I recently learned I have food allergies. I had no idea. There are foods that I ate every day which were making me sick, and yet I had no idea. I did an "elimination diet". This is basically a diet that is hypoallergenic, nothing that anyone was ever allergic too. Then after two weeks you can introduce other foods back into your diet but only once every three days. The three days is very important, because some reactions don't occur for three days after you eat the food. I found many allergies, and I have changed my diet and my health has improved a great deal.


For a healhty solution to food storage, you may want to determine if you have any hidden allergies to foods that you eat. Make sure the food you have stored will bring you optimum health, there may be enough enough stress elsewhere in your life, don't let it be in your diet as well.


Here is a link to a web page that describes the elimination diet, they may suggest that you buy their materials, but you really don't need to. This is a general description of the diet. It takes two weeks.




This is a link to the diet I followed. I like plans that tell me specific things to eat, it makes it easier for me to plan.




I did use the clearvite product, but you can do the diet without that. If you are curious about the ingredients, you can use your own herbs or supplements. Here is the ingredients.




I read in a book by Dr. Kharrazian that roughly 80% of the population is sensitive to gluten. I have a Cherokee friend who feels that this is because the wheat has been genetically modified. I do not know, but I do not eat gluten any more. If you are sensitive to gluten, and do not know it, you may be storing foods that will make you sick, if they have gluten in them. But you may have other sensitivities, and it is a good idea to find out before you store a large supply of something that will be useless to you.

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stocking up on a variety of foods is important, but there is no telling if in your group there is going to be a celiac, or some one allergic to peanut butter or even food colouring and additives. 



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