Surviving the earth changes and the pending pole shift


Surviving the earth changes and the pending pole shift

Over here one can discuss and exchange information about surviving the earth changes and the pending pole shift

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This Little Iron Fish May Be The Solution To The World’s Anemia Problem

Canadian inventor Dr Christopher Charles hopes that the Lucky Iron Fish will help eliminate iron deficiency in the world.…Continue

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Hydration & Communication - Australia 3 Replies

My thoughts are that water is going to be a very valuable resource, and also in great need after the shift.The issue is how to carry it.  Personally I have several Camelbak back packs, these I use…Continue

Started by Muzz. Last reply by KM Mar 19, 2012.

Determine food allergies before you stock up on foods! 2 Replies

I recently learned I have food allergies. I had no idea. There are foods that I ate every day which were making me sick, and yet I had no idea. I did an "elimination diet". This is basically a diet…Continue

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Refrigeration without electricity 9 Replies

Here are some really good ideas for refrigeration and easy to set up for use without power.I was especially interested in the charcoal evaporative refrigerator used by early settlers…Continue

Tags: power, without, refrigeration

Started by joy m. Last reply by QuietOne Jul 30, 2011.

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Comment by KM on June 1, 2010 at 3:21am
Thanks Heidi, here in Saskatchewan we've got a lot of wild prairie still and a lot of stuff grows on the road side, just not everyone knows what it is.
Comment by margaret patricia casey on May 6, 2010 at 6:24pm
Cornelia, I live in Ipswich and family are in Brisbane. If you go into the Zetatalk website and look at Safe Locations you will see that Aust is reduced by two thirds, and later when the old poles melt, we'll lose even more land. Spring Mountain and Toowoomba maybe OK if you don't mind hoards of like-minded people.
Comment by diju on April 23, 2010 at 7:46am
I just moved to the city just a month ago (Before, I lived on the outskirt near mountain areas). I've learned about the approaching poleshift since 2002, yet I had to move due to some unexpected musts. My new home now is not too far from the seashore and my social activities take place just by the sea (Kapuk Indah, Jakarta, Indonesia). I was quite concerned about all this. But then again I thought, life now (more than before) is all about balancing between doing good for others (humanitarian causes or for our own family, for example) and self survival. It's just like what nature does. So, I think if we ever have to do some extreme parts (in point of view pole shift), we no need to worry. To fear is human, but I believe we can try to accept it as it is and make peace with it. I believe, again, all want to have a better next life, and it can be achieved by doing good to others (just like what the zeta teach). Right now I and my husband are working on sharing "how to deal with giant disasters" to our families, friends and other (some think we're nuts, but who cares, we have goodwill), but not in a shocking manner, if you know what I mean. I agree when the Zeta says that they use the tactic of not upsetting human balanced mind (because some who believe could attempt suicide), something like that. So, again, to me, such a very big time disaster as poleshift is not just about self survival but also helping others (which cannot be postponed). You know, karma things.
Comment by Rich Racosky on January 18, 2010 at 9:13pm
The Haiti disaster, while devastating, is only a small taste for everyone. All should learn from this & prepare. Call it a dry-run. One can only imagine what happens when hotels/large buildings in Memphis/St.Louis, etc collapse! Our emergency services will be taxed to the limit. Imagine a series of good sized quakes coming one after another on various parts of the New Madrid at various times. I for one find it hard to imagine & would not want to live near that area this year.

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