An oil field exploded in Basra Iraq [Iraq Oil Report ; Published September 20, 2011]; Comment by Starr DiGiacomo


List of comment about gas explosion, in order of posted time; as of 2011-09-01


1) SOMERVILLE, Ohio, US; "Investigation continues in house collapse"

2) BAKERSFIELD, Calif. US; "Bakersfield resident hurt in natural gas explosion"

3) Pompton Lakes, NJ, US; "Update: Suspected gas explosion levels home in Pompton Lakes [raw video]"

4) Brantford, Ontario, Canada; "Natural gas explosion levelled Brantford house: fire marshal"

5) Warren, MI, US; "City of Warren Home Explosion Underscores Need for Natural Gas Safety"

6) Castleford, West Yorkshire, UK; "Dramatic footage shows huge gas explosion at Yorkshire home"

7) Warren Park, Harare, Zimbabwe; "2 seriously injured in Warren Park gas explosion"

8) Logan City, south of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia; "Seven children killed in gas explosion at house"

9) Herscher, IL, US; Douglasville, GA, US; "This Week In Natural Gas Leaks and Explosions – Aug. 22, 2011"

10) "Seven children killed in gas explosion at house" [See 8)]

11) Lakeview, MI, US; "Explosion inside Lakeview house causes fire, couple escapes with minor injuries"

12) Newborough, Victoria, Australia; "Gas blast destroys Newborough garage"

13) Cato, Montcalm, MI, US; "Couple escapes house explosion"

14) Glenrock, Converse, WY, US; "Oilfield explosion claims three"

15) St. Augustine, Fla, US; "Gas Station Explosion Site in St. Augustine now 'Stable'"



* Comment by Starr DiGiacomo

We'll be seeing an uptick in unusual home and business gas explosions and I'm trying to locate specific ZT on the matter.  Below is a refresher for the many gas related news articles.



Fault lines, when adjusting, do not just rip apart one day during a dramatic earthquake. They most often creep. Laying gas lines along or across a fault line is asking for an accident of this sort. Fault lines are also seldom so clearly delineated that one can go a mile in this or that direction and avoid their action. Where a slip-slide fault such as the San Andreas will often leave a clear line on the surface, this is only the surface action, not what occurs in the rock layers on either side which can fracture for a long way to either side during any movement. The gas company, or the age of the pipes, will be faulted but in truth the finger should be pointed in many directions. The public, who insist on living at such a scenic spot, is to blame. Officials, who zoned for housing are to blame. The public utility company, for allowing gas lines in the area, is to blame. But this will change nothing, while man continues to live on the San Andreas, even as it awakens. EOZT



The danger from radon gas will not be increased as a result of the pole shift. Radon gas is emitted by rock containing uranium, which is degrading. In normal circumstances, where air can circulate, it is disbursed rapidly as is any methane created by decay of organic material. The danger from these gasses comes from confinement - being trapped in a mine, a basement, or beneath the permafrost. The dangers are well known. For methane, it is explosions. An accumulation of methane gas can be identified by the smell of rotten eggs, or as some have described it, dirty socks or cabbage soup. For radon gas the danger is lung cancer, from the continual exposure to the radioactive air. Radon gas is odorless, and cannot be detected except by specialized equipment not in the hands of the average person.

In that the pole shift, or the Earth changes preceding the pole shift, can fracture rock and release pockets of either gas, survivors should be cautious about huddling in bunkers. You are safer out in the open air, or in a trench you have dug that will allow the pole shift winds to pass over you, but nothing to fall on and crush you. The fact that both methane gas and radon gas can accumulate in the bunkers of the elite is one of the reasons we have stated that they have dug their own graves. EOZT



