Council of Worlds at WAR re Announcement Delays

Note the location of “Planet 9” and the inbound path for Nibiru provided by the Zetas in 1997. Nibiru arrived, right on schedule in 2003, and right where predicted a full 7 years earlier. Where the Zetas provided the location of the gravity draw represented by the Sun’s dark unlit binary and the inbound Nibiru in 1983, when the IRAS team lofted its infra-red balloon in search of the inbound Nibiru, this location was not provided to the public. All articles in print at that time only referring to the location as the “western edge of the constellation Orion”, quite vague, and the “western edge” is vast. Yet the Zetas pinpointed the location as being just outside the lower bow of Orion. Such is the accuracy of ZetaTalk. How would the public eventually become “aware of the history and accuracy of ZetaTalk predictions” as predicted by the Zetas on April 16, 2016? ? It would seem this is already in process.

SOZT March 19, 2016

So what happened to the announcement? Obama lacked the courage. As a result of this colossal failure,  having to disband the Jade Helm structure, the US military reacted. Obama is no longer running the country. Chief of Staff General Dunford is. Ben Fulford has for months been referring to Obama as the US “spokesperson”. Is this true, and how does this work? In that the Middle East, under the direction and press from Israel, Turkey, the Jewish bankers of the Federal Reserve, and the Saudis were supporting ISIS and this threatened to create a force that would not only invade Europe but also create an endless terrorism threat to the US, the military did indeed effect a silent coup. Russia needed to enter the fray, and Dunford, but not Obama, agreed. This will never be admitted, publicly, nor do the parties want this.

SOZT October 1, 2015
The three major social media outlets in use around the globe all had significant, and simultaneous outages between September 20-24, 2015. Skype had complaints from the UK, Australia, and Japan. Twitter received reports from the US, Australia, and Singapore. FaceBook had the loudest howls, primarily from the US and Europe. Notably these downtimes, some lasting for hours or even days, got no attention in the major media, and there was no real explanation for the outages.  Every Skype user has an account and a password, as do their contacts. Every Skype user can broadcast messages to their contacts, even if these contacts are not presently online. Every twitter use likewise has an account and a password, and by sending a tweet passes information along to subscribers, who can retweet the info in the future. FaceBook users likewise have an account and a password, with many friends who pick up info from each other and pass it along on their FaceBook accounts.  In all of this, the networks themselves are AWARE of the accounts and passwords, and could do a broadcast to all in the event of an announcement. Check your user agreements. This is legal!

SOZT April 25, 2015
When we announced that the Council of Worlds would be going to war with the elite over their blockage of the announcement, the tools available to the Council were not immediately apparent. Early in the campaign the Sony hack showed one such mechanism, whereby an anonymous hacker revealed embarrassing information about Sony executives. Similarly exposing pedophile activities by Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton and blatant lies by self-promoting media talking heads such as Brian Williams and Bill O’Reilly required nothing more than encouraging contactees to step forward.  In many, many cases a financial loss sufficient to trigger a clash among the elite is a result of an electronic delay during trades. 

SOZT July 4, 2015
What is the message here? As with other failed launches, this most recent failure is a definitive message from the Council of Worlds. Space X has had success in resupplying the ISS, though has flounded on landing on a floating ocean platform.  Resupply of the ISS is OK, reuse of their launch equipment so as to help the elite escape, not OK. The message now is that the elite should not expect to get into space at all. No escape. The message here is to take all hope away from such plans among the elite. They are to remain on Earth with the common man. We expect the battle to shift from attempts to block the announcement, or deny its meaning, to attempts to enslave the common man in some way. That is another fight, on another day.

SOZT November 1, 2014
The elite – the wealthy and politically powerful in the world – have continued in their attempts to thwart the announcement by Obama and his partners admitting that Nibiru, aka Planet X exists. We have long stated that the announcement date was set by Obama and Xi at their June 7-8, 2013 meeting in Santa Monica. The flustered slip given by the French Foreign Minister on May 13, 2014 re “500 days
until climate chaos” was in reference to this, as the date set was to be 500 days from the 2013 meeting, ie October 20, 2014.

