ZetaTalk Newsletter as of March 17, 2024

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Bumbling Biden

Biden is a Double under the control of the Junta, and thus his “mistakes” are often deliberate. So when the media caught him on the White House lawn and asked why he had not assigned the Military to the Southern Border, his answers can be assumed to be a deliberate leak. Is President Trump about to be reinstated? This leak came after both Biden and President Trump visited the Southern Border, with very different receptions. The Texas Adjutant General stood with Trump, but not with Biden.

Reporter: “Why are you waiting to take executive action on the border?”
Biden: “Because we need more forces on the border, I don’t have the authority to do that.”
Military Occupation: CIC Trump told the whole world Thursday it’s a Military Operation with the Governor of Texas and the Adjutant General behind him = CIC

Guard Officials Probing Texas General’s Appearance at Trump Rally
March 1, 2024

National Guard officials are looking into whether the Texas adjutant general ran afoul of military politicking rules by appearing in uniform alongside former President Donald Trump during a campaign event Thursday. Maj. Gen. Thomas Suelzer, who has led the Texas Military Department for the last two years, stood in uniform beside Trump during a televised speech in Eagle Pass, Texas, after the former president’s visit to the southern U.S. border.
32 U.S. Code § 314 - Adjutants General
The adjutant general of each State, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, Guam, and the Virgin Islands, and officers of the National Guard, shall make such returns and reports as the Secretary of the Army or the Secretary of the Air Force may prescribe, and shall make those returns and reports to the Secretary concerned or to any officer designated by him.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 3/1/2024: How will the Movie end? We stated years ago that when full blown Martial Law is in place in the US, the Military will casually announce that Trump is and has been the President all along, and no one will be surprised. The Junta does not want protests and riots before that time as this can exhaust the troops unnecessarily. But as any good Movie producer knows, the Movie Trailer can invoke interest and reveal much about the ending. Thus when the Adjutant General stood behind President Trump on his visit to Eagle Pass, he was making a statement about the true identity of the Commander in Chief, i.e. President Trump as CiC.

The fact that there is a Movie ongoing during the cleanup of the Satanist Cabal that tried to assume control by election fraud in 2020 was announced by President Trump, but few in the public paid attention. There have been hundreds of Military Tribunals at Gitmo with Doubles of those executed put in place, wearing rubber masks. Just as the rubber masks have been allowed to slip recently, the fact that SCOTUS found the 2020 election fraudulent and that President Trump had won is being allowed to slip. The US Senate confirmed this on Memorial Day, 2023 but this is also yet to be announced to the American public.

The preferred sequence of events would be for some disaster like the anticipated New Madrid Rupture to force full blown Martial Law, as unless the public sees the need for Shelter-in-Place restrictions they will not cooperate. This fault line rupture is now breathtakingly close, even days away, thus the Biden leak was allowed. But beyond reinstating President Trump, there is the larger secret that must be revealed – admitting that Nibiru is a real and present danger. Putin has threatened to announce this to the world, with proof, unless the Junta steps up. Might a bumbling Biden, a Double under the control of the Junta, leak this to the public as well?

Green Beams

On February 29 on a Kentucky lake, the Green Beam phenomena occurred again. This is a rare event during lightning storms, so rarely caught on camera.  Since DEW weapons are invisible, not in a light spectrum that can be seen, this is not a DEW.  Those who have witnessed this phenomenon also report a brief electrical outage. The Zetas, as usual explain.

Lightning That Turned the Whole Sky Green
Tonight there was a giant storm in Minnesota. Where I live, there were tornado warnings and lightning that looked like a strobe light for about 40 minutes. As I sat and watched the constant on/off, bright white/black of the changing sky, suddenly one of the flashes turned the entire sky BRIGHT green and shut off the power to the house momentarily. The flash turned the entire sky about the same color as a standard green LED indicator you'd have on a TV remote. After about another 30 seconds of off/on standard white lightning, again there was a bright green flash that seemed to last a split second longer than the standard white lightning, and again reset the power to the house at the exact moment I observed it. Two minutes later the same thing happened a third time.

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/1/2024: This green light appeared during a lightning storm and grounded in a lake. There are many reports of the sky turning green during a lightning storm, often accompanied by temporary electrical outages.  The skies preceding a tornado can also be green. The clue that this is not a DEW is the color, as DEW devices do not emit light in the visible range. There is increasing Petrol in the skies due to Nibiru’s wafting tail. Petrol can burn but during a lightning storm, the oxygen needed for fire is depleted. But the charge remains, more intense than lightning, so will discharge in a straight line to the nearest ground location.  

These Green Beams are not to be confused with the green light used by surveillance planes, such as just happened days ago on March 2 along the East Coast of the US. These planes are mapping elevation, as noted on the Shadow of Ezra site.

Texas Wildfires

Once more we have an example of what rock under stress and releasing rotting vegetation Methane between the rock layers can do. In addition to Maui where the Pacific Plates are overlapping, and Oregon where the Juan de Fuca Plate is subducting, and Chile where the forceable waggle of S America is wearing on the armpit of S America, we now have Texas where the dropping of the Mainland has opened the doors of Hell on the Texas panhandle.

Texas wildfires: At least 1 Dead as Huge Blaze Grows to 850,000 Acres
February 29, 2024

The fires have also led to the shutdown and evacuation of the nuclear weapons facility at Pantex out of “an abundance of caution.”
Deadly Texas Wildfire Torches 1 Million Acres – the Largest Blaze in State History – as more Infernos Rage
March 1, 20224

The Smokehouse Creek Fire has now torched more than 1 million acres in Texas alone, making it the largest fire on record in the state.  Altogether, the fire is among the largest in the Lower 48 since reliable record-keeping began in the 1980s.

