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Altering Earthquakes:

ZetaTalk Aug 7, 2010

As of late, I have observed that USGS and EMSC are a bit lax on their reports of earthquakes. Sometimes not seeing anything reported for hours from the last update, or seeing periods of 90-200 minutes with no earthquakes in between. My question is, are they leaving swarms of earthquakes out of their reports, or there are actually periods of no earthquakes?

Greater than 90% of the earthquake activity is being altered by the USGS at present, which is under orders to prevent any clue being given to the public about the Earth changes caused by the presence of Planet X. Over a decade ago, the approach was to de-sensitize the live seismographs periodically, so the displays do not turn black worldwide, and to ignore the twice-a-day patterns showing up on these seismographs. Then any quakes that could be dropped were dropped. This was obvious to some who were watching the database manipulation. Quakes in the list would suddenly disappear. This was particularly the case where a quake happened in a remote location, or out in the ocean. Dumbing down the magnitude quickly followed, but in order to ensure the public did not notice, the USGS took control of all websites reporting quake statistics. At times, this control breaks, and discrepancies are reported to the public. Some countries rebel. Quake swarms are another source of control, as they pepper the databases with many quakes and skew the statistics, and thus are pulled from the database. Else the question is raised, why so many?

ZetaTalk Jun 18, 2011

Will the USGS internet system be a reliable warning system for the European tsunami by registering on the net the New Madrid earthquake on the exact time it occurs?

It will not be a lack of information from the USGS that will be the point of confusion during the earthquakes leading up to the New Madrid adjustment, it will be knowing which quake is the big one vs the many minor quakes preceding it. The USGS downgrades almost all earthquakes, to prevent meaningful statistics from being generated from their databases. They also exclude quakes whenever they can, but this is unlikely to happen in the New Madrid area as it is in the center of a populated land mass. Thus you will have magnitude 6 quakes that will be called a 5.2, magnitude 7 quakes called a 6.1, and when a magnitude 8 or greater quake occurs, it will be called a 6.9.

We would advise that rather than watching the USGS quake statistics, that you watch the Earth changes. The adjustment that will incite the European tsunami will involve bridges on the Mississippi breaking, and being impassable. The land to the west of the Mississippi will drop so that the Mississippi will become 50 miles wide in the state of Mississippi. Watch for this. The New Madrid adjustment will be several large quakes of magnitude 8-9, though will be listed as a lesser magnitude. As the N American continent continues to unzip up to and along the Seaway, the quakes will be less than a magnitude 8 but very destructive to Cleveland and Toledo and Buffalo and the inland locks along the Seaway. Thus it is not what the USGS says that should be watched, but the condition of the bridges on the Mississippi, the impact on the cities along the Seaway, and whether the inland locks are reported as inoperable.

Please collect earthquake-reports here. Significant Quakes or Magnitude 7+ can be posted separately.

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Comment by John Smith 21 hours ago

Hundreds of earthquakes strike central Idaho, rattling nerves

Hundreds of low-level and medium-sized earthquakes have struck central Idaho since last month, puzzling geologists who wonder whether the ruptures portend a much larger temblor to come or are merely the rumblings of a seismic fault previously thought to be dormant.

The recent earthquake swarm, beginning on March 24 and climaxed by a 4.9 magnitude tremor on Saturday, has produced no reports of injuries or severe damage but has rattled nerves in a region where Idaho's most powerful known quake, measured at 6.9, killed two children in 1983.

Saturday's earthquake was the strongest recorded in the state since 2005 and was followed on Monday by a magnitude 4.4 event that struck 10 miles north of the small ranching community of Challis, Idaho, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The Challis tremor knocked pictures and animal mounts from walls, rattled dishes off tables and was felt by residents in neighboring Montana more than 100 miles from the quake's epicenter, officials said.

The latest seismic surge, including 100 small to moderate quakes on Monday alone, has galvanized government scientists, who planned to install special seismometers in the area as early as Tuesday to more closely track the activity.

The likelihood of a severe earthquake coming on the heels of the recent swarm is low, but much is perplexing about the series of tremors, said Bill Phillips, a geologist with the Idaho Geological Survey at the University of Idaho.

