S America roll and Mexico stretch collapse


05.08.12. Road collapse in Los Chiles, Alajuela, Costa Rica. On the 1.5 km of road between the community of La Trocha and the neighbouring community of Las Delicias, roadways collapsed in four places at once.

One of them emptiness was formed by eight meters in length, a width of five meters and a depth of two metres.

A 100 meters of highway was cracked, as if it was a strong earthquake. All indications are that cracks will soon turn into a new emptiness.



03.08.12. Sinkhole at community field Coyote, in Matamoros, Mexico, which at first was 20 meters in diameter, has already grown to 70 meters, and its depth is unknown.


01.08.12. Road collapse in Mexicali, Mexico. A strong rumbling was heard in the House №812 of the avenu Republic of Uruguay, said Eric Villavicencio, a resident of the House, and it was a big surprise when he saw the road sinking 6 meters deep and 18 meters long. A vehicle fell into a hole almost 33 feet in diameter and about 16 feet deep after a sewage drain broke under Uruguay Avenue following the heavy rain. Families from 10 private homes near the area were evacuated.



04.05.12. Road collapse on 105 kilometre between Mazatlán and Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico.



04.08.12. Two road collapses in Caeacas, Venezuela.



02.08.12. Another crack appeared in the community of Bocas, San Luis Potosí, México. Civil defence Director Gerardo Cabrera Olivo said that although crack, wich appeared a few days ago between the community Bocas and Villa de Arista, is one of the most long, this no poses danger to the population.

He repeated that the geologic fault could be provoked by heating the Earth and drought, which is registered in the area, although at this point is a study to determine the exact cause.



03.08.12. Road collapse in Ajuchitlán and Tlapacoyan, Mexico.



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