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WOBBLE Effect - Deep Water Currents Causing Antarctica to Melt! - Zetas Right Again! (NEW ZetaTalk)

"Reporting this week (Thursday 26 April) in the journal Nature, an international team of scientists led by British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has established that warm ocean currents are the dominant cause of recent ice loss from Antarctica. New techniques have been used to differentiate, for…


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When I first started to prepare for the poleshift, (well originally it actually was a preparation for a world without oil), my mind was set on buying guns. I convinced my wife to learn how to hunt and get a hunters permit and I encouraged one of my sons to attend a school focused on hunting and wildlife.

  I thought that the only way to actually be able to defend my family was by arming it with guns. Since, I have given this much consideration and I’ll try to illustrate why I changed…


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To be (STO) or not to be, that is the question…

I watch my children, looking for signs of certainty, searching for that spark that distinguish them from others. I’ve seen it in the eyes of old wandering souls, strong in their inclination the love overflows and creates a fiery gaze.…


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Swedish Radio (Science department)

Hi all

I thought this might be of…


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Charles Eisenstein

A text I liked, now sharing it with you.



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To serve

It should not be that difficult to assert if I’m inclined in either direction. If most of my actions stem out of a genuine loving wish to be there for others and help them in their everyday life, I should be in the clear, should I not?…


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Just something about rising sea levels.

9. Waves…


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Ashes and dust

In the movie Gladiator, with Russel Crowe, he expresses the fragility of life with the words “ashes and dust”. That short analogy struck a cord in me, because it defines what I sometimes feel when I go in to our little town. Standing at the cash machine, looking at others standing in line, I get a sense that they…


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Two Suns

Picture taken by my wife on the island Gotland in october 2009, she's standing next to an very old burielground and sacred grove. The light was really special that day, and this is one of several pictures of the phenomena, the others have people in them so I won't be posting them. Pherhaps it just was a mirage, either way it was what ultimatly made me sure of planet x existence. The date…


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The Prophet

203. Profeten

Profetens ord är verkningslösa mot meningslösheten.…


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