Such earthquake swarms typically are associated with the movement of molten rock below ground, which geologists credited for the recent quake cluster at Yellowstone National Park, or they are linked to an active fault, he said on Tuesday.

"What has many of us scratching our heads is the present-day swarm doesn't appear to be on the big, active fault in the area that ruptured in 1983 and caused the largest earthquake in Idaho," Phillips said.

He was referring to the magnitude 6.9 temblor that struck Mount Borah, Idaho's tallest peak, killing two children in Challis and damaging hundreds of homes and businesses.

Idaho sits at the center of a seismic belt in the intermountain West that runs from northwestern Montana to southern Nevada and contains thousands of faults in the Earth's crust, said Michael Stickney, director of earthquake studies at the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology.

Carl Alexander, disaster coordinator in Challis, said schools have stepped up earthquake drills, and he has requested that emergency responders in Idaho and Utah be available if disaster strikes.

Comment by jorge namour on Tuesday

2014-04-15 03:57:02.029min ago 53.70 S 8.71 E 10 6.8 BOUVET ISLAND REGION

2.5 22km NNW of Challis, Idaho 2014-04-15 00:50:05 UTC-03:00 5.0 km
2.5 25km NNW of Challis, Idaho 2014-04-15 00:12:39 UTC-03:00 5.0 km
2.7 19km NNW of Challis, Idaho 2014-04-14 19:35:02 UTC-03:00 5.0 km
From a link:

Magnitude Mw 4.9 ***REVISED TO 4.4 M*** FELT
Date time 2014-04-14 20:16:46.0 UTC
Location 44.77 N ; 114.23 W
Depth 5 km

3.0 19km NNW of Challis, Idaho 2014-04-14 15:58:37 UTC-03:00 5.0 km

2.6 10km NNW of Challis, Idaho 2014-04-13 08:21:08 UTC-03:00 5.0 km
2.6 22km N of Challis, Idaho 2014-04-12 22:48:51 UTC-03:00 5.0 km
3.2 12km NW of Challis, Idaho 2014-04-12 21:23:50 UTC-03:00 4.9 km
4.9 15km N of Challis, Idaho 2014-04-12 21:04:41 UTC-03:00 5.0 km

Magnitude mb 4.9
Date time 2014-04-14 20:41:25.0 UTC
Location 33.97 N ; 25.84 E
Depth 30 km

2014-04-15 04:22:04 20.06 S 70.45 W 42 4.2 OFFSHORE TARAPACA, CHILE
2014-04-15 04:01:2 19.89 S 71.06 W 41 4.4 OFF COAST OF TARAPACA, CHILE

2014-04-15 02:43:49.0 8.97 N 126.59 E 30 5.0 MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES

2014-04-15 00:30:02.04hr 11min ago 11.40 S 162.93 E 22 4.7 SOLOMON ISLANDS
2014-04-15 00:24:32.04 11.16 S 161.67 E 35 4.8 SOLOMON ISLANDS
2014-04-15 00:12:06.0 11.32 S 162.85 E 35 4.9 SOLOMON ISLANDS
2014-04-15 00:07:53. 11.31 S 163.01 E 30 5.3 SOLOMON ISLANDS
2014-04-14 23:56:32 11.33 S 162.83 E 53 5.1 SOLOMON ISLANDS
2014-04-14 23:51:59 11.51 S 162.86 E 35 4.7 SOLOMON ISLANDS
2014-04-14 23:47:26 11.53 S 162.94 E 33 4.7 SOLOMON ISLANDS
2014-04-14 21:55:54. 11.11 S 161.78 E 40 4.8 SOLOMON ISLANDS

2014-04-14 23:40:27.0 12.22 S 75.18 W 33 4.9 CENTRAL PERU

2014-04-14 21:04:30.33.96 N 25.77 E 60 3.7 EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN SEA

2014-04-14 23:16:33. 43.62 N 44.15 E 10 4.3 CAUCASUS REGION, RUSSIA

Comment by jorge namour on Sunday

To correct a translation error:

In the comment down about Italy Earthquake it should read
Naples, Ancona, Cosenza, Latina and not Naples, Ancona, Cosenza, Latin America. Sorry

