Same pic with PX at 5 o'clock


    Hi Gioavanni. Like you, I have been after PX, but what I have got is only reflections and flares and some nice panoramic sunsets. I haven't given up, though. I studied your pictures twice to make the measures more precise. The angle of the second object below the sun changes, which mustn't. My conclusion is that, unfortunately (or fortunately), it is a reflection.

  • Giovanni Baele

    Hi Selim. Thank you so much for your explanation, that's pro advise;-). What is the program you use to check this out please. I remarked also that between the 2 pictures there was a difference of place of PX to te sun, the cut out was made from the second picture. Have a nice day

    Hi Gioavanni. You are welcome.

    Just a couple of days ago, I had to measure the angles in Stansilav's images with a protractor on the screen and other processes really killed me. I followed the link in one of the YouTube videos where a guy was talking about this free software. You can download it from the link below. Please, don't forget to download the help file separately and install it, as well. It is a very good program, one needs to do lots of experimentation , though.


    Have Fun