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North Freedom, WI

United States

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  • Carlos Villa

    Thank you Nancy for placing my question regarding Trudeau in the right place. I tried to re post it but was unable to do it using my phone
  • Nicholas Pearce

    Thank you Nancy.

    I am working on a general post to differentiate Aquaponics from Hydroponics and the benefits. I am building and documenting a small home unit as an example that is inexpensive and a good introduction to Aquaponics, all without a great deal of financial investment.

  • James of Idaho

    I would like to give you my heart felt gratitude for all the work that you do Nancy and in taking the time to answer my questions on the pictures and videos.  I have been lapse in so many things and before it all comes undone I wanted you to know what an honor it is for me to serve with you and some of the best people humanity has to offer .  Thank you for letting me be a part of all of this and with that said here is to the promise of a better tomorrow and a better world .