Comment by jorge namour on Sunday

7.7 117km S of Kirakira, Solomon Islands 2014-04-13 09:36:18 UTC-03:00 20.0 km

Comment by jorge namour on Sunday

Earthquake felt throughout the center / south ITALY, fear from Rome to Palermo

Sunday, April 13, 2014

An earthquake was felt throughout central / southern Italy. Hundreds of reports from all the regions of central / south and especially in Rome, Palermo, Naples, Ancona, Cosenza, Latin America and Ascoli Piceno. The quake was also felt in Romagna and Sardinia. In the message page INGV (service, "You Heard The Earthquake") you can count many reports from Italy. We await official data sull'epicentro.

The mystery of the earthquake this morning: 600 INGV reports [MAPS]

This morning, after 09:30, hundreds of reports from all over the central / south Italy who wanted to witness the occurrence of an earthquake: from Romagna and Sardinia, the quake was felt throughout central / south and in particular in Rome, Palermo, Naples, Ancona, Cosenza, Latin America and Ascoli Piceno. In fact, these cities with more alerts. Overall, so far, about 600 have been completed questionnaires in the " You Heard The Earthquake "INGV, where even now continue to get reports. The shock, however, there is no trace. And, contacted the INGV seismic hall, experts explain that shift was not measured any earthquake. After all, even the Etna volcanic tremor (see chart accompanying the article) had a peak just as they do when an earthquake occurs. In the night (map top left) some seismographs had detected a 4.2 magnitude earthquake in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off the coast of Naples, just halfway between Rome and Palermo, at great depth. Then, however, was not confirmed by official bodies (INGV in the first place).
It seems impossible at the same time that 600 people have been able to "influence" for various purposes in having experienced an earthquake: Who monitors for years the page "Have you heard the Earthquake" is well aware that this can happen from time to time in each location, but hath never occurred so vast and widespread. It is not inconceivable that there has been a profound shock or whose distant seismic waves were felt also in the Mediterranean area. In the coming hours we will try to get more.

Comment by Kris H on Sunday

New island appears north of Russia.
Comment by Shaun Kazuck on Saturday

Major Adjustment on the North American Plate is response to the big quakes on the Indo-Australian Plate.  Most of the red boxes indicate 6.1-6.8 quakes.


Comment by lonne de vries on Saturday

Magnitude 8.3
Place: Solomon Islands
Date/Time (UTC): 2014-04-12 20:14:37
Severity/Importance: Severe
Infrastructure Affected: Unknown
Permanent link to this event:

10 buoys in event mode


Heliplot from Port Moresby, New Guinea

Comment by jorge namour on Saturday

2014-04-12 05:24:28.0 7.16 S 155.35 E 60 Mw 6.1 SOLOMON ISLANDS

From a link:

Epicentral location of strong M 7.3 event posted down 2014/04/11 is near BAGANA VOLCANO.
Current Status: minor activity / ERUPTION WARNING)
This location is currently experiencing significant aftershocks

About Nicaragua Earthquakes:

6.1 earthquake shook Nicaragua

Epicenter was located 19 kilometers southwest of the Mombacho volcano, according INET

April 11, 2014 | 13:27:06

Nicaragua: More than a thousand microearthquakes in the last 20 hours

Since the earthquake yesterday at 5:27 pm, more than a thousand earthquakes have been captured by the National Seismic Network

After the 6.2 earthquake yesterday at 5:27 pm shook the fringe of the Nicaraguan Pacific, causing damage mainly in the town of Nagarote , west of the capital, the National Seismic Network reports a total of 95 replicas in the order of magnitudes 4.0, 3.0 and 2.0 degrees, said Angélica Muñoz, director of seismology of the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies, INET

However, since the seismic event, whose epicenter was north of Lake Managua, more than a thousand microearthquakes have been recorded by the apparatus of INET.

