Worldwide infrastructure Collapse, Buildings, Bridges, Tunnels and Roadways. The stretch and bend zones of ZetaTalk predictions

Building collapses in Poland: 5 killed, 4 injured, 1 missing

Associated Press April 8, 2017" data-reactid="12" />Rescuers and firefighters search for 11 missing people in the rubble of an apartment house that collapsed in Swiebodzice, Poland, on Saturday, April 8, 2017. Firefighters suspect the collapse might have been caused by a gas explosion. Several people were killed and injured. (AP Photo)

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — A pre-World War II apartment house collapsed Saturday in southwestern Poland, leaving five people dead, four injured and one missing, authorities said.

Scores of firefighters with dogs were searching the rubble of the building in the town of Swiebodzice (Shvyeh-'boh-tchi-tseh), according to Daniel Mucha, regional spokesman for the firefighters. He said the collapse of two floors of the three-floor building might have been caused by a gas explosion.

Regional governor Pawel Hreniak said the search-and-rescue operation was expected to continue through Sunday.

He confirmed five fatalities, including two school-age children.

Still, firefighters looking for one more missing person said there were no sounds yet coming from the building's bricks and broken wood.

Prime Minister Beata Szydlo was heading to the site, 420 kilometers (250 miles) southwest of Warsaw, to be with the victims and the rescue workers.

The governor of Swiebodzice, Bogdan Kozuchowicz, said the pre-World War II building was recently renovated and had been in good technical condition.

The injured were taken to hospitals in Swiebodzice and in Wroclaw. One survivor, identified only by her first name Stanislawa, told TVN24 that she was "miraculously saved."

"I was in the kitchen and suddenly it was dark and full of debris and some broken wooden planks," she said from her hospital bed in Swiebodzice. "I got on top of those planks and started calling 'Help! Help!' Two firefighters came and pulled me out by the arm."

She said her husband was resting on the bed at the time of the collapse.

"I don't know what has happened to him," she said, her voice trembling.

With her teenage son, also a survivor, at her side, she said the family had lost everything.

Tunnel collapse knocks Nepal’s 100-kW Budum Rivulet Micro Hydropower offline


The canal that supplies water to the 100-kW Budum Rivulet Micro Hydropower project in Nepal has collapsed, news agencies are reporting.

The project, at Gudel of Mahakulung rural municipality in the Solukhumbu district, began operating in 2015.

It is reported that a 30-meter-long section of the canal collapsed and will take a minimum of one month to repair. More than 750 households have lost electricity as a result of the collapse.


We have described a time preceding the last weeks when emergency management teams would be exhausted, turning a deaf ear in countries like the US and Britain to cries of "terrorism" and a need to install martial law. What could cause such a state, worldwide? Earthquakes have increased in frequency and strength, and accidents in the stretch zones are increasing because the plates have loosened up and are moving a greater distance during each adjustment. The recent breaks in Internet cables around the Arabian Plate are a case in point. Where earthquakes of lower magnitude are registered and often felt, when they increase in size to a magnitude 6 or 7 or greater, infrastructure is destroyed.

What will it be like when earthquakes are happening to most cities around the world, simultaneously? Stretch zones will experience even more destruction, as the infrastructure will be pulled apart. Gas mains will explode into holocausts. Travel will become impossible when roadways are torn apart or heaved up. And the increasingly volatile atmosphere, jerked about by the wobble, will make air travel treacherous. Where faltering on occasion now, satellites will falter increasingly, making communications difficult. All this leads to panic, so that distracted workers cause malfunctions in services. This can be expected before the last weeks arrive.

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Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on Wednesday

PHOTO: Part of the new Three Mile Bridge near Pensacola has collapsed

September 16, 2020 

Part of the Three Mile Bridge near Pensacola, FL has collapsed as Hurricane Sally barreled through the area on Wednesday:

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on September 16, 2020 at 1:16am

Serious incident at the construction site of a Finnish company in Sweden: the picture shows how part of a giant bridge under construction collapsed into a river – Abroad

One person was injured in the bridge accident.

A serious accident occurred in Umeå, Sweden, on Tuesday morning. An accident occurred on a bridge under construction over the Umeå River, and some of the bridge structures collapsed due to the Umeå River.

The Swedish station reported, among other things, about the bridge accident. SVT.

Project manager at the Swedish Transport Agency Gerhard Barrestål told SVT that it was a single bridge girder that failed during installation. The support that supported the structure collapsed and was left hanging from the wires, partially submerged in the river.