SOZT November 8, 2014
Relying solely on Russia or China to proceed would get the truth out BUT since the block had always been on the US end, via Reagan’s national security directive, without a confirmation from Obama this is awkward and subject to being countered. If true, where is the confirmation from Obama? It would be packaged as some odd communist attack against Obama going into the elections, to make him seem weak, almost comical. So where is this going now? For us to comment would be to empower the enemy, which of course we will not do. Your curiosity is not as important as having the announcement succeed.

SOZT December 10, 2014
We have stated that the public will see only the flash and parry of swords from a distance during the Council of Worlds war with the cover-up crowd. Meanwhile, periodic tests of the Emergency Broadcast System in the US are done, to see if the channels are open. As of this writing, they are not yet open. The war is still on, full press. Meanwhile, during the flash and parry of swords, one can see resistance, pleading, panic, and capitulation.

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Comment by jorge namour on March 28, 2018 at 2:04am

Netanyahu hospitalized with high fever,7340,L-5202492,00.html


Shortly after PM Netanyahu admitted to Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem with inflammation in respiratory system, high fever, doctors say will be discharged the same night.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was hospitalized in Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem’s Ein Kerem Tuesday evening due to suffering from a high fever and a severe cough.

After undergoing medical examinations, doctors decided that he would be discharged the same night.

His personal physician, Dr. Berkowitz, said that he believes the prime minister's symptoms from an illness he was suffering two weeks ago may have worsened due to not completing the period of rest required for recovery.

Doctors said he was suffering from an inflammation in his respitory system and that he was not in life-threatening danger.

Dr. Berkowitz decided that the prime minister should undergo a number of medical examinations at the hospital, and he was therefore admitted.


Former PM Olmert's advice to Netanyahu 'go home and fast'

In interview with Ynet, the former prime minister, who served as 16-month prison sentence for corruption, says returning to politics 'is not on the agenda'; says unlike PM Netanyahu, 'I didn't attack anyone as prime minister, my criticism today is done as a private citizen.'

In a veiled criticism of his successor Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Olmert claimed that "I've never waged a battle against law enforcement authorities as part of my job, and I never preached about morals

The difference between him and Netanyahu, he claimed, was that "I didn't do such a thing as prime minister. As prime minister, I never attacked anyone
The person you're talking about is taking advantage of his status as prime minister to threaten people that he could fire them and that he could disrupt their work. And he's doing that to people he appointed,

His advice to Netanyahu is "Bibi, go home fast and in an elegant manner,"
he said, referring to the prime minister by his nickname.

Comment by SongStar101 on March 25, 2018 at 11:25am

U.K. Investigators Raid Cambridge Analytica Offices In London

Investigators with Britain's information commissioner searched the London headquarters of Cambridge Analytica on Friday amid reports that the firm harvested the personal data of millions of Facebook users as part of a campaign to influence the U.S. 2016 presidential elections.

The move comes after a British High Court judge granted a warrant to the data watchdog Information Commissioner's Office, allowing its investigators to search the firm's offices.

The search is reported to be part of a broader investigation into possible ties between Cambridge Analytica and the campaign for the U.K. Brexit referendum.

The BBC reports,

"Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham has said she was looking at whether personal data was acquired in 'an unauthorised way', whether there was sufficient consent to share the data, what was done to safeguard it and whether Facebook acted robustly when it found out about the loss of the data."

The search was conducted by more than a dozen people wearing jackets identifying them as ICO personnel, according to The Associated Press.

The Guardian reports that a former Cambridge Analytica business development director, Brittany Kaiser, said that the firm provided data analysis for Leave.EU.

"Cambridge Analytica conducted data research for one of the leading Brexit campaign groups and then misled the public and MPs over the work the company had undertaken, according to a former employee who has spoken to the Guardian."

