We are seeing so many remarkable pre-announcement pieces showing up, this is a place to post and discuss them. This one for example, is making discoveries sound 'ho hum' which a few months/years ago were heralded as amazing breakthroughs. Today for example: 

"Nearly Every Star Hosts at Least One Alien Planet"


When a month or so ago they were making a BIG deal about finding one planet in the sweet zone which could possibly support life, son they they say 25% of them could support life! Including mention of red dwarfs, etc. The Zeta predicted evidence continues to build up!

Here is another blog that relates, describing a wobble:

NASA Scientists "Discover" a Wobbly Planet!?


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Comment by Juan F Martinez on May 26, 2019 at 3:52pm

An astronomer in the Netherlands captured stunning video of 60 Starlink satellites zooming across the sky 5-24-2019

The satellites were launched Thursday evening by SpaceX, Elon Musk's rocket company. The company's goal is to ultimately launch up to 12,000 of the telecommunications satellites, with the intent of forming a network that could provide internet access across the earth and move internet traffic nearly to the speed of light in a vacuum.

A stunning video shot by a Dutch astronomer captured a string of roughly 60 Starlink satellites zooming across the night sky, one day after they were launched into orbit.

The video shows the "train" of satellites speeding in a straight line as they orbit around the earth.

The astronomer, Marco Langbroek, wrote in a blog post that he had calculated the search orbit himself to find out when they would pass by, and "stood ready" with his camera. The train zoomed by within three minutes of his predicted time.


Comment by Juan F Martinez on May 24, 2019 at 1:48am

"Fleet of UFOs passing moon’ labelled best evidence of the YEAR

ASTONISHING footage appearing to show dozens of black objects passing over the moon has sent the conspiracy world into meltdown.  Published 22nd May 2019 Daily Star


The clip – taken from the ground in the Russian capital of Moscow – shows the moon in an orange haze.

As the cameraman zooms in, a collection of black objects can be seen slowly moving across the star.

At certain points the dots move towards each other before separating again.

Comment by SongStar101 on May 23, 2019 at 2:09pm

Pentagon Finally Admits To UFO Investigations


The Pentagon has admitted that they have been investigating UFOs through a secret government initiative known as the "Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP)," which the Defense department told the New York Post "did pursue research and investigation into unidentified aerial phenomena."

The DoD says that it shut down AATIP in 2012, however spokesman Christopher Sherwood told the Post that the department still investigates potential alien aircraft sightings

"The Department of Defense is always concerned about maintaining positive identification of all aircraft in our operating environment, as well as identifying any foreign capability that may be a threat to the homeland," said Sherwood. 

"The department will continue to investigate, through normal procedures, reports of unidentified aircraft encountered by US military aviators in order to ensure defense of the homeland and protection against strategic surprise by our nation’s adversaries." 

Nick Pope, who secretly investigated UFOs for the British government during the 1990s, called the DOD’s comments a “bombshell revelation.”

Pope, a former UK defense official-turned-author, said, “Previous official statements were ambiguous and left the door open to the possibility that AATIP was simply concerned with next-generation aviation threats from aircraft, missiles and drones — as skeptics claimed.

This new admission makes it clear that they really did study what the public would call ‘UFOs,’ ” he said.

“It also shows the British influence, because UAP was the term we used in the Ministry of Defence to get away from the pop culture baggage that came with the term ‘UFO.’ ” -New York Post

AATIP's existence was revealed in 2017, when former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) claimed to have arranged for the program's $22 million annual funding. Reid told the New York Times that it was "one of the good things I did in my congressional service."

The New York Times published the article after the DoD released a 33-second DoD video released by the AATIP, featuring an airborne object being chased off the coast of San Diego by two navy jets in 2004. 

On Sunday we reported on an op-ed written by Christopher Mellon in The Hill, on the fact that since 2015, "dozens of Navy F-18 fighter jets have encountered Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAPs) - once commonly referred to as UFOs - off the East Coast of the United States, some not far from the nation’s capital. Encounters have been reported by other military aircraft and civilian airliners elsewhere in the U.S. and abroad, too, including videos shot by airline passengers."

What these UAPs were and who was flying them - whether friends, foes or unknown forces - remains a mystery. Yet careful examination of the data inevitably leads to one possible, disturbing conclusion: A potential adversary of the United States has mastered technologies we do not yet understand, to achieve capabilities we cannot yet match.

It is long past time for Congress to discover the answers to those questions, and to share at least some of its conclusions with the public. -The Hill

 So what's really out there?


Comment by Juan F Martinez on May 22, 2019 at 4:14pm

Secret NASA plans for Moon base and 37 rocket launches revealed FOX News 5-21-2019

NASA's official plans to build a permanent base on the Moon have leaked online, revealing how and when astronauts will return to the rocky world for the first time in 50 years.

