ZetaTalk Newsletter as of September 10, 2023

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Trump’s Mugshot

Remember, you are only watching a Movie, as Q so aptly stated in 2018 when President Trump issued an Executive Order to allow Military Tribunals to begin in January of 2019.
ZetaTalk Insight 8/31/2023: You are watching a Movie as Q warned. You are also under Martial Law, and have been since the Fall of 2015 when Obama lacked the courage to admit the presence of Nibiru. Part of this Movie is the use of Doubles, to disguise the arrests and execution for Treason at Gitmo. As has been well documented in ZetaTalk newsletters, the CCP had one foot over the border in an invasion during the fraudulent 2020 election.

The infrastructure at Gitmo had been expanded to house thousands of additional prisoners, and civilian courts were to be allowed to augment the Military courts.  To avoid civil war while the Junta dealt with several fronts at once, the details were not disclosed to the public.     
ZetaTalk Insight 7/31/2022: What is emerging now is panic among the Democrats and their handlers. Martial Law has been in effect since the Fall of 2015 when General Dunford took steps to remove the Khazarian bankers from any control over the Federal Reserve. A further tightening of Martial Law occurred after the 2020 election theft when President Trump issued another EO just before Biden was inaugurated. Due to having to fight several fronts at once, the Junta chose to proceed with a Secret War using Tribunals at Gitmo and Doubles. But the public is unaware.

While the silent war against treason, invasion, and a coup was being fought, justice was also quietly going on behind the scenes. SCOTUS did indeed rule on all the cases involving 2020 election fraud brought before them. And on Memorial Day weekend 2023, the Senate impeached the fraudulent Biden and swore in the legitimate 2020 winner – President Trump.  Given that, how legitimate are all the lawsuits brought against President Trump?

Presidential Immunity in the United States
Article II, Section 4 provides for which crimes the President shall be removed from office by impeachment in the House and conviction in the Senate. Article I, Section 3, Clause 7 specifies that only a President impeached by the House and convicted by the Senate is further subject to indictment, trial, judgement, and punishment "by law".

ZetaTalk Confirmation 5/31/2023: Not announced to the public is that SCOTUS long ago found that President Trump was the legitimate 2020 winner. The US Military also has never considered Biden their Commander in Chief. The fact that the US is and has been under Martial Law since the Fall of 2015 is also not public knowledge. If these facts were to be laid before the Senate, and they were forced to do their duty in swearing in the legitimate President, what would be the outcome?

ZetaTalk Confirmation 6/30/2023: The Senate must be presented with the SCOTUS findings and debate next steps, per the Constitution. Making this public was to be delayed until the Junta was ready. The Junta feared civil war, and due to many other issues they were dealing with, requested SCOTUS delay their findings. The Senate must remove Biden as President before Trump can be reinstated. With this special Senate meeting, reinstating President Trump can occur without hesitation when the Junta is ready.

Trump's Surrender in the Georgia 2020 Election Subversion Case
August 24, 2023

Donald Trump became the first former president with a mug shot when he was placed under arrest at the Fulton County jail. Trump was booked on 13 counts stemming from his efforts to reverse Georgia’s 2020 election results — including racketeering, conspiracy charges and soliciting a public official to violate their oath of office. It is the fourth time this year the former president has faced criminal charges.
President Trump Arrested in Fulton County, Mugshot Released
August 24, 2023

The highway in Atlanta was shut down on Thursday evening in Atlanta to make way for the presidential motorcade as it barreled to the Fulton County jail where President Donald Trump would be arrested, finger printed, and photographed, for the release of a mugshot. His bail has been set at $200,000.

ZetaTalk Insight 8/31/2023: President Trump and his Junta decided to focus on the most important battles first, as they had multiple fronts to deal with. Antifa riots were in full swing and using the military to quell them would exhaust the Military. Now Antifa has been stopped, the CCP repelled, and the issue of reinstating President Trump can be addressed.  SCOTUS has ruled, and the Senate has impeached the false Biden and instated President Trump as the 2020 winner. This occurred last Memorial Day weekend via the use of Satellite Phones. 

Now the frantic beneficiaries of the fraudulent Biden Administration are thrashing about to keep President Trump from being returned to public duty. The Military considers him their Commander in Chief but the Main Stream Media is controlled by those who fear President Trump. The Constitution explicitly states that a sitting President cannot be harassed by lawsuits, so it is time for this Movie to end. We have suggested that when Martial Law is openly declared as a result of the pending New Madrid Rupture, that the Junta will casually state that Trump is and has always been President. That time is at hand.

String of Pearls

Last November 2017 dramatic photos of a String of Pearls were captured by hunters along the Missouri River. A break in the clouds allowed sunlight reflected off the string to drop down, so even the number of moons in the string could be counted.
ZetaTalk Insight 11/30/2017: But the naked eye sightings of the String of Pearls - seen and captured on film in Norway at sunrise on October 5, 2017 and now in Missouri on November 20, 2017 at sunset - show the beginning of a new phase for Nibiru denial. Nibiru itself is so heavily shrouded by charged red dust that unless the dust cloud reflects light, creating a brilliant Second Sun sighting, it can be denied. The String of Pearls is not so restricted, and will destroy the cover-up.

Now a similar instance has occurred in Shenyang, China. The video shows two light streams dropping down through a break in the clouds, with the rising Sun shining light at the backsides of the photographers.
ZetaTalk Confirmation 8/31/2023: This reflection of sunlight bouncing down through a break in the clouds in Shenyang is reminiscent of the String of Pearls shining through a break in the clouds in Missouri in 2017. In the Shenyang photo the Sun is clearly to the back of the photographers, as the shadows on the cars there show. The objects casting light through a break in the clouds is shining light directly down, but the light is reflected sunlight. The two streams of light cast down upon the clouds and fog below is from a String of Pearls, as we predicted in 2017.

