Surviving the earth changes and the pending pole shift

Over here one can discuss and exchange information about surviving the earth changes and the pending pole shift
  • Defense Issues and Tactics (revived)

    A former Ning member had a good discussion on this topic, but must have erased it when she left.  So I want to repost some of my comments on the topic, along with some new observations, and re-open a space for this discussion. This topic relates to defending yourself and your group after the Pole…

    By Kris H

  • This Little Iron Fish May Be The Solution To The World’s Anemia Problem

    Canadian inventor Dr Christopher Charles hopes that the Lucky Iron Fish will help eliminate iron deficiency in the world.…

    By Andrew Veresay

  • Hydration & Communication - Australia

    My thoughts are that water is going to be a very valuable resource, and also in great need after the shift.The issue is how to carry it.  Personally I have several Camelbak back packs, these I use when mowing the lawn and general jobs around the house outside.  I am trialing what works and what…

    By Muzz

  • Determine food allergies before you stock up on foods!

    I recently learned I have food allergies. I had no idea. There are foods that I ate every day which were making me sick, and yet I had no idea. I did an "elimination diet". This is basically a diet that is hypoallergenic, nothing that anyone was ever allergic too. Then after two weeks you can…

    By QuietOne

  • Refrigeration without electricity

    Here are some really good ideas for refrigeration and easy to set up for use without power.I was especially interested in the charcoal evaporative refrigerator used by early settlers…

    By joy m

  • Pita: recipe for homemade pita (Armenian/Georgian “Lavash”)

    Variant 1:The most simple ingredients and cooking tools - hands and a frying pan. The result had been better than pita shops. It costs about a dollar for 3 pieces, I will have it all happened 10 times cheaper.Ingredients:Flour as one willsSalt ½ teaspoonWater ½ cupEggs 1Preparation:Beat an egg in a…

    By Andrew Veresay

  • Stevia instead of sugar

    I don't know if this topic has been discussed before, but I've found that STEVIA  is a natural sweetener that can be used instead of sugar. Besides, it's a very useful herb to prevent lots of illnesses. The plants can be grown in any climate and you can use the leaves to sweeten your tea, coffee,…

    By Norma Rozas Leal

  • a summerhouse in the wild - trips to my "dacha"

     We (my family) have a summerhouse (rus."dacha") outside my city. It is not permanent settlements - people usually have gardens there and use this to either grow their own crops or as a place to rest and relax. These people are city dwellers who were granted these small pieces of land by the state…

    By Andrew Veresay

  • Blackouts in Chile

    There have been series of power outages for the last month in Chile. About a week ago there was a blackout that affected 6 regions of the country, included Santiago, the capital city. Authorities are annoyed  at these events and have demanded for an investigation. This investigation will  take 2…

    By Norma Rozas Leal

  • Eathquakes in Chile. Possibility to survive?

    Hello friends! I've just joined this group. I'm from Chile, which suffered a big earthquake and tsunami. I live in a city which underwent not one, but 3 tsunamis, named Talcahuano. After reading a lot, and having contacts with contactees, I had learned that Chile was going to go up, so the ocean…

    By Norma Rozas Leal