Dams at Risk: 65-Foot Crack in Washington State Dam

A large crack has been found in the Wanapum Dam on the Columbia River which supports the utility power supply to a major cluster of data centers in central Washington state.


65-Foot Crack Found in Washington State Dam (Feb 25)

The 2-inch-wide crack was found Thursday after divers were sent into the Columbia River because engineers detected a misalignment in a spillway on Wanapum Dam near the central Washington town of Vantage, said Tom Stredwick, a spokesman for the Grant County Public Utility District.

The Wanapum Dam generates more than 1,000 megawatts of electricity for the Grant County PUD, the utility that provides electricity to major data centers operated by Microsoft, Yahoo, Dell, Sabey Data Centers and Vantage Data Centers.

On February 25, dam officials noticed an irregular bowing of the dam near a section of a spillgate pier along the mile-long structure. Divers examined the area Thursday and discovered a two-inch wide crack running horizontally, located about 75 feet below the water’s surface. It runs the entire width of the 65-foot-wide pier.

The risk of a failure of the dam is high enough that the county has initiated an emergency plan. To relieve pressure on the dam, the water level is being lowered by 20 feet.




Owen Falls Dam in Uganda Falling Apart (Feb 28)
The Owen Falls dam in Jinja could cave in, if the cracks and damage to the dam are not repaired, an official of Eskom, the hydro power generation company, has said.

Huge cracks continue to develop in the walls and supporting pillars of the dam. Water continuously sips through the gaping holes, expanding the cracks and making the dam weaker by the day.




Lake Manatee Dam at Risk of Collapse (Feb 14)

The Lake Manatee Dam in Bradeton, Florida is in a "severely distressed state" because of erosion, engineering consultants have found, forcing county officials to take corrective actions.

Heavy rains over four or five days could compromise the Lake Manatee Dam, Manatee County government warned in a news release February 14.

As a precaution, workers have begun to lower the water level of the lake.

Engineers and officials are concerned that the dam's clay core may have been compromised.





Water Gushes over Crumbling Dam in Zimbabwe (Feb 9)

A dam on the Tokwe river in the Masvingo area of Zimbabwe is close to bursting as water from heavy rains finding its way through gaps in the uncompleted dam wall.

Construction of the Tokwe Mukorsi dam began in 1998 but stalled in 2008. The dam was due to be completed at the end of last year but the deadline has passed with construction still not finished. Pictures from the area show water gushing through breaks in the wall and a huge build up of water in the reservoir behind it. Villagers have been evacuated as quickly as possible, with around 4,000 people believed to be at risk should the dam burst.

According to the Daily News, the Zimbabwe Air Force is helping people evacuate. The Minister for Masvingo province is quoted as saying that the government is on high alert and "A helicopter from the AFZ has been airlifting some families who were marooned by the floods but we are not yet sure how many people are still marooned."



"All dams will break either during the pole shift or in the months leading up to the hour of the shift. Look at the structure of the dam! It assumes that rock holding both sides of the dam will remain in place and not move. Of course these sides will move. This is a subduction zone! There is mountain building and even where the mountains are not being pushed upward, they are moving from side to side. Some parts are more fluid than others, which are more resistant during any earthquake thrust, so there IS inevitably movement to the side. They will pull apart, slide forward or backwards, but in any case the water will find its way around the dam." 

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Landslide caused by heavy rains damages Philpott Dam

As of 5 p.m. this afternoon, Appalachian Power reports 105 customer in Henry County without power and 13 in Patrick County.

The largest outage involves 92 customers on the east side of Greensboro road just south of William F. Stone Highway and includes Villa Road, Wilde Street, Windover Street, Sinclair Street and Marrowbone Circle.
Estimated restoration to the largest area is 10 p.m. tonight. Isolated areas are expected to take longer.
12:09 p.m.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reports that heavy rains Sunday triggered a landslide next to and downstream of Philpott Dam in Bassett. No injuries have been reported.
The landslide, which damaged the switch house and the transformers area, caused a temporary power outage at the dam when it damaged the backup generator.
Crews remain on site to restore power to the dam so that it can continue to control the release of water, the Army Corps of Engineers reports. There are no anticipated downstream impacts, according to reports.