* Comment by Starr DiGiacomo


Anyone watching the news, for instance the news on the San Bruno explosion in a distribution line close to the San Andreas Fault line, knows that gas in any form is a danger. Oil and gas refineries explode when rigid piping cracks. Oil or gas wells explode when the ground around them moves. And the gas distribution lines running under cities are no exception. They likewise will explode. Gas lines, whether along the street or within a home, are rigid. In some cases automatic shutoff valves can limit the amount of gas available for an explosion by sensing a drop in pressure, but this is always after the fact. The explosion has already occurred. Utilizing gas on a planet prone to earthquakes was a mistake to begin with, but man never thinks of the consequences when striving for modern conveniences. We have advised turning off the gas at the street, though when the street explodes and your neighbor's homes are on fire you are not likely to escape the holocaust. A better alternative is to live in an area where gas is not available, as in your rural safe location where you will be doing a form of camping while gardening. A campfire at night, for cooking and washing and a bit of friendly light before bed. Nothing explosive. EOZT



* Comment by Starr DiGiacomo

SOZT Answer: It is no accident that the New Madrid fault lies under the Mississippi River near Memphis, as rivers form in lowlands created when land pulls apart, separating the rock fingers and weakening support for the land. Thus, the Ohio River bed also is an indication of where rock fingers will pull apart. Two adjustments in Kentucky, a day apart, are not an accident, but an indication of the speed at which the stretch zone is starting to adjust. Rail lines are frequently an early harbinger of such adjustments, as they run long distances, whereas structures within cities, such as tall buildings, take up relatively little space and have a small footprint. Our warning that imploding cities will be experienced, before the hour of the shift, are in this regard. Be warmed, it will not just be your rail lines and gas and water mains that will shatter and be pulled apart during the stretch. The foundations of your tall buildings will likewise be vulnerable.EOZT



[Original post on January 20, 2011]

Original title: Gas explosion kills 1, injures 5 in Philadelphia




  • The explosion occurred in Philadelphia's Tacony neighborhood
  • The blast killed one utilities worker and injured five other people
  • Some of the injuries are serious

(CNN) -- A gas main explosion in Philadelphia Tuesday evening killed one utilities worker and injured five other people, a fire department official said.

Philadelphia Gas Works employees were responding to a gas main break in the city's Tacony neighborhood when the explosion occurred, fire department spokesman Jim Smith said.

"They were trying to control it and found a source of ignition," according to Smith, who said four PGW employees and a firefighter were among the injured. He said some of the gas workers' injuries were serious.



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Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on February 3, 2017 at 1:26am


Paris explosion: Four injured after homes blown up in suspected gas leak

Two blasts reportedly occurred in the Paris suburb of Noisy-le-Grand

  • 22:18, 2 FEB 2017
  • Updated23:07, 2 FEB 2017

Several people are feared to have been killed after two explosions in a Paris suburb (Photo: Twitter/@chachaziiar)

At least four people have been injured after two explosions in a Paris suburb caused by a suspected gas leak.

Two blasts reportedly occurred in the Paris suburb of Noisy-le-Grand just before 10pm.

Around thirty firefighters rushed to the scene.

The double blast was heard streets away as local residents feared for their safety after their homes shook from the impact.

At least five people have been injured, with one in serious condition, according to reports.

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on February 1, 2017 at 10:52pm


Wed 01st Feb, 2017 - tori.ng

A horrific gas explosion has rocked an Anambra State community, causing serious damages to lives and properties.

File photo: A gas explosion
Two persons have been burnt to death while two others sustained injuries when a gas plant exploded at Nkwelle-Ezunka in Oyi local government area of Anambra State.
According to Vanguard, two houses close to the gas plant, including personal belongings of the tenants, were also burnt to ashes.
The two victims who died in the inferno, were the driver of the tanker that brought the gas and another young man, Ezenwoke Nwigwe, who hailed from Ikeala Ngwa in Abia State, who recently completed his National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, programme in Ibadan, Oyo State and was residing with his sister in the area.
An eye witness said that the fire disaster occurred when a tanker loaded with gas was being discharged at the station. A security man at the gas station, Mr. Harrison Alphonsus from Adamawa State and the manager of the station, Mr. Tony Nwokonko, said the explosion caught one of the victims (Nwigwe) as he applied the fire extinguisher to quench the fire, only to be consumed by the fire.
According to them, the victims were rushed to the Orthopedic Hospital, Enugu where they were confirmed dead, while the injured ones were still receiving treatment. The landlord of the burnt houses, Chief Nnamdi Okafor said he would have lost his entire family to the fire, but for God’s intervention.
He, however, praised the men from the Okpoko Fire Service in Onitsha, who brought the situation under control, adding, however, that the fire destroyed everything he had before help came.
“The fire incident has crippled me. Everything I have has been lost, but what pains me most is the loss of my two tenants”, he said.
Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on February 1, 2017 at 12:57am


