Three years ago in 2010 the ning stopped being a free service and began charging for its services. We determined that we would require a Pro sized ning, given our populartity.  We also collected funds to cover a small administrative ning for the moderators.  In 2010 we required $499.95 USD for ning fees, and ran a 2010 Fund Raiser. At the time, there was the possibility of needing additional funding for excess bandwidth, so we collected for that possibility at the same time. The funds flowed in so quickly that we could hardly put on the brakes fast enough. No bandwidth fees were required for the 2010 year, which spanned from July, 2010 to the following July.  

Ning raised their fees by 2011 so we were shy of the mark for July 2011. At the start, we had almost $775 toward the $838 needed. We ran a 2011 Fund Raiser and planned to put any excess collected toward bandwidth charges, should there be any. We raised funds to pay ning $838 for ning fees, and sufficient to pay for the 2012 fees if they remain at $838, plus an additional $536 for bandwidth charges. These fund raisers have to be halted almost as soon as they are started due to generous donations.

In 2012, due to the rapid rate funds were raised in 2011, we had sufficient funds to cover the ning fees and stated this in a 2012 Fund Raiser Not Needed blog. No bandwidth charges had been sustained. In anticipation of the July, 2012 invoice, we had $1,490, enough to cover the anticipated $838 USD required and ample funds of $652 to cover excess bandwidth fees, should there be any. Thus in anticipation of the 2013 invoices, we now have $652 remaining from 2012, not enough to cover the anticipated $838 or greater ning fees. Once again we are assuming that at some point bandwidth charges will be assessed.

The popularity of the can be seen from the number of unique readers who pass through weekly, as well as the ranking when compared to other sites reporting Earth changes. Note that a rank of #1 means the site is the top site in popularity, and a ranking in the billions means almost no one cares. Examples among sites purporting to cover the news are the CNN website ranked #41, the popular Drudge Report website ranked #400, and the Coast to Coast am website ranked #4,247.

The Pole Shift ning is among website that are forums reporting and allowing discussion on the Earth changes, alien and UFO activity, and Nibiru/Planet X. The Pole Shift ning has the highest rank at #11,339 (likely higher, as it is missing the Complete and Quantcast numbers). This is notable because the Pole Shift ning has only been around since 2009, whereas the Linda Moulton Howe forum at #60,188 and the Marshal Masters forum at #116,590 have both been in existence for at least a decade.

The Pole Shift ning has taken the stand that Nibiru/Planet X arrived in the inner solar system in 2003 and  can be detected via photos using filters, or on SOHO and Stereo images. Their rank as #11,339 has captured the public’s vote, as can be seen when compared to the popularity and rank for sites like Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy (denying Nibiru/Planet X exists) at a ranking of #386,045 or James McCanney’s website (its out there somewhere but not yet arrived) at a ranking of #525,747.

For 2013, we are running a fundraiser to cover the ning fees and once again, funds to cover anticipated bandwidth charges. The goal is $900 for ning fees (assuming a slight increase from 2012’s $838) and $900 for a bandwidth escrow (assuming the admission on Nibiru’s existence and nearby presence occurs). $1,800 reduced by the $652 already in hand puts the goal at $1,148. Please donate via the PayPal button at the right. Let’s keep the Pole Shift ning alive and well. Thank you!

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Comment by Nancy Lieder on May 18, 2013 at 7:33pm

This fund raiser was stopped after just an HOUR as we were raising the funds so rapidly. We wanted $1,148 and jammed on the brakes as it flew past and went to $1,420.

Thank you Pole Shift ning fans and supporters!

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