Many Voices Same Message: how the Hindu gods Shiva and Kali relate to the Hopi Kachinas, the mythical Gjallerhorn of Finland, reports of Emperor Jie of Xia i...

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Comment by Scott on September 4, 2017 at 7:25am

Same Message Many Voices.

Buck Rogers, daily newspaper comic strip by Philip Francis Nowlan, writer, and Dick Calkins, artist.
Above are the first panel from daily comic strip #641 (included to provide the context within the story) and the last panel from daily comic strip #642.
Published 1931.

Edgar Cayce (1877–1945)
ZetaTalk: Edgar Cayce
Cayce was thus instrumental in alerting many about the coming changes, the tentacles of his prophetic reach spreading into many cultures and lands.

ZetaTalk: Theosophists
Land masses go under the waves, and rise up from the depths during each cataclysm. Where a group of humans formerly under the influence of the inhabitants of the 12th Planet went under the waves, the legend of Atlantis was born.

The Theosophists, speaking to humans in a language they could understand, inculcated their legends.

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