Much of Spain was affected by a string of thunderstorms on Wednesday and Thursday, with thunder and lightning accompanied by sometimes heavy rain and hailstorms on an axis running from the south-west of the country through to central northern areas. 

Some of the worst of the weather was suffered in the region of Extremadura, where rain, hailstorms and hurricane-force winds destroyed crops over an area of 10,000 hectares in the Vegas Altas and La Serena areas. At the same time streets were flooded in the province of Badajoz (see image taken in the municipality of Villanueva de la Serena) in what the Mayor of Villanueva, Miguel Ángel Gallardo, described as "the perfect storm". 

Further north, meanwhile, in the province of Soria (Castilla y León), a freak "dry storm" resulted in 80% of the crops in Torlengua, in the Las Vicarías area, being destroyed. According to Mayor Matías Ágreda, the wind suddenly changed direction at approximately 20.20 on Wednesday and strengthened, bringing hailstones with it, and within five minutes thousands of kilos of wheat and barley had been flattened. This effectively ruins what had promised to be an exceptionally good harvest, and at the same time vegetable fields were also devastated. 

The stormy weather also made its presence felt in the small Ávila town of Narrillos del Álamo, where a bolt of lightning caused extensive damage to the belltower and the roof of the church of San Miguel in the village of Mercadillo. The Mayor and the parish priest are now assessing the damage prior to seeking aid in order to repair the damage.