The Guardian added:

"Kaiser's revelations will reignite a fierce argument about the tactics used to try to influence voters in the Brexit campaign – and will add to the pressure on Alexander Nix, the [suspended] CEO of Cambridge Analytica.

The company is already under investigation by the Electoral Commission over what role, if any, it played in the EU referendum campaign."

A spokesman for Leave.EU, Aaron Banks, denied the claim, saying that his group did not receive any data or work from Cambridge Analytica.

Comment by SongStar101 on March 21, 2018 at 9:09am

UK authorities seek warrant to access Cambridge Analytica offices

Information commissioner told representatives of Facebook to leave the consultancy's offices late on Monday 

Britain’s Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham said she was seeking a court warrant to access information held on storage systems by consultancy Cambridge Analytica following allegations that Facebook user data had been illegally exploited.

The announcement of the move to force access to the firm came amid a firestorm of revelations about the political consultancy work it had been engaged in, including admissions by the management that it used bribes and prostitutes to entrap political targets.

The commissioner said she was investigating possible breaches of privacy in the company’s use of Facebook data.


Read more

Facebook shares hammered as pressure grows over data breach

Facebook users are demanding answers. But it may be too late


Her announcement late on Monday came as a British documentary aired showing Alexander Nix, the company's chief executive, telling undercover reporters the firm could use a range of covert techniques to target opponents of campaigns it was engaged in. Among other boasts, he said the company could "send some girls around to the candidate's house" and added that Ukrainian girls "are very beautiful, I find that works very well".

He also suggested attempting to blackmail individuals with bribery allegations. He told the reporter, who had posed as an aide for a Sri Lankan politician, that they could “offer them a deal that's too good to be true and make sure that's video recorded".

Mr Nix and another senior company figure boasted to the reporter of their firm’s activities in Kenya, Malaysia and their relations with figures from the UK intelligence agencies MI5 and MI6, whom they could use to “find all the skeletons” of a political opponent.

The footage was aired on Monday night despite legal threats to Channel 4 by Cambridge Analytica.

Later that night, Mr Nix told The Times he was willing to resign if it might save the company. “If that is going to help the company that is the right thing to happen. There are 150 young people whose future is on the line. This is profoundly upsetting.”

He said it was “a decision for the board”.

The allegations come just days after a report in The Observer in which whistleblower Christopher Wylie said the firm had harvested the data of more than 50 million Facebook users thorough “personality tests”. Mr Wylie told newspaper: “We exploited Facebook to harvest millions of people’s profiles. And built models to exploit what we knew about them and target their inner demons. That was the basis that the entire company was built on." He claimed this information had been provided to the Trump campaign.

Facebook confirmed that auditors and legal counsel acting on its behalf had entered Cambridge Analytica's London offices on Monday, though the firm later stood down after it was instructed to do so by Mrs Denham.

The activities of both companies have been called into question by politicians on both sides of the Atlantic.

In response to the allegations, Damian Collins, chair of parliament's Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, announced he had written to Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg, calling on him to give evidence to the committee. On Sunday, Mr Collins suggested that Mr Nix had "deliberately misled" parliament by "giving false statements" when he appeared before the committee last month.

Mr Nix had denied that Cambridge Analytica had any involvement in the Brexit referendum. “So however you look at this, or however it appears to you, or whatever tweets other people have said about this situation, we did no paid or unpaid work, we had no formalised relationship with [], we did not work on the EU referendum with that organisation or any other organisation.”

However, while the hearing was still in progress, Brexit campaigner Aaron Banks tweeted “CA [Cambridge Analytica] wanted a fee of £1m to start work & then said they would raise £6m in the states. We declined the offer because it was illegal.”

Mr Nix denied he had misled the committee. “Everything I said to Damian Collins was absolutely correct, I did not tell one fib.”

Ron Wyden, a senior US senator on the committee investigating alleged Russian interference in the 2016 US election, also wrote to Mr Zuckerberg, asking him to come clean about what the company knew regarding the misuse of its data. Mr Wyden’s letter said recent reports raised questions about Facebook’s handling of personal information. It said there were "serious concerns about the role Facebook played in facilitating and permiting the covert collection and misuse of consumer informations".

