Via tight control of earthquake data, the U.S. Geological Survey ("USGS") has become one of the major players in the cover up of Planet X.  The Zetas have repeatedly stated the USGS drops quakes and lower strengths, so that is not debatable here.

ZetaTalk for May 5, 2007:  ... The increased quakes were covered by instructions to the USGS to reduce the Richter and drop quakes from the databases to the extent that any statistics drawn from these tables would look like no increase was occurring....

ZetaTalk for December 16, 2006:  We have been saying for years that the USGS is controlled. First they were told to under-report Richter, when quakes were in unpopulated areas or out in the ocean. They were told to drop quakes from the database when possible, a fact observed live by many as they watched the quakes they were viewing on a database being deleted in front of their eyes. All this is a matter of record. When it became an embarassment that databases other than those under direct USGS control were reporting otherwise, the US exerted its influence to demand that all databases wait until the USGS issued its determination before listing a quake. This also is a matter of record. Now the arm of the cover-up is reaching further, to include any chatter about bubbling magma, sinking ground, quake swarms, or other irregularities that indicate the Earth is in the grip of a coming catastrophe. Every word is to be screened, and must be pre-approved, before being uttered. Need we say more? There is a cover-up and they will say nothing to the public until it is too late for them to take action for their own safety!...

The USGS consistently manipulates earthquake data and that makes this Zetas right again! many times over.  Just a few recent examples:

Strong 6.1 Earthquake in New Zealand

USGS has lowered the magnitude to 6 and EMSC 5.9 @ 10 km depth

Today Strong Earthquake of Magnitude 6.1 hit New Zealand. The epicenter of this earthquake is located 167 km NE Gisborne (pop 34,274), New Zealand. The closest area from the epicenter is Ruatoria at a distance of 110 km which is least populated area with population approx. 1000.

6.0       2011/11/18 07:51:27       -37.558        179.311      26.8       OFF EAST COAST OF THE NORTH ISLAND, N.Z.

Very Strong 6.6 Molucca Sea Quake

[Initial] M 6.6    2011/11/14    04:05    Depth 19.4 km     MOLUCCA SEA
01:05:12 PM at epicenter  strong earthquake with MMI VI. About 7,000 people will experience a strong shaking people of Ternate (102,000) will experience a light shaking of MMI IV
NO TSUNAMI ALERT 200 km (124 miles) SSW of Ternate, Moluccas, Indonesia

Lowered to Magnitude 6.3  Monday, November 14, 2011 04:05:12 UTC
Location 0.954°S, 126.864°E


7.3 Earthquake Rocks Eastern Turkey

Turkey’s most powerful earthquake in at least decade rocked the southeastern stretch of the country on Sunday, killing hundreds and blanketing the region in darkness as night fell. The Red Crescent reported that much of the region was without power as rescue teams struggled to reach survivors pinned in flattened buildings.

The [initial] magnitude-7.3 earthquake struck at 6:41 a.m. local time and was centered just three miles beneath the surface. Generally the more shallow the earthquake the more powerful the shaking it produces.

Lowered to Magnitude 7.1 Sunday, October 23, 2011 at 10:41:21 UTC
Location 38.691°N, 43.497°E


Magnitude 7.6 Quake Hits Kermadec Islands Region

Fri Oct 21, 2011 3:10pm EDT  (Reuters) - A magnitude 7.6 earthquake hit New Zealand's Kermadec Islands region early Saturday morning, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

Lowered to Magnitude 7.4 Friday, October 21, 2011 at 17:57:16 UTC
Location 28.998°S, 176.183°W

Eastern New Guinea 6.7 Quake

Location    Eastern New Guinea Reg., P.N.G.
Magnitude (Richter) 6.7
Lat/Lon  -6.6258, 147.9266
Event date  Fri, 14 Oct 2011 3:35 UTC

Lowered to Magnitude 6.5 Friday, October 14, 2011 at 03:35:15 UTC
Location 6.626°S, 147.927°E


Magnitude 6.7 Earthquake Vancouver Island, Canada

HONG KONG, Sep. 10 (Xinhua) -- An earthquake measuring 6.7 on the Richter scale jolted the Vancouver Island, Canada Region at 03: 42 Hong Kong time on Saturday (1942 GMT on Friday), the Hong Kong Observatory said.

The epicenter was initially determined to be at 49.5 degrees north latitude and 127.0 degrees west longitude.

Lowered to Magnitude 6.4 Friday, September 09, 2011 at 19:41:34 UTC
49.493°N, 126.967°W




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Not to mention the sheer amount of 4.7's, 4.8's, and 4.9's that should have been in the 5. category. And the sheer amount of 5.7's, 5.8's, and 5.9's that should have been in the 6. category. The USGS map is riddled with these quakes. Once a quake reaches the 5. category, it receives a larger marker than the 4.'s. The USGS has to keep the map looking as clean as possible, so smaller markers are preferred.

Another technique I've seen, is larger 6.+ quake markers being hidden behind smaller 5. quake markers so that you can only view these quakes by zooming in on the map. This just shouldn't be the case. The larger markers should always be visible, but the USGS doesn't want you seeing them at a glance.

I have been in California for all the major eatherquakes. When we had the ones here in Oklahoma, I knew they had been reduced by the USGS. No way those where 4s! This means we can expect to add to any earthquake that happens from here on end!

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