7 of 10 SINKING; Scenario in Philippines reminiscent of the devastating tsunami 2004 in Indonesia !!

Video from Indonesia flood as seen in the video by sea

Philippines SINKING:

/ The International Red Cross also reported that 2,000 people were rescued from the floods, according to CNN. A defense official told CNN that the government is investigating a report that an entire village may have been washed away, a scenario reminiscent of the devastating 2004 Indian Ocena tsunami, which destroyed whole towns in Indonesia. That disaster killed more than 150,000 people. Source

/ "It looks kind of like the tsunami hitting," he said describing what he saw when he arrived in the low-lying area at the base of a mountain. "Everything was taken off the foundations. The water was 11 feet above its banks, and anything near it was wiped away." Source/
/ "It was a reverse tsunami. Source /

Indonesia SINKING:

/ The streets in Meulaboh, Aceh, submerged in water rob (sea water) on Saturday /

/ Rising to the surface sea water (flood rob), causing a number of roads in the city of Pontianak Kalimantan Barat submerged. At some point even the water level to a height of up to 200 centimeters. /

/ Thousands of homes in eight districts in Cirebon regency, West Java, flood. /

/ The death toll due to flash floods and landslides in Sidorejo Hamlet, Village Tieng, District Kejajar, Wonosobo regency, Central Java increased on Tuesday, December 20, 2011. /

/ 118 Houses flooded in Pekanbaru /

/ Hundreds of homes in District Tempurejo, Jember, East Java, Saturday (24/12) evening, flood/

/ Numerous Roads flooded in Surabaya /

/ Floods rob or tidal flooding due to sea water continued to hit Pontianak, West Kalimantan. /

/ Dozens of homes in the City Sungailiat submerged (Bangka Island, the Pacific Islands (Babylon))/


Soak Sea Water Street Place Meulaboh
The streets in Meulaboh, Aceh, submerged in water rob on Saturday (12/24/
TRIBUNNEWS.COM, MEULABOH - Water merendami tidal road agencies in Meulaboh, West Aceh district, on Saturday (24/12/2011) night with a height of 10 centimeters of water. However, sea water immersion was not disrupted the flow of transportation and a few hours later go back retroactively, caused water to overflow into the road is the turn of the season.

Based on observations Serambinews.com, Saturday night, the road flooded roads Commerce, among others, and Blang Pulo Way. "Bath of sea water has become a subscription when the change of seasons, due to big waves so that overflows onto the land," said Chief Secretary of West Aceh Laot, Nanda.

According to him, the road often soak in some way begin to hit since the tsunami-stricken Aceh and there are an estimated decrease in the mainland so that when the change of seasons, then immediately attach. Therefore, said Nanda, a solution is the construction of embankments on the edge region and the village of Padang Seurahet Panggong, District Johan Heroes. For existing embankments have been destroyed dihantan tsunami and the current dike built in the year 2011 have been inadequate and in need of further continuation of the construction of embankments.


Main Street Pontianak submerged Rob

Rising to the surface sea water (flood rob), causing a number of roads in the city of Pontianak Kalimantan Barat submerged. At some point even the water level to a height of up to 200 centimeters.

Clearly, a number of main roads in the capital of West Kalimantan Province was flooded. Namely Ahmad Yani street, Tanjungpura, Imam Bonjol, Adi Sucipto, Sui Kingdom Within, Gajah Mada, Veterans, Hijas. No doubt, a number of two wheelers and four-wheeled vehicle slowed.

"The car broke down due to flooding this rob. I'd go into the street directly Tanjungpura dead. The water entered into the machine, "said Hardiansyah, to VIVAnews.com, Sunday, November 25, 2011, in Pontianak.

In addition to inundate a number of main roads in Pontianak, flood rob it also entered the local residential area. Water levels, according to one of the residents of Pontianak, Mardin (55) due to rising sea levels the last few days.

"It's in my house had gone into the water. That was around 5:00 pm the water came in a little, now even higher. I also began packing, goods are transferred to the place that is safe," said Mardin.

Monitoring VIVAnews.com, in traditional markets Flamboyan Pontianak, the water begins to inundate since this morning. Some residents have to raise his pants in order not affected by the tidal water.

"Strange is also why water can plug, but last night just drizzle wrote. Ya too hard, if you keep the tide. But, how else would I not have to shop as well to meet the needs of my shop at home, "said Ani, when met at the traditional market shopping center Flamboyan Pontianak.