The distress on the Mainland, from the top in Canada to the tip of Mexico, can be seen in the Burn Maps where the red areas show SO2 from burning Methane. This has been ongoing for more than a year.
ZetaTalk Confirmation 3/1/2024: The Mainland Portion of N America was predicted by ourselves to shift to the SW during the New Madrid Adjustment process, and has been in process for well over a year. Compare the Burn Maps from a year ago, in March 2023, to see how much Methane was burning underground at that time. Fires started by hot ground have a signature that was present in Maui, Oregon, Chile, and now in Texas. Items on the ground are utterly incinerated, with tires burned and metal melted, while vegetation and items well above ground are intact. Wildfires flare up, into the trees, and this is missing.

The classic signatures for a ground burn show up in the Maui fires. The tree tops are not burned but cars have melted, and a dog has been glassified from the heat on the ground.
ZetaTalk Confirmation 8/13/2023: The fires in Maui, as we explained, were caused by sudden plate subduction because Hawaii lies on a spot in the Pacific where 3 of the 4 Pacific Plate subsections touch. At a time when the Nibiru cover-up is still going strong, the common man is told anything but the truth. The ground was hot enough to burn tires and the seats of cars, but the treetops were left intact. Such fires also occurred in California and Greece with the same signature. A petrified dog amid the burned-out cars on Maui died suddenly from heat shock and became a statue as did the bodies of Pompeii by glassification of ash on its body.

Again in Chile the classic signature of a ground fire emerges  – a flag not burned but tires are melted.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 2/5/2024: Where not directly involved in the Plate Movement required to release the New Madrid Rupture, S America might be called collateral damage. It tends overall to lob its knobby top to the West, but when the S Pacific compresses the foot of S America can pull into the Pacific, what we call a waggle. This waggle allows the knobby top to fall to the East, thus giving the SE Portion of N America a route to slide over the hump of the Caribbean, and facilitate the New Madrid Rupture.

And in Oregon the pine trees not burning but the ground has lava pouring out!

ZetaTalk Confirmation August 13, 2023: Taking a page from the Maui fires - which sprang up quickly from the ground to melt metal and burn tires and consume anything at ground level where the heat was equivalent to the heart of a volcano -  Bedrock quickly issued evacuation orders. As can be seen from the video of Bedrock, it is the rock that is burning, not the pine trees above.  Oregon is subject to the subduction of the Juan de Fuca Plate, causing heat from friction. These are not normal fires that can be doused, but rather ground fires that must be avoided.

Family Gardens

It’s Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and my hope for the world is that lots of people have taken our advice and saved seed for their family gardens. As a reminder, here is a refresh on what can and should be done, with wonderful role models showing you the way. First, saving seed. Perhaps the easiest garden vegies to grow are Beans and Legumes, and every culture has recipes for them. Make sure the seeds you harvest are very dry.  One technique to get every last bit of nutrition to the seeds is to hang the plant upside down, draining the nutrients to the seeds.
Strawberries deserve a special mention, because Strawberry plants never die and they never sleep! They are perfect for indoor hanging gardens. They will grow and produce berries 24 hours every day if given light.
A bag of Potatoes in the kitchen will start to sprout from the eyes. They don’t wait to be asked.  Potatoes can also be grown from the seed pods they produce. Dry the pods well, and break them open to release the tiny seeds. Of course this takes more time than planting Potato eyes.
Lysine rich plants like Amaranth and Buckwheat also deserve a special mention, as growing them allows you to replace meat protein with plant protein. Amaranth and Corn mixed together gives one the equivalent of red meat. Legume plants such as Peas also are high in lysine. These plants are annuals, so one only needs to collect the seed for the next year.
Onions are a biennial, so must winter over for seed. Each Onion will produce beautiful white flower balls that become seed pods. Just let dry and then shuck the little black seeds out. Leeks likewise. Only the Gypsy Onion plant can winter over and attempts to propagate by runners. Carrots, Turnip, Beets, and Parsnip are root plants that are also biennials, and all Cabbage plants are biennials. Beets are particularly nutritious and are prolific seed producers. Radish also needs to Winter over.

If you have not collected seed and the stores are sold out, you can clone some seeds. With just a warm windowsill, and some bottles or containers from the recycle bin, you too can start a garden from the groceries you have at hand! Then transfer to a small garden spot outdoors, or to container gardens on the back porch.
Urban gardens such as Growing Power in Milwaukee have started a trend! Hard work, genius, determination, and a very big heart created urban farms in the heart of Milwaukee, an industrial city in the rust belt.

Church socials, outreach to the needy, and the lessons of Jesus who advised to ‘love the least among you” – all these are indications of a solid Service-to-Other spiritual orientation. All that is needed for a solid survival group is some gardening experience! And perhaps a flock of chickens or a herd of goats.

If you have access to a vacant lot, or a porch for container gardening, you should be gardening. Practice. Learn to save seed! Form support groups and share produce.
It's so easy to grow organic food In containers or pots. Almost anything can be a container, as long as it has drainage at the bottom and good sun and soil. Pots on patios or old tires will do.
Yet another example of urban gardening has emerged in the heart of the Bloods and Crips area of LA. This goes beyond gardening and its benefits, it reaches to the spirit and soul of those who live there.
Use the compost for earthworm bins as they make nitrogen rich soil from compost and guess what, earthworms are 82% protein and there is no better food for chickens.