Comment by SongStar101 on March 21, 2018 at 8:55am

Ex-French president Nicolas Sarkozy arrested over campaign financing

The Former French president is being questioned in connection to alleged Libyan funding for his 2007 election campaign.

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy is being held by police in connection to alleged campaign funding from late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

Mr Sarkozy is being questioned as part of an investigation into "irregularities" in election campaign financing, a French court source told Reuters.

He is said to have accepted €50m from Muammar Gaddafi's regime, claims which have been repeated by the late Libyan dictator's son and French businessman Ziad Takieddine.

The amount would be more than double the legal spending limit in French elections at that time, which was €21m.

Alleged payments would also violate French laws on foreign financing and declaring the source of campaign funds.

Mr Sarkozy and his campaign manager have repeatedly denied accepting money from Libya.

According to Le Monde, this is the first time Mr Sarkozy has been questioned in relation to this investigation, which was opened in April 2013.

He can be held for up to 48 hours and presented to a magistrates' court for indictment if police seek charges.

Mr Sarkozy has already been ordered to stand trial in a separate case, concerning the financing of his 2012 re-election campaign, when he lost to Francois Hollande.

In March 2011, Saif al Islam Gaddafi, the late dictator's son, told Euronews: "Sarkozy has to give back the money he accepted from Libya to finance his electoral campaign. We financed his campaign and we have the proof…

"The first thing we're demanding is that this clown gives back the money to the Libyan people."

Mr Takieddine claims he delivered three suitcases stuffed with cash to Paris between 2006 and 2007, and handed them over to Mr Sarkozy in the interior ministry when he was a minister.

Mr Sarkozy was president of France from 2007 until 2012.

He attempted to stage a comeback for the 2017 election, but failed to convince the voters in his own party to support him and had to concede to Francois Fillon and Alain Juppe.

Mr Sarkozy faced accusations of exploiting L'Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt, taking advantage of her "mental fragility" to seek a donation to his political party for the 2007 election, but the case against him was dropped.

He had a fraught relationship with Colonel Gaddafi during his presidency. He welcomed the Libyan dictator to Paris early on in his tenure but then put France at the forefront of Nato-led air strikes that helped topple his regime in 2011.

Comment by Juan F Martinez on March 20, 2018 at 4:12am

Facebook Plunges as Pressure Mounts on Zuckerberg Over Data


Facebook Inc. shares posted their steepest drop since 2015 as U.S. and European officials demanded answers to reports that a political advertising firm retained information on millions of the social network’s users without their consent.

Politicians on both sides of the Atlantic are calling on Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg to appear before lawmakers to explain how U.K.-based Cambridge Analytica, the data-analysis firm that helped Donald Trump win the U.S. presidency, was able to harvest the personal information.

Facebook has already testified about how its platform was used by Russian propagandists ahead of the 2016 election, but the company never put Zuckerberg himself in the spotlight with government leaders. The pressure may also foreshadow tougher regulation for the social network.

U.S. Senators Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat from Minnesota, and John Kennedy, a Republican from Louisiana, have called on the chairman of the Judiciary Committee to bring in technology company CEOs, including from Twitter Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google, for public questioning.

In a letter Monday to Senator Chuck Grassley, a Republican from Iowa, Klobuchar and Kennedy said they have “serious concern regarding recent reports that data from millions of American was misused in order to influence voters.”

Comment by SongStar101 on March 17, 2018 at 9:45am

In "Stunning Judicial Ruling", South Africa's Zuma Hit With Corruption Charges

Just weeks after his forced resignation as South Africa's president, Jacob Zuma was charged with corruption on Friday over a $2.5 billion state arms deal, an outcome which Reuters  called "a stunning judicial ruling on a continent where political ‘Big Men’ rarely face their day in court."