BASSETT -- Emergency workers rushed to Stanleytown Health and Rehab on Sunday night, and homes in the Bassett area reportedly were evacuated as a steady downpour brought what was called "historic flooding" along the Smith River in Henry County.
The National Weather Service in Blacksburg issued a Flash Flood Emergency – more severe than a warning – about 10:20 p.m. that will remain in effect until 6:45 a.m. Monday. It applies to Martinsville, Henry County and Franklin County. Henry County also declared a state of emergency.
Flood waters are moving down the Smith River, and the river may not crest for several more hours, the NWS said in its alert.
Water was shown to be over the top of at least one bridge across the Smith River in the Bassett area.
The Smith River gage at Bassett has reported a stage of 12.5 feet for the past two hours and may be malfunctioning, the NWS said.
About a half of inch of water rose into Stanleytown Health & Rehab, located at 240 Riverside Dr. in Bassett.
Emergency vehicles, including rescue boats, arrived on the scene, but by about 10 p.m. a possible evacuation was stopped, and first responders departed.
Significant other flooding in the region threatened the homes of some residents, with several having been flooded by what the NWS termed “is now believed to be historic flooding.”
An emergency evacuation center was opened at Bassett High School.
The alert said the flooding is life-threatening and recommended those in low-lying areas seek shelter. This would include low water crossings, creeks, streams and underpasses in the city.
The flood waters are moving down the Smith River, the advisory said, and may not crest for several more hours.

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Rains spark fears that Va. dam will fail, 13 homes evacuated

May 21, 2020, 8:46 AM

ROANOKE, Va. — People living in 13 homes in southwestern Virginia have received an evacuation order because a dam may fail from heavy rains.
The Roanoke Times reported Thursday that the homes are in southwest Roanoke and near the Spring Valley Dam. The dam forms a creek-fed lake called Spring Valley Lake.
People living downstream received phone calls from the city. But the city said that Roanoke Fire-EMS personnel also went door to door.
Roanoke’s Stormwater Utility’s online precipitation app said the area has received 7.6 inches of rain since Tuesday.

another article:


‘Expect More’: Climate Change Raises Risk of Dam Failures

Engineers say most dams in the United States, designed decades ago, are unsuited to a warmer world and stronger storms.

May 22, 2020, 10:08 a.m. ET

The dam that failed in Central Michigan on Tuesday gave way for the same reason most do: It was overwhelmed by water. Almost five inches of rain fell in the area in the previous two days, after earlier storms had saturated the ground and swollen the Tittabawassee River, which the dam held back.

No one can say yet whether the intense rainfall that preceded this disaster was made worse by climate change. But global warming is already causing some regions to become wetter, and increasing the frequency of extreme storms, according to the latest National Climate Assessment. The trends are expected to continue as the world gets even warmer.

That puts more of the nation’s 91,500 dams at risk of failing, engineers and dam safety experts said.

“We should expect more of these down the road,” said Amir AghaKouchak, a professor of civil engineering at the University of California, Irvine. “It’s unfortunate but this is what the trend is going to be.”

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Michigan dam breached, another at risk amid Midwest floods

May 19 20208:59 PM EDT

And for those who don't realize it, that little red brick house is the dam control station with all three floodgates wide open. That is not a breach...that is a life changer!

The evacuations in Michigan followed days of heavy rains in parts of the Midwest that also brought flooding to Chicago and other parts of Illinois, Ohio and other states.
Heavy rains also caused flooding in parts of northwestern Indiana, including Crown Point — the Lake County seat — where about seven inches fell over the weekend.

People living along two lakes and a river in mid-Michigan rushed to evacuate Tuesday after the breach of a dam following days of heavy flooding across parts of the Midwest.
Two schools were opened for evacuees in the Midland area, about 140 miles north of Detroit, after the breach of Edenville Dam, which holds back Wixom Lake.

