Downing Street Advisors join the Elite Exodus

Just as in the US where high level public officials have been resigning en masse, particularly since the announcement has been planned, and the Pope who resigned specifically so he would not be expected to lead during the troubled times ahead,  the same is happening in the UK where advisors to the Prime Minister are leaving in droves.

Articles in the Guardian and the Times today list several recent departees and speculate about their reasons:

• Tim Chatwin, head of strategic communications.

• James O'Shaughnessy, head of policy.

• Peter Campbell, who helped to prepare David Cameron for Prime Minister's Questions – as he did former Conservative leaders.

• Steve Hilton, director of strategy

• Paul Kirby, another head of policy

• Kris Murrin, head of Downing Street's Implementation Unit, is on a year's sabbatical.

• Sean Worth, a senior adviser

• and Rachel Sylvester also writes in the Times: "I am told that of the 10 senior civil servants who originally worked in the Downing Street policy unit, only three now remain – and two of these are actively looking for new jobs."

Like rats leaving a sinking ship, they know that after the announcement they will be expected to come up with answers to the public’s questions regarding Planet X and the poleshift; and for a government who has no useful answers to the normal problems of the day, the announcement will leave them stumbling even more.

Time to leave!

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