"The causes of landslides are not a mystery to mankind. Layers of rock and soil such that rain running along a clay or rock layer can create a slippery surface for the weight of the layers above it is a common cause. A rock jumble from previous mountain building, broken or fractured rock easily dislodged. We have stated that the earthquakes man experiences between the periodic passages of Planet X can be considered aftershocks from the last passage, and this is true of landslides also. Mountain building rumples the landscape, so the land is not flat but has steep ravines and hill sides. Older mountain ranges are recognized for their rounded or smoothed appearance, because of frequent landslides distributing the rubble.

"As we approach another passage, another Pole Shift, the pace of landslides has picked up. Why would this be? Plates under pressure will put pressure on regions that contain rumpled hillsides and deep ravines, as these give more readily than strictly flat land, thus act as a weak link. In addition, due to the wobble, the weather has gotten more extreme, with drought and deluge increasing in extremes. Dry ground, suddenly flooded with rainwater needing to seek its level as runoff, will create internal water slides between the rock and soil layers that constitute the rumpled hillsides. Is there an early warning system that mankind could use? The trembles that soil about to slide emits could be detected, yes. These are not earthquakes, and have their own frequency. "

ZetaTalk Chat Q&A: March 22, 2014

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Comment by Juan F Martinez on February 18, 2020 at 3:07am

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two homes were destroyed after a landslide along the Tennessee River in Hardin County on Sunday morning. Updated: Feb 17, 2020

The homes collapsed about 60 feet down an embankment along Glendale Road just north of Savannah, Tennessee.


Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on February 11, 2020 at 3:32am


Mudslide closes only road to 120-person neighborhood near Monroe; could take a year to fix and reopen
Feb. 10, 2020 at 7:11 am


Ken Hopkins said his Snohomish County community often deals with constant rain, heavy snow and ice — but in his 35 years of living in the area, he’s never seen something like this.
“This is kind of a big one,” he said Monday afternoon.
Hopkins lives in Skyview Estates, a 44-house development in Monroe that’s only access to the world comes from a private road. Last week’s deluge of rain created a river of mud that almost completely cut them off from it.
About 150 feet of 260th Avenue Southeast has been destroyed, said Samantha Idle, a Skyview Estates board member. It’s currently accessible only by all-terrain vehicle or on foot.
“We don’t really have a way out,” Hopkins said. “I’m hoping our neighbors are going to step up and say, ‘Let’s make it work.’”
He said that because part of the road is still there, he and his neighbors have been getting up and down the hill by carpooling on some of the residents’ ATVs. Snohomish County Fire District 5 also has an ATV equipped to transport patients in case of emergency, said department spokeswoman Heather Chadwick.

“But I think that novelty is going to wear off soon,” Hopkins said. “Reality is starting to set in.”
About 120 people live in the affected neighborhood, and some residents were escorted out of the area Sunday evening so they could get to school and work.
“This is serious,” Idle said. “We need help.”
Road repair could take anywhere from seven months to over a year, she said. The community is hoping they’ll qualify for some grants to cover the costs.
Meanwhile, King County officials also started making emergency plans in case of landslides in the area.
County officials announced Monday that because of land movement danger in Fall City, they’re asking residents to voluntarily evacuate.
The land movement is threatening 356th Drive near Highway 202, according to a King County Road Services tweet. The road provides sole access for about 75 homes, said Broch Bender, a King County Road Services spokesperson.

“It’s not ominous,” Bender said. “It’s just out of an abundance of caution. The road is open now.”
King County will have a soil expert on scene Tuesday to evaluate next steps, the agency tweeted. There is no estimate for when the land movement will stabilize.
Near Mount Rainier, several roads are closed because of landslides and washouts, according to the Associated Press. The National Park Service has been running an escort convoy each day over a Forest Service back road for residents dealing with the landslide, so they can get supplies.
Crystal Mountain Resort, which has been closed for days by slides on roads leading to the ski area, is planning to reopen Tuesday, pending approval from state transportation officials, the AP reported

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on February 7, 2020 at 2:53pm


Search suspended for two people trapped under landslide in Spain’s Basque Country
TWO people have been trapped in the Basque Country because of a landslide.
7 Feb, 2020 @ 13:37

TWO people have been trapped in the Basque Country because of a landslide.
No signs of life however have yet to be found from the two missing people.
The landslide cut the AP-8 motorway in both directions, which connects Bilbao with San Sebastian.
The incident occurred in Zaldibar, between the towns of Ermua and Eibar.
Emergency services originally started looking for the two people that were trapped as a result but have now had to temporarily suspend their search because of the presence of asbestos.
Josu Zubiaga, Deputy Minister of Security of the Basque Government, said: “They have detected a large amount of asbestos from the collapse deposit.”
He continued on to say that a decision will be made later on today about whether the search will be resumed and what actions need to be taken.
The landslide has caused a spill of more than half a million cubic meters of industrial waste, including asbestos, over the valley that flows into the highway.
This spill has managed to cover an area of 30 metres wide.