South Africa's chief prosecutor, Shaun Abrahams, said that he would bring back a case against Mr Zuma relating to a 1990s arms deal to buy European military kit that had cast a shadow over politics in Africa’s most industrialized economy for decades.  As a result, Zuma will face 16 charges relating to 783 counts of corruption over the 30 billion rand ($2.5 billion) deal.

Abrahamas told a media conference that Zuma’s attempts to head off the charges that have been hanging over him for more than a decade had failed.

“After consideration of the matter, I am of the view that there are reasonable prospects of successful prosecution of Mr Zuma on the charges listed in the indictment,” Abrahams said and added that "I am of the view that a trial court would be the most appropriate forum for these issues to be ventilated and to be decided upon."

The charges were initially dropped by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) shortly before Zuma ran for president in 2009. Then deputy president, Zuma was linked to the arms deal through Schabir Shaikh, his former financial adviser who was jailed for corruption.

The 75-year-old Zuma disputed all the allegations against him, he added. Since his election, his opponents fought a lengthy legal battle to have the charges reinstated. Zuma countered with his own legal challenges.

As Reuters adds, Zuma has also been implicated by South Africa’s anti-corruption watchdog in a 2016 report that alleges the Gupta family, billionaire friends of Zuma, used links with him to win state contracts. The Guptas and Zuma have denied any wrongdoing.

According to commentators, the crackdown against Zuma is further proof that Ramaphosa is turning a new leaf in South Africa politics. However, while Although USDZAR edged initially lower on the headlines, it has been unable to rally significantly. And, as Citi adds, "after all, Zuma has been ousted and right now, South Africa assets are preoccupied with broader EM FX sentiment, and locally, the Moody's rating review next week and the land expropriation bill."

Comment by Matt B on March 11, 2018 at 4:24pm

"We are not alone."

Q has emphasised that his words are carefully chosen. That "nothing is random" and "everything has meaning".

With this in mind, the timing and content of one recent post seems very significant..

Q Says - Watch the Water!

For those who are not familiar, since last October the enigmatic Q has been posting leaks on what is going on in the US government, and elsewhere, in the form of codes and puzzles. Q is the highest security level with the US intel, and he is suspected of being a member of the US Military Intel, thus. He obviously has permission to post, and has an accuracy track record.

ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for March 31, 2018

When Obama was under constant assassination attempts by the crowd who did not want him to admit the presence of Nibiru, Dunford sought to expedite the announcement by running Jade Helm 2015 to manage any riots that might emerge. When Obama lacked courage and failed, Dunford stepped in. The US has been run by a Junta ever since – Mattis, Dunford and his Marines. We have stated that behind the scenes, Hillary and hundreds of others were tried by military tribunals, and their laundered stolen funds taken from them. Fort Knox Gold has now been reinstated.

Meanwhile, the announcement admitting Nibiru is dragging, though the public no longer trusts the media. The Deep State wanting to wrest control of the US from Trump and his Junta has become vicious, like a trapped animal. It has been rumored that there are 1,400 sealed indictments allowing arrests of the Deep State and the Bush/Clinton cabal, and this is true though the number is multiples higher. Arrests and interrogations have garnered more names. But how to take those under House Arrest out of circulation? How to inform the public?

Trials await, and this latest EO by Trump allows them to proceed according to Military Law. Does this not imply that the true situation in the Trump administration, that it is being run by a Junta, will be admitted? One of the blocks to admitting the Junta was the state of matters adjudicated in civil and criminal courts. Trumps March 1 EO clarifies. It does not cover matters already adjudicated. Does this trial by tribunal of Deep State crimes not require, in step, an admission that Nibiru exists? More later re all of that.

Comment by SongStar101 on March 10, 2018 at 9:45am

Scientists unsure where Chinese space station will crash to Earth

Defunct module expected to scatter debris over thousands of kilometres in fiery descent

It launched as a potent symbol of Chinese ambitions in space, but in the coming weeks the nation’s first orbital outpost will come crashing down to Earth in a fireball that could scatter debris over thousands of kilometres.