Massive fireball lights up night sky as gas station explodes with nuclear bomb-like mushroom cloud

One shot closer to the site shows nearby people screaming in fear for their lives as the explosion shatters the peaceful evening

  • 10:50, 31 JAN 2017
  • Updated15:10, 31 JAN 2017

Apocalyptic scene as gas station EXPLODES in what looked like a 'nuclear blast'

A propane gas station exploded in a huge fireball that lit up the night sky as stunned locals looked on in terror.

The propane gas storage facility in the south-western Russian city of Makhachkala, the capital of the autonomous republic of Dagestan, went off like a bomb but only one man was reported to be injured, with no one killed.

A video taken from about a mile away shows the huge fireball as the station ignites.

The flames billow up into a round fireball almost like a nuclear bomb’s mushroom cloud.

One shot closer to the site shows nearby people screaming in fear for their lives as the explosion shatters the peaceful evening.

Witnesses are seen running away and scrambling for cover.

A house near the gas facility can be seen burning brightly, ignited by the blast.

The flames spread across 120 square metres.

Reportedly, the gas station worker who was sent to hospital suffered "significant" burns. His current condition is unclear.


The nearby house that was in flames due to the gas station explosion (Photo: CEN)
The cause of the fire is not yet known. Onlookers say there was a fire before the explosion . Police are investigating.

Propane is a popular fuel with many applications including as domestic central heating.

One of the hazards of its use is that, as it is heavier and denser than air, any leakage will accumulate in an enclosed are until such time as a random spark ignites it.

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on January 31, 2017 at 8:48pm


Explosion and Fire Forces Gas-Fueled Combined Cycle Power Plant Offline


An explosion and fire at the Delta Energy Center—an 835-MW combined cycle power plant located in Pittsburg, Calif.—forced the station offline on January 29.

A spokesperson for Calpine Corp., the plant owner, told POWER that the fire was contained to the facility and that there was no danger to the neighboring community. No injuries occurred as a result of the event, according to the spokesperson.

The Contra Costa County Fire Protection District (CCCFPD) posted on its Twitter feed at 4:11 p.m. local time on Sunday that firefighters were on the scene, responding to a “power generator on fire.”

The East Bay Times reported that the fire involved the steam turbine generator hydrogen cooling system. The Times quoted CCCFPD Fire Marshal Robert Marshall as saying, “One end of the generator was destroyed in the fire, mostly because of the initial explosion of the hydrogen gas.” The fire continued to burn lubricating oil after the hydrogen supply was isolated. CCCFPD made a follow-up Twitter post that the fire was under control at 5:57 p.m. local time.

The Delta Energy Center entered commercial operation in June 2002. The plant consists of three combustion turbines, three heat recovery steam generators, and one steam turbine. It provides electricity to the California power market. Calpine agreed to a Resource Adequacy contract for the plant with Pacific Gas and Electric Co., beginning in January 2014.

“At this time we do not know the cause of the event nor do we have an estimated date for return to service, but we have mobilized a team to conduct a complete and thorough assessment,” the Calpine spokesperson said.

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on January 31, 2017 at 2:12am


Colonial Pipeline: 1 killed in Shelby County gas line explosion

Published: January 30, 2017, 4:10 pm

SHELBY COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — UPDATE NOV. 2: The coroner identified the worker killed in the explosion as Anthony Willingham.

UPDATE (X2): According to Colonial Pipeline, Colonial’s gas line remains shut down and is anticipated to remain down the rest of the week.

