Nancy Lieder


North Freedom, WI

United States

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  • Tamarama

    deep respect & great love to you. thank you Nancy~
  • Tamarama

    thank you again for your selfless service to to you always,
  • Tamarama

    atlantic view this morning:
  • Dee Nguyen

    Hi Nancy,

    I did a search on parhelia on the Zetatalk website but it didn't show up. And is it just me or there has been a lot of halos sightings lately. I don't remember seeing it that often back in 2007-2008. I don't know if it means anything important.
  • Sathya

    I much prefer this site to GLP. I can listen and learn from you and not have to endure such childish rantings from 3 year olds. Thanks to Gerard for setting up a wonderful alternative for Nancy and pole shift.

  • Tamarama

    thank you Nancy for you!!!
  • David

    Hi Nancy!
    Is this Planet X?
  • dark horse

    thanx for Zetatalk!
  • julia wall

    many thanks Nancy :-)
  • David

    Red Ribbon
  • larisa

    Thank you !!!
  • larisa

    Red Ribbon
  • diju

    Hi Nancy and STO Zetas,
    Thank you so much for your information and comment on Jakarta's sinking. And I'd like to thank you STO Zeta for reminding us about the impending disasters in Jakarta. I've been anxious between the impending disasters and the need to earn a living. All's been confusing. The STO Zeta's critic on people who are aware of the impending poleshift yet denying has reminded me of the critical situation. It's given me the boost to make my mind up for "safety first".

    All the best
  • Sande Lee Varnadore

    Thank you so much Nancy. Love and Light
  • diju

    I'm speechless. Can't thank you and the STOZ enough for all your services here. Fabulous services.
  • Dee Nguyen

    thanks for all your help
  • Bjorn

    Christmas Lights
  • Starr DiGiacomo

    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends and as always my heartfelt thanks for being you.
  • Arctico

    Thank you for everything you are doing. There are many naysayers but they will be proven wrong soon enough. Your hard work, courage and determination are admired greatly.
  • Tamarama

  • Raz Ziyad

    I owe so much to your REMARKABLE work w/the Zetas!
  • Susan Donohue

    Hi Nancy and Zetas, thankyou and Bless You for your work. I'm a single parent here to work for the Greater Good. Love and Peace, Susan. Melbourne. Australia
  • Stanislav

    Thank you Nancy ! Your work is very important to other people. You are a very good man:)
  • Lavonne

    Nancy, Much thanks for all of the work and bravery you exhibit. Your willingness to share and your wisdom are invaluable. Thank you so very much. Blessings and Safety, Lavonne
  • Lawrence

    Thank YOU, Nancy, for all that you have done and all that you continue to do! Your hard work is muchly appreciated!
    If there is anything that I can do, it would be an honor to be of service.
  • Starr DiGiacomo

    A little Zeta humor.........

  • diju

    Dear Nancy, please allow me to translate the "7 of 10 Update as of November 10, 2011" and post it in my blog, Status Dunia (World's Status). Thank you very much. Can never say enough thank you.

  • Starr DiGiacomo

    So excited to send this BBC commercial to you.  It is awesome.  What a step in the right direction.

  • Ryan Giorgis

    thankyou for all you do nancy, much love!!:)
  • Tennessee Watchdog


    I ran accross this link today regarding solar activity, earthquakes, etc. Sending it to you for your review as it is interesting. Thanks...Bob

  • David Boles

    as I only have a mobile device, it does not allow me to post pictures.
    There is a picture on November first and second
    that should be posted, it was witnessed by a Nasa person.
  • Daphne Baron

    Hi good morning. I wanted you to see this video I took yesterday. Sunset reflected in the window shows 2 suns, disk above, planet moving past sun, and the crazy gyrations the sun is doing in connecting with other planets. Please take a look. Although I am a member here I have not been able to post pictures. Says my limit is full for the day. But I only uploaded a profile picture.
  • Ryan Giorgis

    thank you for the nancy talk:)  advice well recieved

  • Ancient Ally

    Hi Nancy - I haven't said hello to you and wanted to let you know I keep you in my thoughts and heart and thank you for what you do. Best wishes as things ramp up... Hugs, Allie