Russian scientists warn of a future flood in W Siberia, they discovered that about 6500 years ago there was a catastrophic flood


Russian scientists discovered that about 6500 years ago there was a catastrophic flood in Western Siberia and found information that would support a repeat of the scenario in the future. Researchers from the Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics showed that the flood was caused by the advance of the lakes in the Pamir Mountains Asian. As announced by a science team member Sergey Guskov, the study of bottom sediments of lakes Chany in Novosibirsk region, they found shells of one of the simplest types of marine organisms. These foraminifera, which are not able to live in fresh water, which quickly perish. The carbon-14 dating conducted at the University of Arizona, USA. States., Showed that the age of the deposits is 6400 to 6700 years. Currently, the nearest habitat of these microorganisms are the Aral and Caspian Seas. The researchers concluded that such a distance between the points of location of these beings is a result of floods in Western Siberia, during which a large mass of water moved from the Pamir Mountains along the Amu Darya River valley. With further study of bottom sediments of the Aral Sea deluge theory was confirmed because it found clear signs of heavy erosion, while the age of the layer in which sediments were located practically coincides with the occurrence of foraminifera in Lake Chany. The fact that the age of the shells is about 20 000 years, while sediments of this age in these areas have not yet been found-that is, in areas where shellfish are found, no sea-suggests that this was not the only flood that occurred in these areas, and is likely to recur in the future, warned the expert.

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Comment by Nancy Lieder on March 3, 2012 at 3:28pm

I could hug Russia and Kazakstan

for informing their people. At least this is a start. Not like the tight spincters in the UK and US, eh? Cover-up must prevail, there!

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