an undercover agent. Implanting chips in humans was a scheme that never took off among the public. 

The wealthy elite of the world have long known about the approach of Nibiru and the predicted End Times, as Nibiru’s history has been known by the ancients in Mesopotamia and by those who had contact with the Anunnaki. We have often mentioned the desire of the elite to sculpt the population so that those who survive the coming Pole Shift are the least troublesome, and are hardiest slaves. This requires culling out the sick and aged, and to this end the Bush Administration planned to use vaccines in 2004, and tried to re-create the 1957 Bird Flu epidemic worldwide in 2005. 

Controlling migration as the Last Weeks approach is another desire of the elite, as we mentioned, the reason for FaceBook being spanked repeatedly by the Council of Worlds and some Russian satellites failing to launch. The push by many countries to move to a cashless society is another technique to prevent the populace from migrating. But if Credit Cards and even Driver’s Licenses can be stolen and transferred, DNA is the ultimate proof of identity. Those with DNA defects resulting in physical or mental illness, those with criminal tendencies such as double or triple X DNA, or those whose ancestry makes them otherwise undesirable can be identified.  

Have the elite formed a database to aid them in their population sculpting? The enigmatic Q has hinted as much, and this is indeed the case. DARPA under the Bush and Clinton administrations collected data, and shifted this to private individuals when FaceBook went live. The association of DARPA executors and Google and YouTube managers, by marriage and family, is not an accident. But where this provides official government data such as Social Security numbers or Driver’s License numbers and banking data, all that can be used by identity thieves. DNA is the ultimate proof of identity. How to get the public to provide this DNA? Thus the push to get the public to not only provide this DNA, but to pay for the processing! 

This trend may or may not succeed in gaining a large data pool, but what is collected from such promotions, combined with Blood Bank and hospital samples, will provide general guidelines in addition to individual signatures. Thus the families of a criminal may be marked, as well as the criminal. Will all this get the elite where they want to go? We have described 50% of the populace going into denial about the coming Pole Shift, 43% of survivors going insane from PTSD, and all mankind’s infrastructure being smashed during the crustal shift and tidal waves. The hired militias will go rogue. The elite will emerge from their bunkers, starving and deranged, going like beggars among the common man they so distain.

Source:ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 30, 2018

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