June 14, 2012

of Jet Stream

hail causes damage in Dallas area

June 14, 2012

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5 Injured after Severe Turbulence Shakes Plane

June 14, 2012


A United flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Lake Charles, La. Tuesday night after a bout of severe turbulence.

Flight 1632 was en route from Houston to New York City with 88 (by another report 76) passengers on board. The flight was about 30 minutes in and drink service was beginning when the trouble started.

"Right about that time we hit some really severe turbulence and people who weren't buckled in or the flight attendants flew up and ... to the floor of the plane," passenger Jeff Hornback told KPLC in Lake Charles.

An EMT on board tried to assist the injured.

United spokeswoman Amy Ryan told CNN that five people sought medical attention. According to Lake Charles Regional Airport Director Heath Allen said that at least three of the injured were crew, and one remains hospitalized with serious injuries.

Two flight attendants were released from the hospital Wednesday morning, but the condition of the third is unknown. According to the Daily Mail, her injuries are not thought to be life threatening.

Injuries from turbulence have happened before. In January, seven Qantas passengers were treated for cuts and bruises after hit... between London and Singapore. That same month, three American crew members were taken to a hospital for treatment .... Last April, five passengers and two flight attendants were injured by turbulence, also over Louisiana.


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