The Chinese space agency lost control of its Tiangong-1, or Heavenly Palace, spacecraft in 2016, five years after it blasted into orbit to make China only the third nation to operate a space station after the US and Russia.


China's failing space station is most likely to crash in one of these countries

  • Countries with a greater chance of being struck by Chinese space station have been identified.
  • Launched in 2011, the 8.5-ton Tiangong-1 space laboratory had originally been a symbol of Beijing's ambitious scientific bid to become a space superpower.
  • However, in 2016 Chinese officials confirmed the country's first orbiting space station had to be scrapped after its functions failed.

Experts have identified the areas where an out-of-control Chinese space station could crash down in the coming weeks.

Launched in 2011, the 8.5-ton Tiangong-1 space laboratory, also known as "Heavenly Palace" has been gradually decaying and, in 2016, authorities admitted its functions were failing.

In the latest assessment, the U.S.-funded Aerospace Corporation said while it is impossible to plot exactly where the module will touch down, certain regions stand a higher chance.

Aerospace identified northern China, the Middle East, central Italy, northern Spain and the northern states of the US, New Zealand, Tasmania, parts of South America and southern Africa.

Jonathan McDowell, astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center, noted in a tweet that predicting the reentry of the space station is a tricky proposal with a very large amount of uncertainty.

McDowell explains that an error of 1 hour in predicting the time of the station's reentry results in a 17,000 mile difference in where the station falls above the Earth. Current estimates have a two week uncertainty in the reentry timing — a range of 336 hours.

Tiangong-1 does not fly north of 42.7° N latitude or south of 42.7° S latitude on its current trajectory. For New Zealand, McDowell estimates that the chance the station does not come down over the island chain is 99.9 percent, based off of the amount of time Tiangong-1 spends over various parts of the Earth.

The Aerospace scientists believe China's first space station will re-enter the atmosphere either in the last week of March or the first week of April. The European Space Agency has a wider window and says the module will come down between March 24 and April 19.

The report added that the chance of being struck by Tiangong-1 debris is about 1 million times smaller than the odds of winning the U.S. Powerball jackpot.

It added that only one person has ever been recorded as being hit by a piece of space debris and she was not injured.

Comment by SongStar101 on March 3, 2018 at 10:54am

Netanyahu, wife questioned 'under caution' in corruption Case 4000

Jerusalem (CNN)Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was questioned "under caution" in Case 4000, according to an Israeli official, making him a suspect now in three corruption investigations.

Investigators questioned Netanyahu at his residence in Jerusalem for five hours Friday morning, marking the eighth time the Israeli leader has been questioned in graft probes targeting him and his inner circle.
An Israeli official told CNN that Netanyahu was questioned "under caution," which refers to the questioning of someone suspected of having committed a crime, with the warning that anything they say, or decline to talk about, could be used against them in court proceedings.
Police simultaneously interrogated Netanyahu's wife, Sara, at a different location. She too was questioned "under caution" in Case 4000, the official said. Her lawyer also confirmed those details to Reuters.
Case 4000 is one of the biggest investigations facing the Israeli leader, dealing with the relationship between the Ministry of Communications -- at a time when Netanyahu was the Communications Minister -- and Israeli telecommunications firm Bezeq.
Prosecutors say Netanyahu advanced regulatory benefits worth up to 1 billion shekels (approximately $280 million) to Shaul Elovitch, Netanyahu's friend who is the controlling shareholder of Bezeq. In exchange, prosecutors say Elovitch gave Netanyahu favorable news coverage in online news site Walla! News, owned by Elovitch.
Elovitch is also a suspect in Case 4000. He has denied any wrongdoing.
In a Facebook video posted shortly after the interrogations concluded, Netanyahu, speaking for himself and his wife, proclaimed their innocence, saying, "(I am) more certain than even there will be nothing." Addressing his supporters, he added: "I want to tell the millions of Israeli citizens who support me and my family: You warm our hearts."
On Friday morning, a ninth suspect was detained for questioning. Earlier this month, a member of Netanyahu's inner circle, long-time confidant Shlomo Filber, turned state witness, agreeing to work with prosecutors, in one of the biggest blows to the Prime Minister.
Netanyahu has already been named a suspect in two separate criminal investigations, known as Case 1000 and 2000. Police have said they have enough evidence to indict Netanyahu on charges of fraud, bribery, and breach of trust.
In Case 1000, police say Netanyahu received gifts worth 1 million shekels ($280 million) from overseas businessmen. In Case 2000, police say Netanyahu negotiated with the owner of an Israeli newspaper for more favorable coverage in exchange for hampering the circulation of a rival paper.
Police have not said whether Netanyahu was questioned in Case 3000, which relates to allegations of corruption in Israel's purchase of German submarines.
Netanyahu has often fired back with what has become his standard response, saying: "There will be nothing because there is nothing."
Comment by SongStar101 on February 12, 2018 at 10:50am