Red Cross worker Tom Restgate, who had been helping residents of the area seek shelter from the threat of rising waters, said he received an alert over his cellphone that “the dam ... it breached.”
Residents in a span of several miles were urged to evacuate. Officials also were watching the Sanford Dam south of Edenville. The city of Midland, which includes the main plant of Dow Chemical, sits on the banks of the Tittabawassee River about 8 miles away from that dam.
More than 50 roads have been closed in the area. The evacuations in Michigan followed days of heavy rains in parts of the Midwest that also brought flooding to Chicago and other parts of Illinois, Ohio and other states.
“The water is very high,” Catherine Sias, who lives about a mile from the Edenville Dam, said before the breach. “Last night, emergency responders came door-to-door to make sure everybody got out. We have mild flooding every year, but this is unusual.”
Sias, 45, has five cats and two dogs and was about to check into a hotel that allowed pets when she learned it was probably safe for people not living in low-lying areas to return home.

“I’m on the high bank, about 20 feet up,” she said. “A lot of people are having a harder time. Most of them are going to be dealing with flooding in their homes.”
Some residents, such as Jon St. Croix, went to shelters set up in area schools.
“We were laying in bed when I heard sirens,” St. Croix told the Midland Daily News. “A fire truck was driving around, broadcasting that (we needed) to evacuate. It’s a scary thing — you’re sleeping and awake to sirens.”
St. Croix, 62, his wife and a next-door neighbor were among more than a dozen people sheltering in one school. Their home was not flooded, but St. Croix said he had seen flooding in the area.
Volunteers at the schools said about 120 vehicles were in the parking lots of a couple of schools and about 30 people had been staying on cots inside, according to WNEM-TV.
About a dozen people hunkered down overnight at a school in Sanford but had left by early Tuesday afternoon, said Tom Restgate, an American Red Cross safety officer.

story continues...


Dam Fails in Central Michigan; Evacuations Underway

Residents in two central Michigan towns were told to evacuate immediately Tuesday evening after floodwaters caused a dam to fail.
Emergency officials in Midland County, about 150 miles north of Detroit, had earlier warned residents along Wixom and Sanford lakes that the Edenville Dam was in danger of failure. They told residents to leave immediately around 6:15 p.m. EDT when the dam could no longer hold back the water flowing through its flood gates.

A dam failed in Edenville, Michigan, and another one nearby was also in danger.
People in parts of several central Michigan counties were told to leave their homes.
About 50 people were helped out of their homes in Westerville, Ohio.
Residents in a Kentucky town were advised to leave their homes.

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100,000 evacuated after Uzbekistan dam bursts


TASHKENT: Nearly 100,000 people have been displaced in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan after an Uzbek dam burst, flooding thousands of homes and destroying agricultural fields. The wall of the Sardoba reservoir dam in eastern Uzbekistan burst early on Friday triggering a government operation that saw 70,000 people evacuated. More than 50 people were hospitalised during the flooding in Uzbekistan. Kazakhstan´s President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev tweeted on Sunday that 10 Kazakh villages close to the Uzbek border had suffered “strong flooding” forcing authorities to evacuate 22,000 people. Tokayev also said the two governments were in talks after Kazakh officials complained of significant damages and not receiving timely information from Uzbekistan about flooding. Uzbekistan said earlier Sunday that a criminal probe had been opened into “official negligence” and construction violations. Construction of the Sardoba dam began in 2010 under the supervision of current President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, who was prime minister at the time. It was completed in 2017. Mirziyoyev on Friday flew to the region, which saw strong winds and rains prior to the collapse of the dam, in order to oversee the evacuation and cleanup operation.

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Tanzania – Evacuations Ordered as Dam Threatens Collapse
16 February, 2020

A dam is threatening to break in Tanzania, prompting authorities to order thousands of people to evacuate their homes.
Ongoing heavy rainfall has caused the Nyumba ya Mungu dam to overflow. The dam is located in Mwanga District in the northern Kilimanjaro Region.
It is believed the dam could soon fail and authorities have order around 25,000 residents in the area to move to safer ground, according to media reports.
Heavy rain has been affecting parts of the country since October last year. It is thought the levels of the Nyumba ya Mungu dam have been high since January.