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on February 7, 2020 at 1:02am


Landslide forces evacuations in Dante

Thursday, February 6th 2020


(WCYB) — Sixteen homes have been evacuated after a landslide in Dante.
First responders tell News 5 it happened in the area of Straight Hollow Road.
A temporary shelter has been set up for affected residents.
Officials with the Russell County Emergency Management believe the landslide was caused by a clogged ditch associated with an abandoned mine land project that filled with water.

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on February 6, 2020 at 4:30pm


Turkey avalanche: At least 28 dead after second landslide hits rescue workers 

An avalanche has slammed into a mountain road in eastern Turkey, wiping out a huge team of rescue workers sent to find two people missing in an earlier avalanche.
Officials said 23 rescue workers were killed while others were still buried under the snow.
Wednesday’s avalanche increased the overall death toll from the disaster to 28.
Some 300 emergency service workers were called to a road near the mountain-surrounded town of Bahcesehir in Van province, which borders Iran, after an avalanche struck late on Tuesday, killing five people.

Governor Mehmet Emin Bilmez said 25 emergency service members were rescued from under the snow and taken to hospital. This takes the death toll to 28 in total.

There was no further information on their conditions.
Five people were killed and two others were missing after the first avalanche buried a snow-clearing vehicle and a minibus. The vehicle's operator and seven passengers escaped alive.

The second avalanche struck on Wednesday as hundreds of emergency workers were searching for the two missing victims, private NTV television reported, adding that fog and heavy snow were hampering the rescue efforts.
State-run Anadolu Agency said the operator, Bahattin Karagulle, was trapped beneath the snow for some 25 minutes before he managed to break a window and escape.
The agency quoted him as saying that he walked towards a village before he was picked up by a vehicle and managed to seek help

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on February 5, 2020 at 4:59am


18-year-old woman dies after slope collapses in Kanagawa

Feb 5 2020


An 18-year-old woman died in Zushi, Kanagawa Prefecture after a slope on the side of the road collapsed Tuesday morning, local police said.
According to the local fire department, the slope near the lower part of a condominium near Jimmuji Station on the Keikyu Zushi Line collapsed in a massive pile of earth around 8 a.m. Tuesday, and the female pedestrian was found unconscious and transported to a hospital, where she was confirmed dead.
Authorities were checking to make sure no others were hurt in the incident.

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on February 5, 2020 at 4:03am


A cliff collapses on a road near the Dead Sea
February 4, 2020

The road was blocked and the cliff collapsed: Police blocked traffic on Route 31 from Zohar Junction to Houthor Junction at noon following a collapse of part of the cliff on the road. The road is blocked to traffic in both directions. Dramatic documentation looks like a mobile is blocking the road – and then part of the mountain collapses.

The landslide record, when you were moving nearby

About two weeks ago, a similar case also happened. Even then, the road closure connecting Arad to the Dead Sea was closed due to the collapse of part of the mountain on the road at the end of the descent to the Dead Sea.

Comment by Tracie Crespo on January 27, 2020 at 2:46am


Deadly flooding, landslides strike Brazil

At least 30 people have been killed following more than two days of torrential rains in the southeast of the country. The severe weather comes one year after a dam break killed nearly 300 people.    

A house is nearly submerged by floodwater in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais (picture-alliance/AP Photo/Futura Press/A. Mota)

Two days of torrential downpours have unleashed heavy flooding and landslides in southeastern Brazil, killing at least 30 people, according to authorities. 

Civil defense officials said another 17 individuals were listed as missing following the landslides and building collapses.

An additional 2,600 residents have been evacuated from their homes in the state of Minas Gerais, regions of which have been devastated by the heavy rains.

Several men clear debris following a landslide (picture-alliance/AP Photo/Futura Press/A. Mota)

Rescue workers in Minas Gerais used a break in the rains to try to clean up some of the damage caused by rain-triggered landslides

Fatalities were reported in Belo Horizonte, the state's capital and largest city, where a new record was set for the greatest amount of rainfall in a 24-hour period. Additional deaths were reported in the state's interior areas.

The governor of Minas Gerais, Romeu Zema, will fly over the flooded area on Sunday to evaluate the damage.

Rescue workers search for five victims buried by a landslide in Belo Horizonte (Getty Images/AP/Douglas Magno)

Rescue workers search for five victims buried by a landslide in Belo Horizonte

More rain is expected in the area, as well as in other parts of Brazil, including Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo.

The deadly floods came the same weekend that Brazilians were commemorating the deaths of 270 people killed one year ago when a dam burst in the municipality of Brumadinho, also in Minas Gerais.

Comment by Khan on January 2, 2020 at 3:45am

Indonesia: Land Subsidence in Bogor District.

Jan 01. 2020

Tanah Longsor di Kabupaten Bogor Memakan 11 Korban Jiwa

Bogor Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) reports, eleven people have died as a result of landslides that occurred in Bogor District, Wednesday (1/1)


Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on November 26, 2019 at 2:12am


Landslide Destroys Road Near Historic Azeri Mosque

November 25, 2019 13:44 GMT
A major landslide has destroyed a highway on the southern entrance to the Azeri capital, Baku, following torrential rainfall. A stretch of road 100 meters long was damaged by the slide early morning on November 25, with one lane completely destroyed. The incident occurred just a short distance from the city's historic Bibi-Heybat mosque.

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