SUITABLE for green leafies.

For plant nutrients, you can use compost tea. Plenty of info on that on youtube as well.

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i forgot to say that above 32 degree celsius/90 degree farenheit that the plants will slow down in growth. .  Above 100 deg farenheit, the part of the plants in water will be a mess, and the plants will probably die without aerated water.

So be aware of where your new location will be, in regards to when to start growing plants.

On anther note, before we even cultivate any vegetables, I was thinking the first step needs to be to try and grow weeds in whatever setup we have.

this is an example of compost tea being used as the nutrient solution in a hydroponic setup. Its great stuff

Nice vid.  However the video speaker is specific on the food types to buy for putting in the water,  but buying his mixtures will not be possible later.  What types of animal waste,  and bio types of fertilizer regeneration systems work with hydroponics to keep the plants growing?  Anyone go ideas?


Via email I got this link with suggestions on how to grow muscles from suspended socks/rope so they are off the seafloor, cleaner, and easily harvested! Very detailed explanations. They pick up nutrients from the water flowing past.

Mussels are held in suspension in socks (mesh sleeves) tied to anchored or moored buoy rope. Because they are suspended in the water column, the mussels have greater access to food, cleaner shells and are further away from bottom dwelling predators.

Different seaweed species (like regular plants) grow in different climates ranging from the tropics to the temperate parts of the world.

Video #1 - An Indonesian community sustaining itself through seaweed farming.

Interesting to note, that in the span of 3 years the community went from knowing nothing about seaweed to utilizing it as a reliable source of income. Also the video looks like a humble illustration of what successful communities in the aftertime might look like; the camaraderie & all that.

Video #2 - Foraging Seaweed in Hawaii

Trapping Minnows

Trapping Crayfish

Worms can be used to gather more fishies or crawfish...

How to fish. Picture guide:

(The stuff for a beginner can be bought for $30 as a kit, if money is tight. At least it will give you experience)

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