More golf ball-sized hail- Tallmadge, OH USA

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A storm featuring golf-ball-sized hail and damaging winds ripped through Tallmadge Wednesday night, but its effects were most devastating in the southern parts of the city where the storm left an array of property damage in its wake.

Economic Development Director Dennis Loughry said the damage was most pronounced in parts of the city south of the Circle between Southwest and Southeast Avenues.

"That piece of the pie got the hail and hail winds," said Loughry. "Apparently, there was a lot of hail damage."

Loughry said there were some sporadic reports of utility disruptions. By Thursday morning, however, power was on, but hail damage was particularly evident


Leaves, branches and other debris were scattered everywhere on either side of South Avenue July 5. Windows broken by hail and snapped trees were a common sight from the road where the smell of freshly broken pine trees lingered in the muggy summer air.

Condominiums in the afflicted areas, such as Robin Ridge and Waterford Crossing, where residents buzzed about the neighborhood cleaning up the storm's aftermath, were hit particularly hard.

While surveying the damage around her house, Annette Miracle of Robin Ridge mourned the loss of various plants in her garden, many of which featured stalks stripped bare of foliage.

Next door, Miracle's neighbor, Diane Belmonte, lamented the loss of her "shade tree" -- an ornamental pear situated between her and Miracle's property -- which snapped in two during a storm in the early hours of July 5. The damage done to her new windows also caused her some frustration.

Belmonte pointed out chips in the siding that were caused by hail that hit the house "like a machine gun."

The scene was even worse at Waterford Crossing where Jeremie and Joshoua Bell, co-owners of the Tallmadge-based renovation and reconstruction company Bell Construction LLC, reside.

That development likely had about $300,000 to $400,000 in property damage alone, Jeremie said, pointing out homes with shattered windows and vinyl siding littered with holes.

Some of the most costly damages, he noted, are on the roofs and may not be noticed by residents right away.

Jeremie's own roof featured countless shingle holes that a finger could fit through and battered skylight frames. A light fixture by the garage was also broken.

Other damage in the development included dented fences, garage doors and gutters

Source; Jeremy Nobile -

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