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Netherlands risk

When Planet X arrives, are will The Netherlands be under water because of increasing sea level?

Planet X arrived in your inner solar system in 2003, and is riding past the Sun and now outbound, though its passage, the point when it flies overhead past Earth, is still in the future. The Netherlands is in a precarious position, as much of its lowlands are below or at sea level. Storms will increase, and as Nancy's…


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Caribbean risk

If the Caribbean 'event' were to occur, would you expect Trinidad to be destroyed? Given the geography of the southern edge of the Caribbean plate, it looks as though it might be ripped in two.

For those wondering what islands will be at risk during any S America plate roll, we suggest the following exercise. Establish the fault lines, the borders of the two plates in question - S America Plate and Caribbean Plate. Pin…


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Pyramid UFO Warnings

A seeming blitz of pyramid UFO sightings around the world have been captured on video recently, from the UK on Febrary 21, 2010 to China on February 28, 2010 to Columbia on March 9, 2010. The China and Columbia displays had multiple pyramids, at times floating through each other.



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Listing Left

Suddenly, starting on March 4, 2010, there were a lot of reports indicating that the Earth was leaning slightly to the left, leaning her N Pole away from Planet X approaching from the right. To avoid confusion, let me explain that this perspective is as viewed from someone in the northern hemisphere looking toward the Sun during the day. On the dark side of the Earth at this time, the lean would seem to be to the right. But this process is referred to as a lean to the left for… Continue

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12 Strong Earthquakes Rock Chile on Inauguration Day

SANTIAGO -- Twelve strong quakes rocked Chile on Thursday, including a few which took place minutes prior to the start of the inaugural ceremony of incoming President Sebastian Pinera. The tremors, measuring 4.9 to 6.9 on the Richter scale, spawned panic in a number of areas across the central-southern section of the country, which was struck by a magnitude 8.8 quake last Februry 27. A tsunami warning was issued by the Chilean Navy, prompting residents in coastal areas to flee to higher… Continue

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Another Earthquake Rocks Chile

No California Tsunami Warning

Updated: Thursday, 11 Mar 2010, 10:02 AM EST

Published : Thursday, 11 Mar 2010, 9:52 AM EST


SANTIAGO, Chile - A strong earthquake rocked Chile as Sebastian Pinera prepared to be sworn in as president.

The preliminary magnitude was 7.2. It happened at 11:39:47 a.m. local time. The epicenter was 77 miles WSW from the…


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Glowing clouds

I don't think the Zeta's have addressed these rainbow type clouds I took here in East Texas lately. I'm not sure what they are possibly from ice crystals, or chemtrails? I've never seen these before. Here are the links to three of them. More are in the album. The first was taken November 27, 2009 then 16 February, and then the third of March of this year. You could see the glow go along the cloud as the Sun was setting. …


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7 of 10

Those who are trying to grasp how bad things will get before the last weeks arrive frequently ask the Zetas where we are on a scale of 10, with 10 being the scale of disasters during the last weeks. Per the Zetas, 2008 saw an increase from 2-3 to 5+, primarily due to economic issues which they include in the scale.



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Axis altered

With all the earthquaking going on, do you have any input as to what is the cause?

Nancy has been documenting what she assumes to be either an increased wobble or a slight lean to the left. It is both, but it is the slight lean to the left that has garnered attention as this has skewed the constellations out of place significantly and placed the Sun very noticeably out of position. This is due to the increased pressure on…


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Winter weather wreaks havoc in Germany

Winter weather in Germany has claimed one life and left dozens of drivers injured.

Overnight snowfall across much of the country left many motorways and local roads slippery or impassable. In Saxony 25 people were injured in two large multiple collisions. In North Rhine-Westphalia a car

crashed into oncoming traffic after going into a skid because of the

snow, leaving four people seriously injured.

Police in Hamburg reported 80…


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ZetaTalk: Shock

Note: written Dec, 2002

Shock, from a situation unexpected, exists in human society today. An individual in a car wreck, walking away from the car where other family members lie bloodied and dead, has suddenly been thrown into an unexpected horror. A town, where a tornado has descended…


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Taiwan also hit by heavy earthquake

Taiwan has been hit by a heavy earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4. The quake occurred about 250 kilometres south of the country's capital, Taipei.

Power failures were suffered and in the city, buildings shook on their foundations for minutes. An unknown number of people were injured.The damage seems to be less extensive than expected.One of the heaviest earthquakes in the history of Taiwan, with a magnitude of 7.6, took place in…


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ZetaTalk: Avoided

Note: recorded during the November 16, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the… Continue

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ZetaTalk: Wishful Thinking

Note: written during the Feb 15, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.… Continue

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