As the cover-up over the Nibiru presence continues, the establishment can only worry about what the public will do if they learn they have been lied to for decades. They want the common man to be locked in their homes, afraid to go out. What to do? Claim an alien invasion is in process! President Reagan warned of this.

On September 21, 1987 at the United Nations General Assembly President Ronald Reagan said to the world leaders that "Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an Alien threat from outside this world." Former CIA Agent foretold years ago that in 2024 a global event will alter the course of mankind. The world will stand witness to a massive Alien invasion. Thousands of projected holographic Alien warships will blanket the skies. Real military crafts within the holograms will inflict actual damage.

EBS Admissions

It is clear that Plate Movements are in process and the US and Europe are on high alert watching for these changes. Surveillance planes are covering the SE Portion of the US and Europe too. They take readings along the Seaway and the East Coast, looking for land movement clues. Due to the ZetaTalk prediction that the New Madrid Fault Line Rupture will be a silent stretch release and will result in a sudden tsunami racing toward Europe and a backwash against the East Coast of the US, Emergency Alert Systems have been installed and occasionally tested.   
ZetaTalk Confirmation 01/31/2023: Yes, it is silent. The Junta is now watching all action at the Bridge like water table drops, electronic screech, trembling ground, as well as Heliplots. The jump to the East to rip the Azores happens immediately but the Junta is watching this continuously, so Europe will get their warnings via EBS etc. When the release happens at the Bridge, the lower Mississippi River will open like a woman releasing her girdle - the 50 mile distance we predicted in places. Mississippi River bridges will drop on the west side as the Mainland is freed to drop. The anticipated Jolt of the bridge thus will not be a large earthquake, but a movement of the SE Portion. Stretch zone movements are silent and this is a stretch movement, which will have repercussions such as large earthquakes in the vicinity for some time.

Given the reality of the cover-up over the presence of Nibiru and by association ZetaTalk accuracy, how is the decision to have a vast Emergency Alert test in the US on October 4 explained? Yes, there have been recent admissions that the Pacific is compressing and the Atlantic widening, but is this to be blamed for the pending New Madrid Rupture? And does the October 4 date mean that the Rupture could not happen in September? The Zetas explain.

Massive Emergency Alert Test Will Sound Alarms on US Cellphones, TVs and Radios in October
August 26, 2023

On Wednesday, October 4 at 2:20 p.m. ET, every TV, radio and cellphone in the United States should blare out the distinctive, jarring electronic warning tone of an emergency alert, accompanied by a notice. Federal emergency management coordinators need to make sure the national alert system is still an effective way to warn Americans about emergencies, natural catastrophes, attacks and accidents at the national level.
The Atlantic Ocean is Getting Wider every Year. Researchers have Finally Figured out Why
August 24, 2023

The Atlantic Ocean grows 1.5 inches wider every year. The tectonic plates undergirding the Americas are separating from those beneath Europe and Africa. But precisely how and why that is happening was a mystery to scientists, since the Atlantic doesn't have the same dense, subducting plates that the Pacific does.
Why Is the Atlantic Ocean Widening While the Pacific Ocean Is Shrinking?
July 8, 2023

Despite its massive size, the Pacific Ocean is actually shrinking. This is due to the Pacific plate, the Earth’s largest tectonic plate, being pushed beneath other plates in a process known as subduction.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/31/2023: The scientists who compute when the current Plate Movement process will result in a New Madrid Rupture do not see this happening before October 4. They are not relying upon ZetaTalk predictions but rather on the historical record of Pacific compression and Atlantic expansion. To take a Severe Wobble into consideration they would have to espouse ZetaTalk. They will not even espouse the possibility of Nibiru coming closer than it is at the moment. Thus the October 4 day is not valid, not based on all the data.

Then we received a surprise in the N Pacific. The extreme compression being forced on the N Pacific by the rigidity of the N American Plate, which gave no signs of bending or breaking, suddenly snapped. The N American Plate has a long hook coming down from the Arctic through the Far East to touch Japan. Per the Zetas, this was hard rock and not inclined to break, but something above or to the side of the hard rock hook pulled apart on August 30! Prior to this, the stress of the N Pacific compression showed as stress in the Far East and in British Columbia, lateral across from each other in the N Pacific.
ZetaTalk Description 2/10/2006: The giant plates of N America and Eurasia are locked against each other, unable to rotate against each other due to their shape. Slip-slide along the West Coast, measured as a creep by geologists, is due only to slight adjustments along that edge of the plate, primarily due to adjustments within the small plates to the west of the N American plate, which move to accommodate pressure. The N American plate does not move, pre se, but other dramas occur. The virtual hook of land in the N American continent near the Kamchatka peninsula is solid rock and will not snap off to become a separate land plate, nor would this ease the deadlock along the N American and Eurasian plates even it if did. These massive plates cannot move. The stress on the N American plate will resolve by ripping. 

On August 30 it was clear that something had snapped. The Aleutian Islands were always covered in quakes as was Japan, but they both were suddenly calm, the only quake was a significant one on the East side of Kamchatka.
By the next day on August 31 there were more clues as to the location of a separation along the solid rock hook that reached down to Japan. Follow the quakes. There was a quake at the Bering Straits, and others clustered below in the Aleutian Islands. A quake directly at the Bering Straits is very rare, yet there it stands. This was unexpected and likely to expedite the need to educate the public and prepare with an earlier Emergency Alert Test. What good is a test if it comes after the emergency?