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Around 250 residents are urged to evacuate as Mississippi dam is in 'imminent danger' of collapsing and flooding more than 17,000 acres after heavy rains

  • The Oktibbeha County Lake Dam in eastern Mississippi is 'imminent danger' of failing, officials said Tuesday due to heavy rains and floods as county emergency officials urged residents to evacuate the region
  • 'After inspection, the County Engineer believe failure of the dam is imminent,' the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency said Tuesday
  • Water got between the dam and the ground beneath it, compromising the structure's integrity, according to engineer Clyde Pritchard 
  • If the dam were to break it will flood 17,400 acres of nearby land and about 250 people would have to evacuate at least 112 households 
  • The dam, built in the 1960s, has been in need of repairs for years 

A Mississippi dam is on the verge of imminent collapse, officials said Tuesday, urging hundreds of residents to evacuate as the region is bombarded with heavy rains and flash floods.

On Tuesday the Oktibbeha County Lake Dam swelled due to pounding rains that raised water levels in the area near Starkville. 

Water got between the dam and the ground beneath it, compromising the structure's integrity, engineer Clyde Pritchard said to the Starkville Daily News

Officials are now urging residents to evacuated the area, although the order is not yet mandatory.   

If it does break, the dam will flood 17,400 acres of nearby land to some extent. About 250 people would have to evacuate at least 112 households, the Commercial Dispatch reported in September. 

The Oktibbeha County Lake Dam in eastern Mississippi is 'imminent danger' of failing, officials said Tuesday due to heavy rains and floods. On Tuesday county officials tried to relieve water pressure on the dam by placing pipes into it to carry out water (above)

The Oktibbeha County Lake Dam in eastern Mississippi is 'imminent danger' of failing, officials said Tuesday due to heavy rains and floods. On Tuesday county officials tried to relieve water pressure on the dam by placing pipes into it to carry out water (above)

Aerial footage shows county emergency workers trying to relieve water pressure from the dam. Water got between the dam and the ground beneath it, compromising the structure's integrity according to engineer Clyde Pritchard

Aerial footage shows county emergency workers trying to relieve water pressure from the dam. Water got between the dam and the ground beneath it, compromising the structure's integrity according to engineer Clyde Pritchard 

'There is a high probability of failure,' the National Weather Service in Jackson said. 'Those in this area should evacuate and seek higher ground!' 

'After inspection, the County Engineer believe failure of the dam is imminent,' The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency said. 

On Tuesday county officials were seen trying to relieve pressure from the dam using tubes to pipe out water from the levee. 

The Oktibbeha County Board of Supervisors has issued a warning and activated the emergency action plan. 

Locals living long Riviera Road and Walter Bell Road should evacuate immediately, officials said.

As of Monday evening only one person had evacuated.   

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New cracks found at Nova Lima dam

Vale dam with cracks in Nova Lima goes through inspection
MPF asked ANM technicians to check stability conditions; Vale declined to engage in external audit to assess onsite risks
  The National Mining Agency inspects this Tuesday (17) the dam B5, Mutuca mine, located in Nova Lima, in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte. The R7 revealed, last Friday (13) that Vale recognizes that the structure has cracks and is undermining water.

The survey was requested by the Federal Prosecutor. Dam B5 contains 11 million cubic meters of tailings, similar to what leaked from dam B1 in Brumadinho.

In case of disruption, the mud would reach the tourist district of São Sebastião das Águas Claras (known as Macacos), as well as water abstraction in Bela Fama, Rio das Velhas.


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Whaley Bridge: Police evacuate up to 6,500 people as dam looks set ...

Facing the deluge: Peak District town could be wiped off the map as police order 6,500 inhabitants to flee before collapse of crumbling dam holding back 300million gallons of water

November 25 2019

A Peak District market town could be wiped off the map as police order 6,500 inhabitants to flee before the collapse of crumbling dam holding back 300 million gallons of water takes over the area. 

Emergency service workers in Derbyshire have been scrambling this evening to save the dam which is set to burst any minute.

Teams were seen laying sandbags at the dam in order to prevent the water breaking through and wiping out the Derbyshire town.  

Officers went door-to-door around homes in the Derbyshire village, as residents fled the area in case the 1.3million tonnes of water contained in the huge Georgian-era Toddbrook Reservoir starts to escape.

A wall around the reservoir has been damaged and a huge hole appeared in it, as deluged communities across the North of England faced yet more flooding today with another fortnight‘s worth of rain set to fall in three hours. 

Evacuees were told to gather at a school three miles away in Chapel-en-le-Frith or head further afield to stay with family or friends following fears over the reservoir, which was built in 1831 and drains a 43-acre catchment area.