Rob flooding that occurred this Pontianak, said Ani, it has become a subscription season of December to February next year. Water levels could exceed the adult knee. "Usually the water can exceed the adult knee, when the flood began to inundate rob". (Eh



Eight District on Line Pantura flooded

TEMPO.CO, Cirebon - Thousands of homes in eight districts in Cirebon regency, West Java, flood. Evacuation process is still done.

Based on the information that could be collected, floods submerge thousands of homes in the district of Gunung Jati, Kapetakan, Suranenggala, Klangenan, jamblang, Panguragan, Gegesik, and the District Arjawinangun.

Worst flooding occurred in the District of Gunung Jati, District Cirebon. In this area as many as 6,000 homes were submerged to a height of more than 1 meter.

Madi, a resident of RT 3 RW 01 Village Astana, District Gunung Jati, said floods have occurred since 23:00 pm yesterday. "Since the afternoon with heavy rain has fallen," he said, on Sunday December 25, 2011.

23:00 pm water from overflowing rivers Sedong began to come into the house. "Initially only 20 centimeters, but after a long time high added up to more than 1 meter," he said. Madi and her family eventually fled to his upstairs.

Meanwhile, as many as four rubber boats deployed to evacuate people trapped in the house. "Rubber boats deployed to evacuate residents," said Police Chief Cirebon, AKBP Hero Bachtiar.

Residents were placed in camps that exist in the path pantura. There are at least 10 tents that have been established Kodim 0620 Cirebon to accommodate refugees.

Local Government Secretary Cirebon, Zainal Abidin Rusyamsi, explained from 8 districts worst hit by floods in the district namely Gunung Jati. "At least 6,000 homes in the flooded districts with a height of more than 1 meter," he said.

For his part, continued Zainal, have taken steps to help residents. "Among established soup kitchens and supply of rice," he said. In addition, setting up camp health and exert three ambulances to help residents hit by flooding.

As for the flooded rice acreage and total homes flooded in 8 districts, said Zainal, data collection is currently underway.

Meanwhile, based on information collected Tempo, a total of 2 houses in the village of Wanakaya, District Gunung Jati, destroyed by the floods. There is also a son, Ahmad, 10 years, who suffered injuries as a result the wall knock swept.

Until this news was revealed pantura middle lane Indramayu-Cirebon still submerged in water with a height of about 30 centimeters. The result is a queue of vehicles more than 2 kilometers.



Again Wonosobo Flood Victims Found

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The death toll due to flash floods and landslides in Sidorejo Hamlet, Village Tieng, District Kejajar, Wonosobo regency, Central Java increased on Tuesday, December 20, 2011.

"Until this afternoon found another 5 people in a state of death," said a spokesman for the National Disaster Management Agency, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, through a written statement on Tuesday night.

With the discovery of five fatalities, the total death toll from the disaster to 10 people. While two others remain missing.

According to Sutopo, the SAR team, the Regional Disaster Management Agency, Army, Police, volunteers, and residents around has suspended the search for victims on this day at 14.30 pm on the grounds of heavy rain. "And will continue tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 07:00 am," he said.

Catastrophic flash floods and landslides occurred in the village on Sunday December 18 at around 13:30 pm yesterday. Pouring rain at the scene believed to be the cause of flood and landslide.

As a result of the disaster, until now there were 554 people or about 172 families are still in refugee camps. "Logistics and still meet the need of food aid refugees. Help is coming," said Sutopo.

Meanwhile, the cleanup of debris avalanche material already completed about 25 percent. According to Sutopo, BNPB has provided assistance amounting to Rp 250 million as a fund ready for emergency operations in Wonosobo.



118 Houses flooded in Pekanbaru

Pekanbaru - As a result of prolonged heavy rain that hit the city of Pekanbaru since Friday (23/12) night, 118 houses inhabited by 472 people in Sri Indra Road 2, Housing Citra Palas Prosperous, tassel Hill Village, district Rumbai flooded until it reaches a height of one meter due to overflow of the River Son of slings.

When Riau Pos (JPNN Group) arrived at the location of the flood, Saturday (24/12) around 18:00 pm, residents seemed to be worked together to remove the water that goes up into the house. By using sophisticated tools such as brooms, cans, buckets and bucket, the stagnant water slowly released. Stagnant water has started receding at the time.