Putin's Phone Call With Netanyahu Blew Whistle on Further Israeli Strikes in Syria

Prior to Saturday call, senior Israeli officials were still taking a militant line and it seemed Jerusalem was considering further military action

Russian President Vladimir Putin blew the whistle to stop the confrontation between Israel and Iran in Syria and both sides accepted his decision. That’s the apparent conclusion to be reached from the chain of events this past weekend.

On Saturday afternoon, after the second wave of bombardments by the Israel Air Force against Syrian targets and Iranian installations in Syria, senior Israeli officials were still taking a militant line and it seemed as if Jerusalem was considering further military action. Discussion of that ended not long after a phone call between Putin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The official announcement by the Russian Foreign Ministry objected to the violation of Syrian sovereignty by Israel and totally ignored the event that provoked the eruption – the infiltration of an Iranian drone into Israeli airspace. In the conversation with Netanyahu a few hours later, Putin asked him to avoid moves that could lead to “a new round of dangerous consequences for the region.”

The Russians are also concerned about the proximity of the Israeli bombings to sites where their soldiers and advisers are serving, including base T-4 near Palmyra, where the Iranian control post from which the anti-aircraft missile was fired was bombed.

The quiet after the Netanyahu-Putin call shows once again who’s the real boss in the Middle East. While the United States remains the region’s present absentee – searches are continuing for a coherent American foreign policy – Russia is dictating the way things are going. Moscow has invested too much effort and resources in saving Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime in recent years to allow Israel to foil its strategic project. One can assume messages of this nature were conveyed during the phone call with Netanyahu.


Police Instructed to Wait With Recommending Charges Against Netanyahu

Attorney general tells police not to submit recommendations until top court rules on a petition against making them public

Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit instructed the police on Sunday not to submit their recommendations about the investigations of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu until a ruling is made on a petition that was filed with the High Court of Justice against making them public.

The recommendations were supposed to be published by Tuesday.

Sources in law enforcement said Sunday that it would look like dishonest to publish the recommendations while the petition is still pending. On Monday, the state will ask the court to dismiss the petition, and the court is expected to rule on it in a few days, so the delay is not expected to take long.

The petition was filed by attorney Yossi Fuchs, an member of the Habayit Hayehudi party. Fuchs argues that although the law that restricts the issuing of police recommendations passed in December does not apply to the Netanyahu cases, the previous law also doesn’t permit the police to recommend prosecuting suspects.

Law enforcement officials said they expected the police to announce they have found enough ev... to charge Netanyahu with taking bribes in what the police call Case 1000 – which involves the prime minister’s alleged receipt of lavish gifts from businessmen.

They also expect police to recommend indicting Netanyahu in Case 2000, though the police haven’t decided whether to recommend charging him with bribery or breach of trust.

That case involves discussions between Netanyahu and Arnon Mozes, publisher of the daily Yedioth Ahronoth, in which Yedioth would grant Netanyahu favorable coverage in exchange for legislation to curb Yedioth’s main rival, Israel Hayom.

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