Internal documents show how NASA wants to launch 37 rockets to the Moon within the next decade, with at least five of these carrying astronauts.   Starting with an unmanned rover in 2023, the space agency is expected to land people on the Moon in 2024.

The near side of the moon, as seen by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft. The United States aims to return astronauts to the lunar surface by 2024, Vice President Mike Pence announced on March 25, 2019.


Comment by Juan F Martinez on May 20, 2019 at 7:09pm

Earthquake WARNING: Earth’s rotation is SLOWING and it will lead to MAJOR tremors ~ EARTH’S rotation is mysteriously slowing down and it could lead to an increase in major disasters such as earthquakes, researchers warn.

Scientists have long known that the rotation of the Earth is slowing down – as we have seen sporadically throughout history – but experts now realise the consequences that come with this, including earthquakes. The speed of Earth’s rotation fluctuates extremely mildly – extending or decreasing the length of a day by a millisecond – but this tiny deceleration could have devastating repercussions. Exactly why a decrease in rotation speed can lead to more major earthquakes is unclear, but experts believe it could be down to changes in the Earth’s core which ultimately has an effect on the surface.

PUBLISHED: 10:54, Mon, May 20, 2019


Comment by Juan F Martinez on May 9, 2019 at 2:46am

Nibiru spotted? What is this mystery 'blue planet' over Earth? Planet X or UFO sighting?

THE mythical planet Nibiru or Planet X has entered the solar system and can be seen in these pictures, an eyewitness has astonishingly claimed.

Nibiru is said to orbit the Sun every 3,600 years on a journey, which takes it beyond the fringes of the solar system. No official observations of the planet, sometimes dubbed Planet X or Wormwood, have ever been made but conspiracy theorists believe it is real. Nibiru’s passage through the solar system is said to herald the apocalypse and destruction of civilisation. The planet, which is believed to be 10 times the size of Earth, will supposedly crush our home world with its gravitational waves, triggering earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis.


Comment by Nancy Lieder on April 29, 2019 at 4:03pm

Gordon James Gianninoto suddenly in the news, for what is billed as a new interview on C2C but he has not been on since 2015! Note both the C2C YouTube channel and 3 different media sites are making this proclamation. This is obviously a coordinated push to get Nibiru back in the news! Not an accident. I suggested to Gordon, whom I talk to daily because he is nearly blind and cannot read the new ZetaTalk, that he call C2C and get back on for real. 





Comment by Juan F Martinez on April 1, 2019 at 8:52pm

India launches top secret spy satellite into orbit along with cubesat swarm (VIDEO, PHOTOS) Published time:  1 Apr, 2019 11:21


The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has successfully launched its next generation electronic surveillance satellite into orbit, along with a swarm of 28 private industry microsats.

The four-stage rocket was launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre at 9:27am local time with its military and commercial payload.

The 436-kilogram (961-pound) EMISAT system will provide electronic intelligence to India’s Armed Forces using a first-of-its-kind electromagnetic spectrum measuring device that has been in development for at least the past five years by India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

The sophisticated device is among India’s most highly-classified and closely-guarded projects and will allow the Indian armed forces to detect enemy radar installations.

The EMISAT will maintain a sun-synchronous polar orbit at an altitude of 749 kilometers, while the various commercial cubesats broke away to find their own predesignated orbits at various altitudes.

At least 20 of the small devices belong to US company Planet Labs and will form part of its Earth imaging constellation, which boasts a resolution that can distinguish three-meter distances at ground level back on Earth.

Comment by Juan F Martinez on March 28, 2019 at 2:01am

Mystery Line ‘Spanning Thousands of Miles’ Across Earth Spotted on ISS Feed  March 8, 2019     

• A Google Earth satellite image taken on the International Space Station has once again recorded an image of a gigantic atmospheric line, stretching for thousands of miles. A similar line appeared twice last year.

• The clip, which was posted by conspiracist MrMBB333, shows the massive “object” stretching across the surface of the planet. (see 1:11 minute video feed from the ISS below) “This is something in the sky above planet Earth,” he said. “I’ve been an observer of Earth for years and I’ve never seen anything like this.”

String of Pearls: http://poleshift.ning.com/profiles/blogs/iss-string-of-pearls-photo...


Comment by Juan F Martinez on March 8, 2019 at 3:04pm

Asteroid WARNING: US Defence Secretary warns DEVASTATING impact 'could be TOMORROW'

AN ASTEROID big enough to cause a planet-wide cataclysm could surprise the Earth by striking without warning tomorrow, a former US Defence Secretary has astonishingly claimed.  PUBLISHED: 18:13, Thu, Mar 7, 2019 | UPDATED: 18:29, Thu, Mar 7, 2019


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