Meanwhile, the kids seem to roam around the two tents of the Red Cross Indonesia (PMI) Riau Province who was up there. On a patrol post in the housing, feeding mothers who are on the soup kitchen was established there.
''The water began to rise at about 3:00 pm, while the entrance to the house at around 5:30 pm,''said Asri Agusti (40), a resident whose home was submerged in Riau Pos iktu, Saturday (24/12) night when found on site the flood.

He explained that the occurrence of flood peaks at around 09.00 am, the water that comes into the house residents rises until it reaches a height of one meter. This resulted in terendamnya electronic goods and household furniture belonging to both.''Usually when a maximum flood only three hours, but this time new lows for a long time,''said a man who had lived 10 years in the environment was.

Floods like this to be subscribed before the citizens of each rainy season. Chairman of the RT 2 revealed that environment, M Idris (41), residents have long enough to ask the government to tackle flooding problems they experienced.''Water of Minas and Estuary Dawn flowing here all. While the flow is only through the sewers in Leighton Road 2, instead of Bridge. So if the water would flood a lot,''he said.

He said again, people have often asked the village chief and sub-district in order to perform the dredging in a small stream, but until now there has been no response from the government.''They say it is the responsibility of the developer,''said Idris surprised.

For a place to sleep until the floods receded completely, there are some people who still sleep in the house, there is also the use of tents PMI's there.''After receiving news of the morning that here there is a flood, Saturday morning around 11:00 am, we straight down. At 14.00 pm we set up two tents to be utilized platoons of society,''said Red Cross Disaster Relief Kasubdiv Riau Province, Deden Eka PB in Riau Pos.

Described by him as early assistance for the victims of floods, in addition to setting up two tents platoon, eight tarpaulins are also prepared.''Anticipation for this evening we set up tents. If the water rises again, people can use,''said Deden.

While Sunday morning, health plan package (hygiene kits) will also be sent along with the survey of a toddler who was there.''For now, it is the most pressing than the need for clean water, residents are still reluctant to use water from their wells because afraid to suffer from itching,''he explained. (JPNN)



Hundreds of homes in flooded Jember Tempurejo
Metrotvnews.com, Jember: Hundreds of homes in District Tempurejo, Jember, East Java, Saturday (24/12) evening, flood. Floods caused by heavy rainfall and blockage of a number of water channels.

The annual flood is also soak in the hamlet residential palace and Bulk Lele, Village Wono Asri, Jember. Down by torrential rain earlier for nearly three days. The water that flooded a number of rural roads make paralyzed economic activity.

Water levels as high as 0.5 meters to 1.5 meters forcing residents to flee to the village hall or relatives home safer. This flood is the second flood in the past week. Flooding also soak the rice and corn crops. Residents asked the district to build new irrigation channels, because the collapse of the old irrigation channels in the last flood in 2010. (Riz)



Numerous Roads flooded in Surabaya

Metrotvnews.com, New York: Heavy rains accompanied by strong winds in Surabaya, East Java, Saturday (24/12), resulting in a number of flooded roads. Among Dharmawangsa Road, Jalan Jalan Nias and Borneo. Even at Jalan Borneo water levels reached 30 centimeters. Some two-wheeler riders who risked passing on the road should drive the vehicle because of a strike.

In addition to flooded roads, flooding also soak the location of parking in a supermarket in Jalan Maj. Gen. Sungkono. As a result the vehicle at the supermarket was under water at the height of 30 centimeters to 50 centimeters. Heavy rain and strong winds knocked down in Surabaya is also a bulletin board scheduled arrival and departure of trains at stations Gubeng, Surabaya. (Riz)



Floods Hit Pontianak Rob Still

Liputan6.com, London: Floods rob or tidal flooding due to sea water continued to hit Pontianak, West Kalimantan. Monitoring Coverage 6 SCTV, Sunday (25/12), flooding has been sink rob this time the main streets in the city. In fact, in previous years, not until the flood inundated segment rob jalana protocol.

Rob flooding occurred more than three times a year and usually lasts up to a week. As a result, the activity of people's lives to be disrupted because their homes flooded up to knee-high calf adults.

Residents worried about the flood heights rob because every year continues to increase from the previous. Moreover, until now no serious attention from Pontianak city administration in anticipation of flooding rob. (Bog)



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