Police urged residents to ensure they took any pets and medication ‘for a number of days‘, and asked people to ‘make alternative arrangements to stay with friends and family‘.

The force said the evacuation was ‘not a decision that has been taken lightly‘, adding: ‘We appreciate that there is significant impact on this community, however, this is an unprecedented, fast-moving, emergency situation.‘ 

Just before midnight last night Derbyshire Police said they had put in place an action plan, which included usinh water pumps to remove water from the reservoir to relieve pressure on the dam wall. 

Residents in the area have said they ‘have never seen anything like it‘, despite living in the area all of their lives, one local also added that it was the worst flood in the village in living memory.

Last night emergency services in the area walked across a bridge and were seen laying sandbags infront on the direction of the flowing water in order to stop it getting past

The scene at the Toddbrook Reservoir dam above the town of Whaley Bridge in Derbyshire where flooding has burst the dam

Police told the town‘s 6,500 residents to gather at a local school yesterday following the damage to the dam in Derbyshire

People gathered to watch the flood waters nesar the dam despite police having urged residents to evacuate last night

Damage caused to Toddbrook Reservoir, pictured yesterday, which has led to the town of Whaley Bridge being evacuated

A whole host of emergency services were pictured last night  as they tried to battle the damage and keep residents safe from harm

This graphic shows where the town of Whaley Bridge is in relation to the reservoir and the dam wall which has a hole in it. It also shows the flow of the water 

An aerial shot of the village shows which areas would be hit if the dam was to burst, as police advise residents to gather their things 

People look at the reservoir in Derbyshire yesterday as deluged communities across the North of England face yet more flooding 

The image above shows one man climbing underneath the bridge and investigating the structure of it as other emergency workers are seen in the river

The rest of the action plan was for 400 tonnes of aggregate to divert water from entering the reservoir and into other surrounding watercourses designed for this purpose. Police said once those measures reduce the water to a level that is safe – work will then begin on the dam wall itself.

Last night Sarah Edgar, resident of Whaley Bridge since October 18, left with her husband, David and 10 year old son just before residents were evacuated. 

The family live around a quarter of a mile from the dam. She said: ‘We have been keeping an eye on it since yesterday. It was torrential rain. I checked Facebook and everyone was saying how bad it was. 

‘Our garden and the houses opposite have a brook separating them and that became a raging river, it‘s washed thins away in the neighbours garden. It used to be ten foot down from garden level and yesterday it was overflowing.

‘This morning we got up and when we heard about the damage to the dam we knew we were going to be evacuated so we left earlier because my son would be panicking. It was scary, neighbours who‘ve lived there for 15 years said they‘d never seen anything like it. 

‘We moved from Buxworth in October last year, we wish we‘d stayed there. I‘ve never known it to flow over like that. The police told us to take medication, animals and prepare for a few days away. My husband is a landscape gardener so he hasn‘t been able to work‘. This is while one owner of a nearby local pub told which has also been evacuated told of how she called her partner.

Speaking to the  Jennifer, owner of the Goyt Inn said: ‘Bring the dog. We have to get out.

‘The dam is a mess. It really looks very unsafe and there‘s a lot of water in that reservoir.‘ 

Officers said people with nowhere to go will be accommodated, but ‘there is limited capacity to do so‘. They added: ‘If you are unable to leave your own home and require assistance please 101 and ask for the police.‘

Emergency services at Toddbrook Reservoir yesterday near the village of Whaley Bridge after it was damaged in heavy rainfall

The close proximity of homes to the Toddbrook Reservoir in Derbyshire can be seen in this photograph taken yesterday

As the evening went on, emergency services continued to battle to repair the damage done and were seen in a red rescue boat

Yesterday evening firefighters pumped tonnes of water from Toddbrook Reservoir following significant rainfall resulting in it overflowing, the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) said with a danger to life warning being issued.

It said: ‘At least 10 High Volume Pumps and a number of firefighters from across the country have already been deployed to assist as part of the National Fire Chiefs Council‘s National Resilience response. In addition, a number of specialised members of staff including tactical advisers are at the scene. More assets could be deployed as the situation unfolds.

