In view of the recent revelation that certain members of the elite, around the world, are currently under house arrest, is there anything in the works for certain crime family members here in the states? [and from another]

There is confusion among humans reading our description of the Transformation Team, which includes both humans and aliens working as a team, and the broader world of human society on Earth. As we explained early in the ZetaTalk saga, there are NO RULES governing how humans interact with each other, beyond the rules that human society might impose. Humans can savage or jump in and rescue each other freely, and it is part of their spiritual learning curve to do so. The Earth is a self-study environment in this regard. The visitors, aliens from other worlds, are not allowed to interfere in these situations.  

Thus all interference must be approved by the Council of Worlds, without exception. When interference is deemed necessary, things, not people are manipulated. This means that the human soul can still take action on their decisions, can decide to savage or rescue another, though the action might not have the consequences anticipated. Thus benign space brothers do not willy-nilly jump in to rescue children from pedophiles or halt sex slavery operations, nor stop drug trafficking. Exceptions occur, to rescue or protect highly Service-to-Other humans, or in order to maintain a balanced spiritual school house. 

How is it then that the Council of Worlds would go to war with the elite and their control of the media over the announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru and its pending passage? Such mass maneuvers have occurred in the past, for instance to quarantine the Annunaki from Earth. By maintaining the cover-up over Nibiru, the elite are affecting the potential spiritual choices of billions of humans, and thus the Council stepped in. But the efforts by the Transformation Team are almost entirely done by humans, with only the assistance of aliens. Thus it is things, not people, being affected. 

Beyond the cover-up over Nibiru, there have been other Council approved actions to affect things, not people, in mankind’s world. One is to deactivate nukes, and to prevent nuclear accidents. This has been allowed because of the mass Call given by many around the world, to prevent a nuclear war from destroying the globe. This was considered a Service-to-Other mass call, and honored by the Council. Thus a group intending to set off a dirty bomb might go through all the actions, but the desired effect would not result. Their spiritual choices have played out. Slavery, such as the FaceBook/Israeli dominance over Africa, and control by fear, are other such battles that have been assisted.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for January 28, 2017

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Comment by Gerard Zwaan on January 29, 2017 at 7:45pm


Comment by Gayle M. Sieg on January 29, 2017 at 2:29pm

Nancy and Zetas I'm having an issue with my thinking of Mr. Trump being an elite and yet he it seems has been put in position to help us learn about the coming of Planet X.  I'm just feeling off.  I felt better when Obama was going to announce it, but then it didn't happen.  I'm trying to tell people about it ,but they laugh and say if it was that big we would see it by now. Sorry this so long just feeling time is running out.

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