Was wondering if the Zetas would be able to answer, since the Council of Worlds declared war with the Cover-Up and more evidence getting through, will the establishment be forced to make admissions about the cover up or Planet X?

Clearly those at the helm of the cover-up know the day is approaching, and they fear it’s going to be sooner rather than later, when the truth will be out and they will have to own up to lying to the public. And then the public will treat them harshly. There’s much talk behind closed doors about breaking the truth into pieces and making partial admissions. The group that is pushing this is basically winning, hoping to become one of the good guys who can then report on matters such as “where’s is the planet now?” and “what is the magnetism doing?” instead of one of the bad guys trying to deny everything while the Earth wobble and the weather goes extreme.

There are of course old die-hards who would rather hold out until the last minute and then rush for their bunkers.  In general these are old men who have initiated the cover-up from the start and don’t have anything to lose really, by holding out as long as possible. Their careers are over but they don’t want any egg on their faces. They don’t want any questions about the roles they played in the past. Those wanting to start making admissions are the younger ones who can say that they inherited the cover-up and the national security directives so it’s not their fault. They can say they were threatened with a treason charge, and with being imprisoned. This is of course in the hands of man but the trend has been in the direction of telling the old men  “you’re not in charge and we’re not listening to you anymore, so stop running around with your black ops people trying to kill anyone who says otherwise”.  

What would be the outcome of admitting that there is a planet in the inner solar system?  They could make a general announcement. They could have Obama make this.  He could explain that the issue had been under security directives to avoid panic but that it is coming closer and becoming more obvious and they feel that the public needs to know. They could present diagrams showing where Planet X is positioned, and explain what it’s doing to the Earth, causing the wobbling and weather changes. They would say they’re not sure what the outcome will be but that the public will be kept informed, then walk off the podium and let some scientist take over to explain all the details. 

The Council of Worlds will put increasing pressure on the cover-up, with Punch 1 a hint of what is to come. And the Council of Worlds has threatened a series of shocks increasingly devastating to the cover-up. The presence of Planet X was frankly obvious during the recent lunar eclipse and Venus transit, and the Earth wobble is raising questions even among those who do not look to the skies. They’re not going to go away, they’re going to continue.  So the issue for the cover-up crowd is, do you want to inform the public and be one of the good guys or do you want to hold out and have worldwide riots when the public realizes their governments have been lying to them about a matter that directly affects their safety and survival?

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for June 16, 2012

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Comment by Kris H on June 16, 2012 at 12:29am
Oh how I wish this press conference was imminent... I think the people involved are more reactive than proactive, however. They will probably sit paralyzed with inaction until there is much egg on their faces, rather than doing anything before that point. I hope I am wrong. Maybe they will realize that they already have some egg on their face, with the unexplained Venus transit and eclipse anomalies. As the Zetas say above, the longer they wait, the less likely they can try to become the "good guys" in the discussion.

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