The Zetas have predicted "Great Clarity" since this new phase began in early 2021. Let the clarity emerge!

SOZT The past couple months have been a phase shift toward clarity for those scanning the skies for evidence of the Nibiru complex. The Red Dust is charged, and thus seeks to cling to Nibiru or its Moon Swirls, even creating magnetic fields around these elements. Having the complex clouded by this Red Dust was considered inevitable. When out in space, this Red Dust would drag behind Nibiru, but when Nibiru slowed for his passage past the Sun it caught up to Nibiru and enveloped Nibiru and its moons in this fog.

Then in early 2019 the Petrol Bubbles arrived, though hints had been in view prior to that in Alberto’s photos. The Red Dust had arrived much earlier, being a fine dust and thus easily blown about, and also being magnetically charged being attracted to Earth’s magnetic field. The Lomonosov explosions on the surface of the upper atmosphere were captured on satellite images in February, 2019 and the Petrol Bubbles were appearing in a puzzled Alberto’s photos as dark smudges.  

Meanwhile, the fine Red Dust that clung to Nibiru and its Moon Swirls forced the use of filters for red spectrum light. Where these red smudges were found, there would be the bully magnet Nibiru or its moons. What changed over the past few months? The wafting tail, full of Red Dust and Petrol Masses, was blown close enough to the Earth to remove the Red Dust as a factor. The Red Dust was absorbed into the Petrol Masses - trapped there by the oil. Where the former view was blurred by a layer of Red Dust and then a layer of Petrol Bubbles, it now had been swept clean of the Red Dust.

In this new environment, a new view of Nibiru and its Moon Swirls and individual moons in a String of Pearls has emerged. Great clarity will be provided, especially as Nibiru continues to approach the Earth. The Red Dust would form into magnetic fields, which will now be absent from view.  Location vis-a-vis the Sun and general shape and size will be a clue. In the case of these recent photos provided by Marty, this is clearly a String of Pearls in apparent rapid motion. The motion is a factor of the Earth wobble, as it is the Earth that is moving. EOZT

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Comment by James of Idaho 1 hour ago

Jan. 27th 2022 SE Idaho ....Nibiru

Comment by Mario Valencia-Rojas 1 hour ago

Comment by James of Idaho yesterday

Jan. 25th 2022 SE Idaho 

Comment by James of Idaho yesterday

Comment by James of Idaho yesterday

Comment by Mario Valencia-Rojas on January 20, 2022 at 9:00pm

Comment by Mario Valencia-Rojas on January 19, 2022 at 10:27pm

January 19,2022 Sarasota,FL 2:27PM.Nibiru's tail angle seems to have now changed angle now with part of it pulled towards sun or what looks to be a pertol column?I also posted the Last picture of Nibiru for contrast that I took.I have added some visual clues as arrows to try help see changes.I tried to be as accurate as I could.I am not sure how accurate they are but thought I'd post for some guidance.

Comment by Nancy Lieder on January 18, 2022 at 6:07pm

Alberto's latest. The "shadow" of a purple Petrol is getting larger!

Comment by James of Idaho on January 18, 2022 at 1:17am

Here is something else I may have stumbled onto which might help people understand the signs and symbols we see in our art and in the skies .  I noticed the similarities of Egyptian pictographs and we are  taking in our pictures .  It appears that the oblong shape in the Egyptian pictographs match with what is seen in the pictures and both are in reference to Nibiru .  

Comment by Nancy Lieder on January 17, 2022 at 4:03pm

Purple Pie and even Alberto noticed the shape: 

Angelo: what is this giant  shadow Bad Sign ? 
Mario: Been getting this effect now for a couple day part of PX tail looks different and different color not sure why might but though I would post.
James: Jan 16th 2022 SE Idaho - more pie shapes of Nibiru 

Just as purple skies
have become almost common this past year, purple Petrol Masses in the skies blocking sunlight will become almost common too. Purple is a common color because the sky seen from Earth appears blue but the red iron oxide dust in the tail of Nibiru is dark red. Mix the two together and one gets purple on the color chart. The larger question is why this Petrol Mass is now blocking sunlight, creating a shadow on Alberto’s photo. This shadow is confirmed by James who finds the visible portion of the Nibiru Complex looking like a slice of pie.

This great shadow is now noticeable because the Petrol Mass is close enough to the Earth to interfere with camera shots taken from the surface of Earth. It is dense and blocking sunlight. How will this be perceived by the people of Earth used to gazing at the skies? Many surprising aspects have occurred, unexplained by the establishment elite determined to maintain the coverup over the presence of Nibiru as long as possible. Their response will be to ask “What purple blob in the skies?“ as though those who find the sunlight blocked by a purple blob are in error or are confabulating. Will this soon be evident to all, worldwide? Perhaps.

Prior 2003 ZT:
The dust cloud streams a distance far larger than the 14 million miles between the Earth and Sun during the Passage, far larger than the mid-way point between the Earth and Sun where the influence of Planet X is strong enough to stop rotation, and large enough to turn the atmosphere of Earth blood red with the red dust, a faint dusting upon the Earth on occasion, and when disbursed turning the skies a pink/purple even when a sunset or sunrise is not in process.

Prior ZT:
Neon, or Noctilucent clouds have been in the news for over a decade, since a pink cloud was filmed overhead in London in 2008 and a blue spiral curled down to ground in Norway in 2009. These incidents were specific to the greasy tail of Nibiru, alit in the skies momentarily, but the greasy red dust in the tail can spread out to color the skies too. By April, 2015 dark orange skies were filmed in China and by 2016 purple skies were filmed in Chile and red and violet skies were filmed over Brazil on Christmas Day, 2016.

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