Alberto's Planet X HUGE 9/16 to 9/18 TAIL GROWING! (NEW ZetaTalk)


Alberto's photo shows a very bright object at the 5:00 o'clock position surrounded by a lovely halo, but the object is clearly visible in the center of that.  This is the corpus of Planet X. Why so large in this photo when normally in Alberto's photos you barely see a dim fuzzball?  You see the tail, you see the Moon Swirls as tubes or as orbs, but you don't see Planet X.  Has it come closer?  It is being enhanced by the Council of Worlds' request to appear larger on Earth. It has not physically come closer to the Earth, but we can of course enhance light rays. This is a snap for benign aliens.  And this enhancement will continue, steadily, until the announcement is made.

So is it visible yet to the naked eye?  To some degree, yes.  People are now noticing something at that position and saying, what's that?  Of course they've been noticing moon swirls all along that appear like very bright orbs at this or that place around the sun.  But this one will have a reddish tinge, and you can expect this to grow.  Alberto will, of course, keep you updated.  It's when the murmur on the street begins, people seeing the red object in the sky, that the announcement will be expedited.  It could happen this afternoon. It could happen tomorrow. It could happen at anytime. 


Here's are Alberto's 9/17 photos, the monster itself still hugely visible!

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