Volcano Marsili - ITALY

2014-04-10 06:17:17.0
8hr 54min ago 38.75 N 15.75 E 161 ML 2.6 SICILY, ITALY

2014-04-09 16:36:32.8 39.08 N 15.23 E 292 ML 3.0 SOUTHERN ITALY

Earthquake of magnitude 3.0 near the volcano Marsili epicenter in the "Wadati-Benioff plane" of the Tyrrhenian Sea

A few minutes ago, at 18:36, an earthquake of magnitude 3.0 has affected the southern Tyrrhenian Sea, just off of the submarine volcano Marsili, north of the Aeolian Islands off the coast of Calabria and the Tyrrhenian. The quake was not felt by the population in what has been tested to a depth of 292km, with a hypocenter very very deep

M3.1 - 38km E of San Luis, Colorado 2014-04-11 10:47:46 UTC

2.5 19km NNW of Challis, Idaho2014-04-11 11:19:01 UTC-03:005.0 km
4.1 15km NNW of Challis, Idaho2014-04-10 09:21:34 UTC-03:005.0 km

3.0 3km E of Perry, Oklahoma2014-04-12 06:00:01 UTC-03:004.5 km
3.8 5km SE of Perry, Oklahoma2014-04-12 02:32:52 UTC-03:002.8 km
3.0 2km SSW of Langston, Oklahoma2014-04-11 02:17:50 UTC-03:004.3 km
2.6 6km S of Langston, Oklahoma2014-04-11 00:09:00 UTC-03:003.1 km
2.8 6km SE of Perry, Oklahoma2014-04-10 23:45:23 UTC-03:005.0 km
2.6 5km SSW of Langston, Oklahoma2014-04-10 21:35:53 UTC-03:004.7 km
3.1 14km WSW of Pawnee, Oklahoma2014-04-10 15:18:44 UTC-03:008.0 km
2.7 14km WSW of Pawnee, Oklahoma2014-04-10 15:06:42 UTC-03:008.6 km
3.7 14km WSW of Pawnee, Oklahoma2014-04-10 15:00:48 UTC-03:008.1 km
3.1 13km WSW of Pawnee, Oklahoma2014-04-10 13:53:47 UTC-03:008.0 km
2014-04-10 13:18:47.0
1hr 17min ago 35.78 N 97.50 W 5 mb 2.8 OKLAHOMA
3.7 12km SSW of Guthrie, Oklahoma2014-04-10 05:19:44 UTC-03:008.3 km
4.1 10km SSW of Guthrie, Oklahoma2014-04-10 04:33:57 UTC-03:003.4 km
2.6 2km ESE of Perry, Oklahoma2014-04-10 03:40:52 UTC-03:001.3 km
2.6 4km ESE of Perry, Oklahoma2014-04-10 03:23:26 UTC-03:002.8 km
3.3 17km NE of Perry, Oklahoma2014-04-10 01:48:14 UTC-03:003.9 km
2.7 2km SE of Perry, Oklahoma2014-04-10 01:26:47 UTC-03:006.3 km
2.7 11km SSE of Prague, Oklahoma2014-04-09 18:09:30 UTC-03:009.8 km
2.9 12km S of Guthrie, Oklahoma2014-04-09 14:27:50 UTC-03:005.0 km
2.8 10km SW of Guthrie, Oklahoma2014-04-09 13:58:35 UTC-03:008.3 km

2014-04-12 09:39:52.0
36.19 S 71.80 W 62 ML 3.4 MAULE, CHILE
2014-04-12 09:20:35.0
20.57 S 70.84 W 40 ML 4.2 OFFSHORE TARAPACA, CHILE

2014-04-12 08:48:35.0
12.03 N 87.44 W 35 mb 4.3 NEAR COAST OF NICARAGUA

2014-04-12 06:15:38.0
7.22 S 155.27 E 50 mb 5.1 SOLOMON ISLANDS
2014-04-12 01:33:12.0
7.15 S 155.25 E 126 mb 4.4 SOLOMON ISLANDS

earthquake2014-04-11 23:53:15.0
33.20 N 116.06 W 2 ML 3.2 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA

2014-04-11 23:19:04.0
23.02 S 66.71 W 238 mb 4.6 JUJUY, ARGENTINA

2014-04-11 18:56:21.0 6.89 S 154.99 E 60 mb 4.9 BOUGAINVILLE REGION, P.N.G. 2014-04-11 21:08
earthquake2014-04-11 18:52:39.0 7.00 S 154.80 E 80 mb 4.8 BOUGAINVILLE REGION, P.N.
2014-04-11 18:20:54.0 6.42 S 155.35 E 50 mb 4.8 BOUGAINVILLE REGION, P.N.G
2014-04-11 16:43:04.0 6.94 S 155.02 E 63 mb 4.7 BOUGAINVILLE REGION, P.N.G. 2014-04-11 19:25
earthquake2014-04-11 16:35:28.0 6.98 S 155.20 E 49 mb 5.0 BOUGAINVILLE REGION, P.N.