UPDATE 11:10 PM: Colonial Pipeline says one crew member died on the scene after a gasoline line exploded Monday off Highway 13. Colonial says five victims were transported to local hospitals for treatment for injuries.

CBS42 learned earlier that four crew members were life-flighted to UAB for treatment of injuries from the explosion. According to Colonial, the contracted crew was using a trackhoe when it hit the line, igniting the gasoline, killing one crew member and injuring five others.

Colonial released a statement, which reads in part: “Our deepest condolences go out tonight to the family and friends of the person who was lost today, and our thoughts and prayers are with those who were injured.

Both Colonial pipelines in the area remain shut down. The fire at the main site continues to burn until the fuel runs out. Officials don’t have an estimate of when that might be, but tell us the fire is too hot and dangerous to fight. It is contained by a seven to eight foot dirt dam.

CBS42 has been following this story since we first broke the news via push alert on our free news app. This story will be updated as information continues to develop. If you’d like to receive updates on this story, please download the app available on the App Store and Google Play, and opt-in to receiving up-to-the-minute notifications.


Seven victims of a petroleum gas line explosion have been transported to UAB hospital. A massive plume of smoke filled the skyline after a Colonial Pipeline exploded near Helena out by Highway 13.

Four victims were airlifted to UAB, and other victims with less critical injuries were taken to Shelby Baptist by ambulance.

Fire and law enforcement responded to the scene of the explosion. At the time of the explosion, Colonial Pipeline crews were working on the line. According to L.E. Bell Construction Co based in Heflin, they had workers at the Colonial Pipeline. They aren’t releasing the number of workers they had out there this afternoon.

Alagasco initially told us the fire is from a petroleum line. At this time, the state is not sure if the explosion occurred on natural gas or petroleum, according to Gov. Robert Bentley. A three-mile radius around the blaze has been evacuated, according to Art Faulkner, the state’s EMA director.

Colonial Pipeline closed the line feeding petroleum into the fire around 4 p.m., so what is still burning is residual, and will continue to burn until all the fuel is gone.

Crews with the Alabama Forestry Commision have contained the fires that resulted from the pipeline explosion. They burned a total of 31 acres. 3 bulldozers from the AFC are on the scene, and one from Shelby County is there.

Firefighters are on the scene working to build a seven to eight foot dirt dam to contain the burning fuel until it burns out. They don’t know how long that will take or how long they will be out there.

Helena police clarified the explosion was in the Shelby County Jurisdiction, and that no Helena residents are in danger.

The explosion took place near 334 Highway 13. At this time, a response team has been called in from Jefferson County as well as a tanker from the McAdory Fire Department.

McAdory Fire. Vestavia Hills Fire Department, Shelby County’s Sheriff’s Department, Birmingham Fire, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and Montevallo Fire all responded to the scene, as did the EMA and ADEM.

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on January 30, 2017 at 6:03pm


Gas Explosion in Mid Valley Megamall, 8 People Injured

January 29, 2017.

Two explosions occurred today in one of Malaysia’s most popular malls, Mid Valley Megamall. The explosions happened in two separate restaurants, Chili’s and McDonald’s.

The explosions which were thought to be due to a gas leak caused a part of the ceiling to collapse.

The scene of the explosion which took place at Chili’s restaurant at Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur March 5, 2016. — Picture via Athirah MN/Twitter

The Fire and Rescue Department were quickly called and swiftly arrived at the scene, They said that eight people were injured during the collapse of the ceiling of the front and kitchen at Chili’s on the ground floor, as well as the ceiling of the kitchen at fast food restaurant McDonald’s on the lower ground floor.

The incident occurred about 9.30am. Mid Valley released a statement on their official Facebook page to update Malaysians about the current situation.

The mall confirmed that the explosions were due to maintenance work on their gas system and there are no fatalities. The affected areas are closed off but other parts of the mall will run business as usual.

The roof is believed to have collapsed following a gas explosion. - Pic from Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia Facebook page.

