This guy found red dust on his boat in Norway.  State meteorologist Terje Alsvik claim it is sand from Sahara desert.


Original norwegian article:

Translated by google to english:

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..  made me think of that sandstorm just south of Rostock, Germany, just the other day.. Now, I know that Rostock is by the sea, but the wind hasn´t really been blowing from the north for some time... + this sandstorm arrived within a matter of 20 - 30 seconds, lasting for about 2 minutes altogether, indicative of wind shear, I think... this would relate fine to your Norway news - even that red sand has been noticed as far up as Troms (!)..

I DID think the sand looked red, when first I saw the images from the huge accident, but you know how colors on a computer can be very deceptive.... 

Anyway, I found it again, the one, where it definately looked/looks red to me... :

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