‘Levels in Derbyshire‘s River Goyt could rise rapidly due to water coming from the nearby Toddbrook Reservoir, which contains 1.3 million tonnes of water and the dam holding it back contains 300 million gallons of water. There are concerns the reservoir walls could collapse, flooding nearby homes. A wall around Toddbrook Reservoir is already showing extensive damage.‘

Network Rail confirmed Northern trains between Hazel Grove and Buxton stopped in both directions and will only run again when emergency services confirm it is safe for them to do so.

The letter given to residents in the area explaining that they are at risk from the nearby reservoir and that they need to evacuate

Yesterday afternoon a team of men could be seen observing the damage in the area after it was damaged after rainfall in Derbyshire

What is the Toddbrook Reservoir Dam?

As the town of Whaley Bridge continues to be evacuated this evening, we take a look into the Toddbrook Reservoir.

The dam, which is set to burst any minute overlooks a small town called Whaley Bridge which is on the River Goyt.

The River Goyt connects both Cheshire and Derbyshire and is around 16 miles southeast of Manchester.

The reservoir is well known in many rambling circles and has also previously been used for sailing and angling.

It was built in 1831 as an artificial waterway in the north of England – as a feeder for the Peak Forest Canal. It is a protected area as it sits in the ‘Special Scientific Interest Group‘.

Toddbrook runs through both counties and flows northwards through east Cheshire before turning to fill the Toddbrook reservoir.

Water enters the reservoir on the north bank through a small waterfall. In summer months the reservoir often receives little inflow during periods of light rainfall.


Residents in the area had been given an ‘Appendix B – Evacuation Card‘ which explained the major incident in the area.

It read: ‘There is a concern that you and your property are at risk from Toddbrook Reservoir, EVACUATE YOUR PROPERTY NOW.‘

It then goes on to give a list of instruction of what people in the area need to do, however the paper was dated April 2018. 

Residents have now become overwhelmed with the situation, with some worried that they won‘t be able to get out.

Retired reporter Steve Cliffe, 66, said neighbours in the hamlet of Fernilee were flooded and cut off.

‘The problem is we just can‘t get out,‘ he said.

‘Fernilee is about 1.5 miles outside Whaley Bridge, up the hill. What seems to have happened is that during the real cloud bust, water has come down the main road up above us, and has been siphoned down this lane.

‘It‘s never had that quantity come down it before.  

‘It has ripped up the road surface and bedrock underneath, and now there‘s rocks and debris deposited all over the place.‘ 

But Andrew Mclackland, 46, who has lived in Whaley Bridge for nine years, is among those refusing to leave. He told the Manchester Evening News: ‘Well, I think it‘s health and safety gone mad. It‘s a big fuss about nothing.‘

Anna Aspinall, 36, from Whaley Bridge, said she and others had been called to help place sandbags in the area around the dam, but were sent away after structural engineers advised ‘that the wall is at high risk of failing‘.

‘We have had significant rainfall over the past few days resulting in the overflow of the reservoir, which is very rarely breached, being completely flooded over,‘ she said.

Police went door to door in the area telling people to leave their homes and businesses and gather at a local school for evacuation. Pictured above the reservoir with properties infront

One emergency services worker was seen with his hands on his head after battling to repair the damage. A police van and JCB digger were also picture on the scene

‘The result is that the overflow this morning has undermining damage and there is a big risk of the village being flooded out. Residents are currently being evacuated along with businesses.

‘We are praying (the dam wall) holds whilst the Canal and River Trust try to drain the water from the reservoir. I live at the top of a hill but am very involved in community life, so want to help where I can.‘ 

Chapel-en-le-Frith High School was being hastily converted into a reception centre for hundreds of residents from Whaley Bridge and a command centre for the police operation as the mass evacuation got under way.

Squads of police officers arrived, with dozens of police Land Rovers and vans arriving and leaving the car park and officers checking equipment in the boots of their vehicles, as locals began to appear with suitcases heading for a sports centre hall where they will spend the night if friends or family cannot house them.

Paul Nash and Janet Williams, a couple from Whaley Bridge, had just arrived at the centre after being told to evacuate at around 1pm. 

Source: https:///daizylindsay/status/160064 

Source: https://www.youtube/watch?v=SsA2-YvxdWY  

Mr Nash said: ‘The River Goyt is actually behind us, normally it‘s 20ft down from our back garden but last night it raised up to nearly 3ft from coming over. 