Their post writes:

“We regret to inform that we had an incident at Mid Valley Megamall at approximately 9.45am this morning.

During re-instatement work to our liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) system after maintenance works, we had minor explosions at two food and beverage outlets.

There were minor injuries to our maintenance staff, LPG contractor and tenant staff. Medical treatment is already being given. There were no fatalities, neither were there any injuries to the public.

We are working with the relevant authorities and have shut all the gas systems in Mid Valley Megamall until further notice.

The mall will remain open to visitors and we will keep you updated as and when we have more information.

Safety remains our utmost priority and will focus our attention on the well-being of our tenants and guests. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on January 27, 2017 at 11:37pm


Gas Explosion Kills 2, Injures 7 in Abeokuta

January 27, 2017

Two people died and seven others were injured after an explosion at a gas plant in the Adigbe area of Abeokuta, Ogun State on Thursday, the Punch is reporting.

 An eyewitness told the newspaper that the explosion happened after vapour from a gas tank, which was being welded caught fire from a generator being used in a shop adjacent to the gas plant. The fire then engulfed the gas plant located inside a filling station, Rabeng Oil.

Seven people, including a seven-year-old, sustained various degrees of burns. An attendant at the station Ibrahim and the seven-year-old later died.

Four shops were razed, while a Toyota van parked inside the station, as well as a motorcycle were burnt in the incident. The rider of the motorcycle was said to have escaped death by a whisker.

The fire raged for almost two hours, and gutted many shops, apart from the filling station.

The Ogun State Commandant of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, Akinwande Aboluwoye, said two persons died in the inferno, while seven others were injured.

Aboluwoye said the command got a report of the fire around 11.30am and dispatched its operatives to the scene.

He said, “This morning (Thursday) around 11.30am, we got an emergency call that a filling station caught fire in the Adigbe area of Abeokuta.

“Our officers and men quickly went there. On getting there, we found out that the incident was caused by a welder trying to weld very close to a gas filling plant.

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on January 21, 2017 at 6:57am


Gas explosion blows apart Paris apartment

Gas explosion blows apart Paris apartment
16:37 CET+01:00
A gas explosion has caused serious damage to an apartment block in the Paris suburbs.

The explosion occurred on Friday afternoon  in the suburb of Boulogne Billancourt to the south west of Paris. 

Photos and videos from the scene showed what appeared to have been a blast on the second or third floor of the building.

It created a force strong enough to blow the street-facing walls off.

At least five people were injured in the blast, reported BFM TV, two of whom were said to be in an urgent state. 

Witnesses at the scene said that the explosion left the ground shaking, and sent huge plumes of smoke into the air

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on January 21, 2017 at 5:41am


6 people injured in Jerusalem gas explosion; 2 in critical condition
21 January 2017 02:49

A gas explosion in a residential Jerusalem building left six people injured overnight Saturday, according to an MDA spokesperson.

At least two of the victims were listed as in critical condition from the event. 

MDA also said that one person was in moderate condition and three children were treated at a nearby hospital for light injuries.

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on January 18, 2017 at 4:13am


No one injured following gas line explosion near Spearman

No one was injured following a gas line explosion just outside of Spearman Monday night.

The explosion happened in an open field about a quarter mile south of County Road W on TH 207 just before 11 p.m. Monday night, causing a fire to ignite, according to the Spearman Police Department. The explosion caused a sonic boom that rattled windows in Spearman. Flames shot up about 100 feet into the air. The fire burned for less than two hours after the initial explosion before it was called under control.

The cause of the explosion is being investigated by DCP Energy, who is the owner/operator of the pipeline. According to Spearman Police Chief Lance Swan, DCP aid they would wait until all residual gas had burned out of the line before going in to thoroughly investigate the cause.

In the Tuesday morning hours, small flames could still be seen burning deep in the hole that was caused by the explosion. Those flames were "pretty well" extinguished by about 11 a.m.

on Tuesday, Swan said. Swan said no injuries were reported and there was no damage, except to the pipeline and surrounding pasture

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