A construction worker was slightly injured in the accident.

The Finnish Transport Agency also warned people navigating and moving downstream of the Umeå River that even large parts of the bridge building could drift with the current and cause dangerous situations.

According to Barrestål, there is no immediate risk that more parts of the bridge will collapse into the water at the bridge site.

The bridge is being built by the Finnish construction group GRK, which has operations in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. There are also Finnish workers at the bridge site.

The bridge is planned to be 530 meters long and is part of the new E12 motorway that bypasses Umeå. The bridge will have three lanes, two to the north and one to the south, in addition to a 3.5-meter wide bike lane. The estimated cost of the bridge was SEK 442 million (€ 42.4 million).

The bridge was scheduled for completion in the fall of 2021, but as a result of the accident, the program is likely to take a back seat.

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on September 15, 2020 at 1:10am

Pier 58 on Seattle waterfront collapses

Pier 58, the section of Seattle's waterfront between the Great Wheel and the Seattle Aquarium, on Sunday collapsed into the water with several people on it, according to fire and police officials.

The Seattle Fire Department tweeted at 4:36 p.m. that two construction workers were transported to Harborview Medical Center in stable condition. The Seattle Police Department was vague on the number of people who fell in, but all have been rescued.

Susan Gregg, a spokesperson for Harborview, said the two men who were transported did not have life-threatening injuries.

The pier, a structure supporting Seattle Waterfront Park, was closed about a month ago when city officials discovered the pier had substantially shifted away from land. It was closed and set for dismantling this weekend, two years ahead of schedule.

"This year continues to present immense and unprecedented challenges for us as a city," Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan tweeted. "In the coming days, we will evaluate Pier 58 to determine appropriate next steps and potential broader impacts."

A news release from the city later said that Pier 59 and Pier 57, which respectively house the Seattle Aquarium and Miner's Landing, didn't sustain any damage. Removal of the pier will resume "as soon as it is safe to do so," the news release said.

Durkan expedited the approval for emergency dismantling in August, and the city had hired Orion Marine Contractors out of Tacoma.

The contract for removal was estimated at $4.3 million.

Police had initially closed all lanes on Alaskan Way in the area, but has since opened left lanes on both sides.

The city's plan before the shift was discovered, was to dismantle the pier in 2022 as part of a waterfront redesign.

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on September 4, 2020 at 6:58am

Residents cut off after bridge collapses at Akyem Saaman

Residents of Akyem Osino and Akyem Saaman in the Fanteakwa South District of the Eastern Region have been cut off following the collapse of a bridge over River Akusu.
The collapsed bridge was connecting three farming Communities -Akyem Osino, Saaman and Juaso communities.
Vehicles and pedestrians are no longer able to commute on the road due to the collapsed bridge.
An improvised road is, however, being created by the residents through the bush.
Fear of the residents who are predominantly peasant farmers is that their farm produce may rot if the bridge is not urgently constructed.
Meanwhile, residents are blaming heavy-duty vehicles of mining companies operating in the area for the collapse of the bridge.

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on August 31, 2020 at 4:18pm

Madhya Pradesh floods: 14 dead, newly-constructed bridge washed away as heavy rains lash state

Heavy rains for the last three-four days have triggered flooding of major rivers in Central MP and Mahakoshal region, including the Narmada, Pench and Wainganga, affecting thousands of people.

30th August 2020 11:39 PM

BHOPAL: Torrential rains in many parts of Madhya Pradesh have claimed as many as 14 lives, displacing the population of over 450 villages in the state and also triggered the collapse of two high capacity road bridges.

Both the bridges which collapsed were built over the Wainganga river in Seoni district in the Mahakoshal region of the central Indian state.

While one bridge built around a decade back connected Chhapara and Bhimgarh, the other bridge whose construction was completed just two months back connected Sonwara and Dhanora.

Each of the two bridges were constructed at a cost of more than Rs 3 crore. 

The second bridge was built under the Pradhan Mantri Gramin Sadak Yojana (PMGSY).

Its construction had begun in September 2018 and completed only two months back. Though the bridge was yet to be officially inaugurated, it was already in use. 

“The bridge was 150-metre-long and 9.28 metre high. Its construction was completed in June 2020. Heavy rains over the last few days caused flooding in the Wainganga river and its tributary. Heavy rains and flooding of the river caused the Bhimgarh Dam to be filled to full capacity.