:: 2 deep tremors in FIJI REGION :: April 12, 2014 ::
M 4.1 at 02:52 UTC (Location: 15.22S 179.58W Depth: 453km)
M 4.5 at 06:55 UTC (Location: 20.31S 177.64W Depth: 516km)

Friday April 11, 2014 at 21:22 UTC
Location 1.09 S ; 24.31 W Depth 10 km

Magnitude mb 5.1
Date time 2014-04-11 14:22:06.0 UTC
Location 56.95 S ; 24.52 W
Depth 10 km

Magnitude mb 4.9
Date time 2014-04-11 02:41:46.0 UTC
Location 38.73 N ; 26.89 W
Depth 10 km

Congo's Nyamuragira volcano

An article published today on the news site continuously indicates a significant seismic shaking Nyamuragira. The article cites a volcanologist from the Observatory of Goma indicating an eruption "could take place in the coming days."
It turns out that the heat generated data speaks MODVOLC suggest that eruptive activity may have already taken place on the building earlier this month. Signal, low but this has indeed been detected on April 5.
Caution, however: we can not exclude that this signal may have an origin other than volcanic,
although it is located in the summit area of the volcano, which is not inhabited

Friday April 11, 2014 at 20:46 UTC
Location: 13.13°S 83.27°E Depth: 10 km

Friday April 11, 2014 at 15:18 UTC
Location 41.00 N ; 143.08 E Depth 50 km

Magnitude ML 5.0
Date time 2014-04-11 01:08:01.0 UTC
Location 33.33 S ; 72.21 W
Depth 15 km

Magnitude M 6.1
Region OFFSHORE TARAPACA, CHILE Date time 2014-04-11 00:01:43.0 UTC
Location 20.74 S ; 70.72 W
Depth 10 km

Magnitude Mw 5.6
Region TONGA
Date time 2014-04-10 22:27:16.0 UTC
Location 19.30 S ; 173.66 W
Depth 60 km

From a link:

1. M 4.5 -TAJIKISTAN - April 9 at 06:29 UTC
Location: 37.54 N ; 72.13 E Depth: 132 km
2. M 4.4 - TAJIKISTAN - April 9 at 12:13 UTC
Location: 39.14 N ; 73.25 E Depth: 171 km
3. M 4.4 - WESTERN UZBEKISTAN - April 09 at 20:24 UTC
Location: 40.60 N ; 62.47 E Depth: 3 km
4. M 4.2 - KYRGYZSTAN - April 09 at 22:47 UTC
Location: 40.05 N ; 72.43 E Depth: 1 km
5. M 4.5 - TAJIKISTAN - April 09 at 23:00 UTC
Location: 37.35 N ; 72.53 E Depth: 61 km
6. M 4.4 - TAJIKISTAN - April 09 at 23:42 UTC
Location: 39.36 N ; 67.60 E Depth: 2 km
7. M 4.4 - TURKMENISTAN - April 10 at 00:08 UTC
Location: 38.65 N ; 55.71 E Depth: 2 km

Magnitude mb 4.9
Date time 2014-04-09 23:55:26.0 UTC
Location 14.26 N ; 91.07 W
Depth 33 km

Magnitude mb 5.2
Date time 2014-04-09 20:29:04.0 UTC
Location 14.88 S ; 175.96 W
Depth 349 km

Magnitude Ml 4.6
Date time 2014-04-09 17:53:20.0 UTC
Location 18.26 N ; 68.73 W
Depth 100 km

Wednesday April 09, 2014 at 13:43 UTC
Location 55.56 N ; 110.55 E Depth 10 km

Comment by jorge namour on Friday

6.6 11km ESE of Nandaime, Nicaragua2014-04-11 17:29:15 UTC-03:00138.6 km



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