‘We went to work as normal, then we found out we needed to evacuate so we‘ve been back home, got the cat, got what we needed to and that‘s as far as we know at the moment. Bit surprised to be honest, never thought it would happen. 

Footage taken from a Sky News helicopter showed the water (right) flowing though the village as boats can be seen piled up in one back garden last night

Workers in the area have been forced to use a JCB to attempt to move water at the edge of Toddbrook Reservoir into the Todd Brook

A resident of the village of Whaley Bridge in Derbyshire is advised to evacuate his home yesterday afternoon

Workers including the fire service use a JCB digger today to attempted to move water at the edge of Toddbrook Reservoir into the Todd Brook which runs alongside the reservoir and past the over flow drain that is damaged

Evacuees leave Whaley Bridge yesterday afternoon after the nearby Toddbrook Reservoir threatens to break in the severe weather

What have Derbyshire Police told residents?

Whaley Bridge is being evacuated due to the ongoing situation at Toddbrook Reservoir.

If you are being asked to leave your home then please attend Chapel High School, Long Lane, Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak, SK23 0TQ, where further direction will be given.

Police officers and staff will be at the school to provide further direction, though at this time we are not sure how long the evacuation will take.

Residents are asked to make alternative arrangements to stay with friends and family, ensure that any pets are taken with them and that all medication that may be needed for a number of days is taken with them.

If people do not have somewhere to go then they will be accommodated, however, there is limited capacity to do so.

If you are unable to leave your own home and require assistance please 101 and ask for the police.

‘Not sure whether this dam is going to go or not, it‘s a bit concerning. At the moment there‘s no updates really, no-one knows anything, so we are in the dark really, we‘ve not been told we can go back.

‘If the whole dam goes, it‘s going to cause absolute chaos. Probably the village will go, because it goes straight through. The River Goyt goes straight through the village centre.

‘They‘ve not said when we can go back, we have got to stay away. Everything is in the house we‘ve worked for, worked hard for, some things can‘t ever be replaced.

‘Obviously the experts are telling us it might go, there‘s still a chance it might not. No-one knows when we can go back.

‘We‘ve come down here to check in because they‘ve told us if we check in, there‘s no chance of them coming to knock the door down to check we are not still there.‘

Derbyshire Police yesterday said it was unclear how long the evacuation of Whaley Bridge would last. The force tweeted: ‘Please make alternate arrangements to stay with friends/family, ensure that pets and medication that may be needed for a number of days are taken. 

‘If people do not have somewhere to go then they will be accommodated, however there is limited capacity to do so. If you are unable to leave your own home and require assistance, please 101 and ask for the police.‘

Workers use a JCB digger in their efforts to protect Whaley Bridge which has been evacuated yesterday afternoon

Emergency services in the village of Whaley Bridge yesterday after the nearby Toddbrook Reservoir was damaged

The Environment Agency yesterday issued a severe flood warning, suggesting a danger to life, covering the River Goyt at Whaley Bridge. It states that the river could ‘rise rapidly‘ due to water rushing in from the reservoir.  

As a helicopter hovered above the village, police were going door to door in Whaley Bridge to get everyone out. Going the other way were teams of council workers and mountain rescue vehicles heading into the village.

Dragging a suitcase up the deserted high street, local David Holt said: ‘Police are knocking on, evacuating everyone within risk of that dam wall breaking. If it‘s going to go, it‘s going to go straight through the village. 

‘Police are asking you to gather some belongings, leave your house in a secure condition and go to a local school. We‘ve taken an elderly neighbour to a friend‘s house and are heading to the school now.‘

Author Hanna Sillitoe lives in Buxworth, downstream from Whaley Bridge, in a hamlet called Waterside. She has not been evacuated yet. She said: ‘The river had massively come up yesterday, almost to the house. 