"Owing to the dam getting filled up to its full capacity, excess water had to be released from the Dam on August 27-28 night, which caused the bridge completed two months back to collapse,”  Executive Engineer (PMGSY) in Seoni district JP Mehra said.

The Seoni district police superintendent Kumar Prateek confirmed the collapse of the two bridges and as well as deaths of two people due to flood and rain related mishaps in the district.

The Seoni District Administration, meanwhile, has ordered a probe into the accident.

The other bridge which was built over the same Wainganga river around 10 years back by the PWD department is located just three kilometers from the Bhimgarh Dam, from which around 2.20 lakh cusecs of water was released over the last two days. 

Meanwhile, heavy rains for the last three-four days have triggered flooding of major rivers in Central MP and Mahakoshal region, including the Narmada, Pench and Wainganga, affecting thousands of people in at least 12 districts.

The worst hit districts include Hoshanganad, Bhopal, Chhindwara, Sehore, Raisen, Narsinghpur, Seoni, Balaghat, Harda, Vidisha and Dewas.

Earlier today, CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan conducted an aerial survey of the affected districts and also reviewed the rescue works being carried out by the local administration and police, NDRF and SDRF teams as well as four Indian Army columns and three Indian Air Force (IAF) choppers. 

Around 11,000 people have been rescued so far by the NDRF, SDRF, Army teams as well as the IAF choppers. 

As many as 120 out of 251 reservoirs in the state are full, requiring dam gates to be opened to let out excess water.

Overall, the state has received 815.2mm of rainfall till Saturday morning against the expected rain of 743 mm. 

and another:

Salai Mahuli bridge in Parseoni collapses

 Date :31-Aug-2020

A portion of Salai Mahuli bridge in Parseoni taluka was washed away while another bridge near Nayakund got damaged due to flood here on Saturday evening. District administration opened all the gates of Totladoh dam by 6 metres due to heavy rains in Chhindwara and Nagpur district in last couple of days.
The opening of gates raised water level in Pench river which caused flood in Parseoni taluka. The road connectivity of Saoner, Khapa and Parseoni areas got disconnected with Nagpur-Jabalpur highway due to the collapse of the bridge.

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on August 26, 2020 at 6:37am

Portion of Bridge Over Bakra River in Bihar’s Araria Collapses, Divers Search for Missing Persons

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on August 24, 2020 at 5:21am

Portion Of 6-Km-Long Flyover, Under Construction, Collapses In Gurgaon

August 23, 2020

A portion of a 6-km-long flyover on which construction work is still going on collapsed in Gurgaon on Saturday night. No one was injured, according to reports. The police have cordoned off the accident site on the usually busy Sohna Road as excavator vehicles try to remove the huge concrete blocks

In visuals, some cars are seen running some 10 metres away from the part of the flyover that collapsed.

It has been raining in Gurgaon for some days. A portion of one of the busiest roads in Gurgaon had caved in after nearly two days of torrential rain on Thursday.

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on August 19, 2020 at 7:52pm

A row of cars have been crushed and there are reports one person has head injuries after a scaffolding collapse in Gosford on the New South Wales Central Coast.

A NSW Police spokeswoman told they attended the scene around 3pm on Wednesday along with NSW Ambulance paramedics.

Nine reports the incident occurred on the intersection of Gosford's main street - Mann St - and Erina St.

All lanes of Mann St are closed in both directions between Erina St East and Donnison St.

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on August 18, 2020 at 2:54am

Bridge collapses as semi-truck begins to cross

August 17 2020

OSAGE COUNTY, Mo. – A one-lane bridge collapsed on County Road 611 near Westphalia.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop F said in a tweet that the bridge collapsed into the Maries River as a semi-truck began crossing the structure.

They said there are no injuries reported. They are investigating the cause of the collapse.

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on August 17, 2020 at 9:52pm

4 trapped in railway tunnel collapse in SW China

Source: Xinhua| 2020-08-17 22:17:55

KUNMING, Aug. 17 (Xinhua) -- Four people were trapped after a railway tunnel under construction collapsed on Monday in Pu'er City, southwest China's Yunnan Province, according to the information office of the Pu'er municipal government.

The construction project of Wanggang Mountain Tunnel, located in Mojiang County, is undertaken by China Railway 16th Bureau Group Co. Ltd.

Rescuers have opened ventilation holes and a food delivery channel, and contacted with the trapped people. The rescue work is continuing. Enditem

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