Emergency services at Toddbrook Reservoir near the village of Whaley Bridge today as the area was evacuated by police yesterday 

Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service said it had a ‘large number ‘ of vehicles at Toddbrook Reservoir yesterday

Emergency services at Toddbrook Reservoir yesterday near the village of Whaley Bridge after it was damaged in heavy rainfall

The Toddbrook Reservoir dam, above Whaley Bridge in Derbyshire, was damaged following heavy rains in the areayesterday

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Srisilam dam under threat while Nagarjunasagar to collapse soon – Rajendra Singh – TV9 (Video)

Srisilam dam under threat while Nagarjunasagar to collapse soon – Rajendra Singh – TV9 (Video)

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100-year-old Shasta County dam creating conditions of 'extreme peril'

Published 8:00 a.m. PT Nov. 22, 2019

Rainbow Lake in western Shasta County covers 113 acres. (Photo: Google image)

With winter rains on their way, officials worry a dam that creates a small lake 17 miles west of Redding could collapse, inundating downstream homes with up to 20 feet of water if sediment and debris clogging two outlet pipes is not cleared.

Two 30-inch outlet pipes at Misselbeck Dam have been clogged with silt and debris since last summer, forcing water from Rainbow Lake to flow over the top of a deteriorated 100-year-old spillway, said Charles Tucker, president of the Igo-Ono Community Services District, which owns the dam.

Currently there is no imminent danger from water flowing over the spillway, he said. But with rains due next week and winter approaching, the situation could deteriorate, and possibly lead to the collapse of the dam, district officials said.

"We're waiting for help from folks who should be helping us and we're rather disappointed so far," Tucker said. "We're in a pretty ticklish situation. We need some big boy help."

The district has sought help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the California Office of Emergency Services, but they have been slow to react, he said.

Noting "conditions of extreme peril to the safety of persons and property," the Shasta County Board of Supervisors declared a local emergency in July and renewed that emergency Nov. 5.

"The damage from a dam breach when Cottonwood Creek is already at flood stage is exponentially greater, likely reaching many structures in the Cottonwood area," according to a letter the district sent to the supervisors.

The outlet pipes became plugged after tons of sediment from hillsides surrounding the 113-acre lake were washed into the reservoir last winter and spring during storms.

California spillways: State Supreme Court weighs in on Shasta Dam case

The 2018 Carr Fire left a burn scar covering 90% of the 12-square-mile watershed above the lake, according to a letter the district sent to the supervisors last summer.

Without vegetation to hold soil in place above the lake, the rains washed tons of sediment, and other debris washed into the lake, burying the pipes in about 20 feet of soil, much of it decomposed granite, Tucker said.

The district cannot afford the $1.7 million to $2.1 million to clear sediment from the lake so water can again flow through the outlet pipes. District officials have asked for help from FEMA and Cal OES.

But funding from FEMA is in question because the agency told the district the problem is not related to the Carr Fire, he said.

With the outlets plugged, the lake level can't be lowered, forcing water over the spillway, according to the district letter. The California Division of Safety of Dams has determined the spillway is unsafe to use.

There are holes completely through the spillway floor and water is scouring away the decomposed bedrock supporting the spillway. Winter rains could completely destroy the spillway, the district said.

“Failure of the dam or spillway would endanger lives and property between the dam and Cottonwood.”

Igo-Ono Community Services District

Floating debris is also building up along the spillway, raising the level of the lake. If that continues, water could begin to flow over the top of the dam, which could lead to "total failure of the structure," the district said.

The letter says the Office of Water Safety at Sacramento State University estimates that if water overtops the dam, the structure "would be destroyed for its entire height and nearly its entire width in a period of 6 minutes."

"Failure of the dam or spillway would endanger lives and property between the dam and Cottonwood," the district said.

Several structures on Sunny Hill Road downstream of the dam would be inundated with 20 feet of water within 15 minutes of dam breach and multiple structures on Gas Point Road would be under 10 feet of water, the district said.

Structures near the main stem of Cottonwood Creek and structures on Ponder Way and Denise Way would also see water up to 5 feet deep, the district said.

"The worst-case scenario is the dam breach occurring when Cottonwood Creek is already at flood stage, which is the more likely scenario given the current outlet works condition," the district said.

County Public Works Director Pat Minturn said his office was aware of the problems at the dam and his office had determined that bridges downstream of the dam are tall enough that they could withstand the water flow if the dam broke.

It wasn't clear if residents and property owners living downstream of the dam had been notified about the issues at the dam. Officials at the sheriff's office could not be reached for comment Thursday afternoon.

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